Types of vases for fruit

Kitchen space should combine the comfort of home and a spacious work surface. Therefore, everything here should be in place. Order in the kitchen helps to create additional little things that perform both decorative and practical functions. These include, for example, a vase for fruit.

What are we for?

The fruit bowl is called fruit bowl. However, it can serve not only fresh fruits, but also sweets, cookies and other confectionery. This is especially convenient if there are children in the house - kids do not have to reach for the top shelf to get their favorite treats.

In addition, it is very convenient to store fruit on the table in a vase. Vitamins are always at hand. Everyone is familiar with the situation when households accidentally find in the closet or in the refrigerator already rotten fruit, once cleaned and forgotten. The fruit bowl will allow to avoid such a situation.

An important function of this subject is its aesthetic component. Now offers a wide variety of models, among which you can easily choose the most suitable for a particular interior thing. Fruits in a prominent place look very beautiful. You can create whole fruit compositions and serve natural vitamins in this vase to guests at the holiday table.


Going to the store for the fruit bowl, you should know that there are several varieties. For example, this item can be made from a variety of materials, each of which has its own advantages and disadvantages. Consider the most popular options.

  • Ceramics. The positive side of the ceramic dish will be its beautiful appearance. These vases look expensive, stylish, fit almost any interior, in addition, they almost do not require special care. However, these fruktovnitsy are quite expensive, and also differ in some fragility.
  • Faience. A budget option. Its value is available to every family. Very common material. Of the minuses of the product, it is worth noting its rather modest appearance, but with its direct purpose the faience vase copes well.
  • Tree. Also inexpensive material.The advantage of a wooden fruit basket is its rather long service life, however, it is not suitable for all types of fruit. For example, it is better not to store juicy and soft fruits in it, as the tree easily absorbs moisture.
  • Crystal. Material for a noble house, very refined and elegant piece of furniture. Bright colored fruits in a crystal vase look very nice, but it’s worth remembering that crystal is quite fragile, so it’s better to put such a fruit basket away from children. Some people prefer to get this thing only during the visit of guests.
  • Glass and porcelain. These materials are also fragile, but they look very aesthetically pleasing in any kitchen. Especially suitable glass fruit bowl for premises, made in the classical style. Of the minuses worth noting the cheap price of such dishes. Particularly noteworthy are products from such beautiful raw materials as Murano glass. This is a very expensive material, and these vases have a mainly decorative function. The unique refined bowl completely will change the place which will take.
  • Stainless steel. The advantage of stainless steel dishes is a large variety of forms, as this material allows you to make the most unusual shapes and decoration elements.Another plus of such a vase is increased durability and a long service life.
  • Plastic. Very practical and convenient thing. It is easy to wash off the juice or pulp on the surface, does not break, is well suited for a picnic. However, it should be remembered that plastic is very harmful when in contact with food, so you should buy dishes with proven environmental and sanitary and hygienic safety.
  • Composite. This product combines several materials at once. Suitable for an unusual style of kitchen interior. It looks very nice option with a porcelain dish and a chrome rod. Another popular type is wooden bottom and metal sides.

You can also classify fruit baskets according to the form. The shops offer a wide range of the most unusual products in irregular shapes, However, the most common are still classic options.

  • Vase on the leg. It is a dish on a thin, but stable support. The wider the bowl, the more fruit a bowl can hold. Being in the same container, fruits of different colors look very appetizing and fresh.
  • Longline The most popular option.Allows you to place a large amount of fruit. More often, two-tier products are offered, but there are also multi-tiered vases, intended rather for serving fruit to guests. This bookcase is suitable not only for storing fruits, but also for serving chocolates or cakes. Thanks to several plates, you can create unusual compositions, in addition, this design significantly saves space on the table.
  • Unusual shapes. For the most daring housewives manufacturers offer fruit boxes in fancy shapes. It can be a combination of various forms, as well as unusual images, for example, a vase in the shape of an animal, a television set, a tree, on the branches of which are placed fruit, wall variants.

Recommendations for selection

To achieve the unity of style in the kitchen interior, you should competently approach the choice of any little things. This also applies to the fruit bowl. Take advantage of several tips from a fruit bowl.

  • Make sure that the appearance of the dishes is in harmony with the overall kitchen design. The thing should be combined in style with the rest of the dishes and interior details. The most preferred option is to create an ensemble of all kitchen utensils and variousdesign elements.
  • The choice of color of the product should be determined by the overall style of the kitchen room. If classic prevails, then it is better to choose dishes of soothing shades, combined with the color of the situation.

In the case of modern minimalism, fruit baskets will suit contrast with the main color of tones.

  • It is also important to purchase a bowl, the design of which is combined with other decorative elements in the room. For example, in the room can already be placed vases, dishes, pots. The design of the fruit box should be in harmony with all these objects in order for the composition to preserve its integrity.
  • It is recommended to choose bowls with high sides so that fruits and berries do not fall out.
  • Be guided by the design of dishes and tea sets that are exhibited on the festive table. For example, a refined porcelain set will not be combined with a metal or plastic fruit tray.
  • If the dishes are selected for children's activities, then give preference to plastic. It is safe for both children and the vase itself, and it looks easy, beautiful, easy.
  • If you choose a vase on the leg,it is recommended to purchase a bowl on several supports - so the stability of the dish will increase, because fruits have a rather big weight.
  • For the festive table should choose a vase-shelf. At different levels, you can place fruits of different densities, so that soft varieties are not injured on the harder fruits. This option will significantly save table space, and is also very convenient for guests - all the fruits are clearly visible, they are easy to get.
  • For everyday use, suitable and a two-tier bowl or a single leg. Two or three identical vases on one family table look very nice, but in this case this table should be long. Buying two different dishes will significantly distort the interior design.
  • It is important to study information about manufacturers of dishes. Currently, Bohemia bowls, porcelain fruit baskets from the Czech Republic, as well as retro vases of the USSR style are popular.

But also in the shops there is a wide range of products of unusual shapes and exclusive designs from Italy.

Interesting examples

Look at what beautiful and unusual options are currently represented in the dishes or online stores.

  • Fruits in the design under Gzhel looks very stylish. Well, if the kitchen has other items of the same decor - cutting boards, teapot, dishcloth. It is better if the whole kitchen is decorated with taste in blue and white.
  • Universal spherical vase with slots produced by BergHOFF. It consists of two removable items. The versatility of the product is that it fits perfectly both in the classic interior and in the furnishings made in the modern direction. The lower and upper dishes can be used separately, for example, the top under the fruit, the bottom under the sauces.
  • Glass fruit tray on the leg from Dalian Hantai Trade Co., Ltd. The edges have an uneven shape. The bowl is decorated with voluminous flowers with electroplated gilding, the leg is made of the same material. Glass and gold is a very elegant and elegant combination.
  • Fruits "Apple" from Anna Lorenz. It has the shape of a tree, the branches of which have wire containers, where juicy apples are put. Made from aluminum wire. Height - 1.2 meters, so it is better to install it on the floor.
  • Wall vases for bananas. They are closed bowls with holes where bananas are placed. It is very convenient, and most importantly - original.An interesting design solution: the shape of a banana allows you to create comical images, such as bull horns.
  • Origami fruit bowl from Lorea. It looks simple, modest, but at the same time emphasizes the refined taste of the owners. Manufacturers offer three different wood options. It is recommended that fruits of a contrasting color be placed in these amazing vases.

If you really want to have an original and exclusive fruit basket in your kitchen that fits perfectly into the interior, then you can try to make it yourself. We give an example of one of the options.

  • We take out three porcelain plates of different diameters. We overturn each, carefully measure and mark the middle of the bottom with tape. Here we will work as an electric drill.
  • Carefully drill holes in the marked points.
  • We connect all dishes with metal axes. To the plates are not loose, you can strengthen them with rubber stoppers or gaskets.

Unusual three-tier fruit bowl ready! Its plus is that it will ideally be combined with the rest of the dishes in the house and will be a wonderful decoration of the table.

The fruit bowl is not just an item for storing and serving fresh fruits, but also a unique element of the kitchen interior.Therefore, its choice should be approached with the utmost responsibility so that the design of the kitchen room retains its integrity and harmony.

For information on how to make a vase for fruit from beads with your own hands, see the next master class.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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