Vases for flowers Bohemia from the Czech Republic: types and use in the interior

 Vases for flowers Bohemia from the Czech Republic: types and use in the interior

Bohemian crystal vases have a long history of their appearance and existence. Despite the change in fashion trends in the design of houses and apartments, Bohemia vases retain their popularity. They are used not only for flowers, but also as a bright accent of the interior.

Brief history of Bohemian glass

The manufacture of glass in the Czech Republic is one of the most ancient industries, known worldwide for over 600 years. For the first time chronicles mention glassblowers from the Czech Republic in the middle of the XIII century. And after 300 years, the number of Czech glass workshops reached hundreds. The rapid growth of craftsmanship in the manufacture of glass began with the mass relocation of Saxon masters, and the year 1684 became momentous in glass history.Master Muller received a glass of such purity and transparency, which has not been seen before. The resulting glass was called "Bohemian crystal", since the western part of the Czech Republic was called Bohemia. A new technology quickly gained popularity throughout Europe.

In the XVIII century glass production in the Czech Republic was at the top of its development. Dear Bohemian glassware decorated many European houses of kings. Bohemian crystal has become an example to follow glass blowers in many countries. The centuries-old traditions are carefully observed by modern masters. Until now, many processes are done manually using old technology. Every year tens of millions of crystal and glass products with modern design are produced. Czech glassware made in the 19th century do not lose their popularity. Older copies are kept in museums or auctioned for big money.


Bohemia vases are glass and crystal. The principle by which the product will relate to glass or crystal is based on the presence of lead in a vase. Simple glass products are composed of not more than 4% lead. In crystal there is more than 10%.In the elite crystal, lead accounts for 30%. This component is very important for the consistency of the glass, since it is this which makes the glass more pliable and elastic. What allows the master to carry out more difficult and colorful forms. Lead gives glass a special reflective and refractive property.

Bohemia glass and crystal vases are produced in three ways: blown, drawn and pressed. The first variety is blown into a form of a certain width and height. The drawn ones are stretched by hand, only the base is in the form. They have a big leg and thick, smooth walls.

By the form of the edges of the product are divided:

  • smooth edges are often distinguished by color or precious metal;
  • cogs are not very common, but still exist;
  • Cut edges are typical for designer shapes.

The variety of forms that are produced today is multifaceted. Consider the basic forms of Bohemia crystal vases for flowers.

  • Classic Vases for flowers, they most often have a small stable bottom and gradually expand upwards.
  • "Jardiniere". One of the most common forms of Czech glass. It differs from the classical form by its small size and small thick leg.on a round or square support.
  • Designer products may be of the most unusual form.
  • Floor vases. Quite large and voluminous. Often they are not used for their intended purpose, but decorations play a role in the interior.
  • Antique. They have the characteristic features of the original copies: pretentiousness, a large number of small elements, the presence of gilding and small handles on the sides. Purchased by real connoisseurs of Czech glass and stored as historical artifacts.

In color, there are transparent, color and mixed copies. Making colored crystal is a complex process that requires special knowledge and skills. A colored layer is superimposed on a thin transparent layer of crystal, and a transparent layer is again applied on top. Such work is very laborious and is made by real masters of their craft.

The color layer is obtained by adding certain minerals. For example, manganese paints crystal in pink or purple. Copper oxide gives a blue tint. For glass and crystal, which produces the Czech Republic, is characterized by a colorless cut on a colorful background. It is created by cutting patterns on the color layer, which opens the bottom colorless layer.The Bohemia glass vases, decorated with artistic painting, modeling, gilding and silver, are a great success.

Modern manufacturers

Crystalite bohemia - The company, created in the fall of 2009, unites two enterprises that manufacture glass and crystal. First, the Svetla nad Sazavoysky plant has existed since 1967. Today it is fully automated. Produces tableware for drinks, vases and other decorative items.

The second enterprise of the company Kvetna located in the city of Strany. Works since 1794. All work at this plant is done by hand. Also "Kvetna" is engaged in various glass decoration. Both plants interact with each other. Titanium is added to the glass mass, which makes the products much stronger.

Product range Crystalite bohemia constantly updated with new series. The latest novelties of classic transparent Bohemian flower vases appeared in gift sets of Origami, Barley Twist, Casablanca, Dynasty. Each model has its own design and characteristics. For example, Casablanca is a standard Bohemian vase on the stem with a beautiful relief pattern. All models of gift sets are made on automatic production.

It is worth noting a series of handmade Optic rhythm. This is a series of unique Bohemian vaz of complex shapes. Available in different sizes from 17 to 29 and in different colors - green, light blue and black. The range of vases for flowers offers glassware, polished and smooth crystal, exclusive vases and options with stucco. The number of models produced is more than 400.

How to choose the right crystal?

According to the world standard, Bohemian crystal should consist of potassium-calcium glass and lead oxide. The higher the lead content, the stronger the vase. Data on the percentage of lead in crystal can be found on a paper label stuck to the product. This lead crystal should not have less than 24%.

The exact sign that the vase was made by hand - small differences, as well as the presence of a connecting seam at the bottom. If the crystal pattern shimmers in the light with all the colors of the rainbow, then you have in your hands a quality specimen. The price of the product also depends on the pattern; the thinner and more elegant it is, the more expensive the item.

Feel the edge of the vase. In real crystal, it should be a little pointed, but not cut. On the weight of the product also need to pay attention.It is not necessary to weigh the vase, just pick up. A real crystal vase will be heavy.

Check the crystal chime. After hitting a vase with a pencil, the ringing should last about 4 seconds. If the product has flaws, blisters and haze, indicate this to the seller. The presence of problems in the product indicates a fake or poor quality.

Bohemian vases in the interior of the house

Modern interiors are in perfect harmony with large floor vases. Unusual forms of crystal vases without any additions will effectively decorate the room. If this design option is too original, you can stay on the eternal classics. The walls of delicate pastel colors, a marble fireplace, a pendant crystal chandelier and a mirror in a gold frame will be subtly emphasized by a thick crystal vase with a bouquet of peonies.

In French and Provencal style vases made of crystal with field or garden flowers are often used. In the Provence large vases are not quite appropriate. It is better to give preference to several small vases of the same style with a variety of floral arrangements that will become an attractive interior accent.A great vase with spruce or dry branches will be a wonderful addition to the festive winter decoration. Dry branches should be kept in a saline solution for at least one day in order to give them the effect of frost. It is possible to decorate such compositions with lights, colored garlands and small balls. LED garland will beautifully show the refraction of crystal.

Crystal has a large decorative abilities in contrast to glass products. Cutting and engraving create additional relief and expressiveness to crystal products. And numerous facets that refract light help the product to sparkle with all the colors of the rainbow. Crystal vases are an indispensable item of luxurious expensive interiors. For long centuries, handicrafts made of crystal have been a symbol of wealth. All vases, regardless of shape, size and design, perform practical and decorative functions.

Crystal products can be an independent element of the decor, due to its brightness and elegance. At the same time, they will perfectly cope with their direct function and will complement any floral arrangement. Flowers are usually put in small flowers with small stems.Tall flowers are put in long oval vases with flattened sides or tall narrow vases. Wide bowl-shaped vases are ideal for large hanging compositions.

A modern range of crystal vases allows you to choose a product for every taste and color. Catalogs of the company for the manufacture of crystal offer vases in the form of bottles and amphoras, any silhouettes, abstractions and crystals. You can easily buy a classic crystal vase. Such copies can always be found on store shelves.

For information on how to choose Bohemia flower vases from the Czech Republic, see the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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