Porcelain vases: types, design and use in the interior

Vases - one of the decorative elements that is appropriate in almost any style. Particularly interesting are the old models, because their beauty does not fade with time, but becomes only more luxurious and expressive. Chinese porcelain vases are a combination of tenderness and noble chic. What are interesting models such as they are, how to use them in the interior - we consider in this article.

Material Features

Translated from Arabic, porcelain means "belonging to the emperor, imperial". The material got its name because only very rich people could afford it. The first porcelain was made by Chinese potters, they created truly unique pieces. In Europe, crafts were brought to the beginning of the XVIII century.It was a real sensation, because before that, residents of European countries did not see such grace and sophistication. Subsequently, the product fell into Russia. Now, every home decor and tableware shop offers customers a huge assortment of porcelain products.

There are three main types of porcelain: hard, soft and bone.

  • Hard porcelain - This is a unique material that is made from Chinese stone. Such products on weight heavy, they are quite strong, but may well be broken by a strong blow. Hard porcelain is the favorite material of Chinese masters.
  • Soft (artificial) porcelain - the creation of Europeans. Seeing the beautiful Chinese statues and vases, the Europeans tried to reproduce the material, but there was no hardness in it anyway. Firing such porcelain is carried out at lower temperatures, so it is a little porous in appearance.
  • Bone china - the most rare and expensive material. It was developed in England, adding to the standard recipe bone ash. This material is very strong, transparent. Vases from it are incredibly thin and elegant.

In addition, it is worth mentioning such a thing as cold china.Of course, he has nothing to do with real Chinese material.

This is a mixture of several elements:

  • glue;
  • starch;
  • glycerol;
  • cornmeal.

Cold porcelain is used for sculpting with your own hands, you can make anything from it. Prepare the material at home is also not difficult.


Porcelain vases are the perfect complement for any interior. With their help, you can give a room a restrained luxury, revive the decoration, complement the chosen direction. Also, a vase is a win-win for those who do not yet know what accessories to furnish the room.


A feature of the floor vases is that they are usually large in size. They can not be pushed behind the chair, sofa, put behind the door - such models should be in the first place in the room, delighting the eyes of the owners and guests. However, this option may not be suitable for each room. If the room is small, a huge vase will look ridiculous, the impression will be created that this object miraculously got here. Choose such vases for spacious, large rooms - only then will they harmoniously complement the interior.

It is a good idea to use these models for colors. If you put dry flowers, they will make the interior more subtle, sublime. Live plants also look very beautiful, but they need to be chosen correctly. For a white vase fit volumetric branches of orchids, roses, lilies.


As a rule, table vases pick up small sizes. They look good on the coffee table, racks, bedside tables. It is very important to opt for the perfect silhouette - in the modern styles “pot-bellied” round vases look beautiful, in the classical - long and thin contours. An interesting solution would be to pick up several vases of the same type and create an entire composition from them.

Colors and images

The first vases made by Chinese craftsmen were mostly white. There were no patterns or patterns on them. Only much later they began to make unusual jewelry and applications on models.

  • The standard version is a white vase. It is perfect for both classic and minimalist styles. It is necessary to take into account the overall interior. If it is in dark shades, then the white vase will be out of place.This model is selected for bright, spacious rooms.
  • The original idea would be to buy a black antique vase. She looks good in a classic style, and can also complement such extravagant directions as glamor and fusion. This vase will look great in a white or cream interior, becoming a cold, pronounced accent.
  • Bright warm colors, such as red, pink, yellow will be a good addition to a bright interior. But do not forget that choosing a model of non-standard color, you need to take into account the general concept. For example, if your room is green, then a red vase will look ridiculous and even defiant.
  • Calm porcelain vases blue, blue and purple will suit both the classical style and the direction of the loft, country, fusion. When buying this variety, make sure that the interior has at least one accessory of a similar color.

Most often, connoisseurs of rigor and consistency prefer vases with no frills. However, more modern styles involve not only solid whiteness, but also interesting drawings of different colors, as well as the addition of other materials.Porcelain vase with splashes of bronze is an original idea for the interior, which is decorated "antique". Most often bronze make the handles or the base of the product, the rest is made of porcelain. Such vases will be relevant only in the old interior, where they will complement other similar works of art.

Prints with flowers are the favorite pictures of women. This vase can be ennobled with a classic interior, but do not forget that flowers should be combined in color with the basic range of the room. An interesting solution would be to buy a vase with images of animals. These can be tigers, lions, birds of paradise. The model with frogs looks beautiful - such a vase will cheer up any guest.

Abstract and unusual drawings are best used in modern styles, where they will look the most advantageous.

Tips and tricks

If you want to buy a truly valuable item, you should pay attention to the products of the Imperial Porcelain Factory. This plant has 270 years of work, in its catalog there is a huge range of vases and other porcelain products. In addition, the company constantly organizes exhibitions and master-classes on painting.

It is very important to consider the style of the room when buying a vase. Classic styles require restraint in colors and designs, modern trends will support the brightness and imagination. Styles such as loft and high-tech, be sure to complement the cool brilliance of white or black porcelain.

    Planning to use a vase for flowers, you must abandon the saturated product. Austere white gamma is welcome, which is set off by bright, colorful roses or gerberas. It is also recommended to choose a certain shape - a round or square model will be a good solution.

    For large bouquets, buy products in the Japanese format; a single branch of sakura will look just as attractive. If you plan to put a single rose or lily in a vase, it is better to opt for a thin and long product. Those models that are designed only for decorative format, can be of various forms.

    How to make a cold porcelain with your own hands, see the next video.

    Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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