Crystal vases: variations and recommendations for selection

 Crystal vases: variations and recommendations for selection

A crystal vase can be an excellent complement to any interior: both classic and modern. Crystal has always been valued for its beauty, it has long been a decorative element in the decoration of extremely wealthy and noble people. Today, crystal has become more affordable, it is quite possible to buy at competitive prices. Before you choose a crystal vase, you should find out what kind it can be. It is equally important to familiarize yourself with the basic styles of design of this kind of accessories, and with popular manufacturers.


Noble and luxurious crystal is especially often used to create beautiful decorative vases that can complement any interior of a private house or apartment. Next, we consider the main types of this kind of accessories, which, as a rule, are the most popular.

  • Classic vases for flowers, fruits and even chocolates. Can be made in a variety of forms and variations. Most often polished crystal is used for such vases.
  • Vases on the leg. Especially beautiful are the options of colored crystal.
  • Low conic vases are called "Jardinières". They are mainly suitable for flowers with small stems.
  • Outdoor options. Such models are usually quite high. There are very large and voluminous options. In such vases, you can put flowers or use them solely as a decoration.
  • Antique. Finding such options is easy, however, they can cost a decent amount. Such vases are mostly suitable for classic interiors, such as Baroque or Art Deco.
  • Round designer vases. Can be a great addition to the modern interior in the style of hi-tech, minimalism or futurism.

Of course, this is not all types of vases that can be found in modern stores and boutiques.Especially expensive and unusual will look design options that are executed in one copy. Not bad look and models in the form of an amphora or a jug.


To make crystal products more affordable, many manufacturers use different materials to manufacture their accessories. Consider the most popular ones.

  • Rhinestone. This variety is considered to be very elegant and expensive, most often it is used to make jewelery, but on vases they make some miniature details. In its pure form to find a vase of rock crystal is quite difficult. But if all the same it will be made by the individual order, then it will have a noble white or transparent shade.
  • Colored crystal. Accessories from this material, as a rule, belong to vintage, although you can find quite modern models. However, you should be careful: many manufacturers give out ordinary colored glass for expensive colored crystal. Acquire this kind of thing should be exclusively in trusted outlets. Especially expensive are cobalt variants. Crystal itself is transparent, but if various metal impurities are added to it, it becomes colored and very rich.
  • Czech Crystal can be a great addition to any bohemian style in the interior. This material is quite dense, easy to care for him.

Each of the materials has its advantages, disadvantages and features. From this also develops in the future and the price of the product.

Styles and designs

Today, both domestic and foreign manufacturers produce vases in classic and modern styles of execution. Next, consider the same directions in which crystal vases can be made.

  • In the sea. Unusual vases, which are decorated with shells and waves, can be an excellent complement to a Scandinavian-style country house by the sea. Made in various forms.
  • Classic-style crystal vase on the leg With a unique drawing can be used for artificial or natural colors. Particularly expensive vases with gold drawing.
  • Modern square vase in minimalism style with a limited number of catchy details - a great choice for a cozy living room or kitchen.
  • Looks elegant model of the VAZ in the Japanese or Chinese style. They are either made entirely from colored crystal, or partially.Also in such cases may be semi-precious stones and minerals.
  • Rare versions of the VAZ since the USSR. Many of them are sold very cheaply, they can easily be found in older generations. If you clean the old crystal, it will shine no worse than any new one.

Famous manufacturers

Most of all in our country are valued by foreign manufacturers of crystal products. It so happened that the birthplace of crystal vases, and of the crystal itself, is Europe. Perhaps that is why today's luxury accessories bring it from there.

To date, the most famous manufacturers are in the Czech Republic, France, Germany and Italy. Almost everyone imports their products into our country. Next, take a closer look at popular brands and brands.

  • Bohemia Jihlava - This Czech brand is considered to be unique in its kind, as it produces a variety of decorative items for the interior of the purest crystal with the addition of gold, platinum and silver.
  • An excellent company from the Czech Republic is also Egermann. In the range of this brand you can find luxury products from colored glass and Bohemian crystal. Vases and sets are especially good.
  • Also in our country you can find great products. Italian brand Timon S. R. L. This brand has not only crystal vases, but also wine glasses and other dishes.
  • Polish brand Kolglass Ryszard Kolat produces excellent products from real colored crystal with gilding. This brand can be found very unusual vases that can be a decoration for any home.
  • Top-notch modern vases should be looked for in an assortment. Czech brand Caesar Crystal Bohemia.

How to choose?

Choosing a real crystal vase is best from proven manufacturers. It is not recommended to order this kind of products on dubious sites on the Internet. It is best to give preference to exclusive things that can later become a family heirloom. Also, when choosing a suitable accessory for the interior of crystal, special attention should be paid to the following details.

  • You need to knock lightly on the product. Crystal sounds very nice, in difference, for example, from ordinary glass. Here the difference will be noticeable even to a person who absolutely does not understand this.
  • It is very important to pay attention to the glare, which publishes a vase.On a real crystal, the edges and the highlights themselves will shimmer very beautifully.
  • It should be remembered that crystal does not always look transparent. When cobalt is added to it, it will be blue, and silicon - pale pink. In this case, be sure to check the label on which these impurities should be indicated.
  • Particular attention should be paid to the price. Real crystal vases simply cannot be cheap, otherwise the market price will not cover the cost of materials. Basically, the cost consists of the type of crystal, the brand of the manufacturer, as well as the form and some parts of the accessory.
  • When choosing the necessary attribute for the interior, you should inquire about the availability of special care products in the store. Sometimes professional tools are much better and more convenient than the usual home ones.

Care Tips

Any crystal products, including vases, require attentive and careful care.

  • Over time, the crystal may fade a little if it is not properly looked after. However, it is best to follow preventive measures so that the product does not become cloudy. To wash it in the future will not be so difficult.
  • Vases are best washed with cool water and vinegar.It is also permitted to wipe items made of crystal with cotton rags dipped in alcohol. With the help of alcohol, you can rub the vase so that it shines like new. And to get rid of plaque should be using a non-coarse brush.
  • With the help of cold water and ordinary detergent, you can thoroughly clean the vase inside, if there were flowers in it for a long time.
  • Hot water and especially boiling water are completely contraindicated for crystal.
  • If the vase is cracked, you can try to glue it at home. Everything should be done carefully, using special glue on glass and crystal. It is recommended to paint the broken vase in the future so that the places of chips and cracks are not visible.

Successful examples

Crystal vases are an essential attribute of Chebbi-chic and boho interiors. As a rule, they are made of colored crystal with a mass of unusual details.

No less colorful and original look minimalist vases of fancy shapes crystal in the Scandinavian style. Crystal vases on legs are especially expensive and luxurious if they have roses, even artificial ones.

A low vase with a gold frame can be a great solution for the kitchen.A small model can even be used as candy.

How to clean the crystal vase, see the next video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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