Aluminum balcony glazing

Aluminum balcony glazing

Aluminum profiles are very reliable, strong and durable. Such designs do not have too much weight, so are perfect for any balconies and loggias.

Advantages and disadvantages

  • The main advantage of aluminum glazing is its low weight. It can be installed on any balcony, and it does not have to be pre-strengthened.
  • This type of glazing is suitable for apartment owners in old houses. Such glazing does not harm the concrete floors and will not lead to the collapse of old structures.
  • Many people assemble aluminum structures themselves.It is not at all difficult and does not take much time.
  • Aluminum glazing is very durable. Over time, it does not lose its attractiveness and strength.
  • Modern manufacturers produce not only uncolored, but also multi-colored profiles. Each buyer will be able to choose for themselves the option of a favorite shade. Such designs look original and interesting.

But this type of glazing has its shortcomings.

  • They absolutely do not keep heat on the balcony or loggia. In the winter season, the temperature in these rooms will differ from the street only a couple of degrees.
  • Often in conditions of very low temperatures, sliding mechanisms and fittings freeze and become covered with ice. This may complicate the process of opening and closing the valves.
  • Aluminum structures do not have good tightness. Street noises easily pass through them. If there is windy weather outside the balcony, then drafts can walk in the room.
  • Such glazing should be addressed in the event that the main balcony door has a good sound insulation. With this detail, the low tightness of the aluminum construction will be compensated.

Aluminum glazing is very different from the popular plastic option. It is necessary to understand the characteristics of these structures in order to understand the difference between them.

  • Plastic glazing can be warm. This kind of decoration allows you to turn a balcony into a real living room, which can be operated year-round.
  • Not to mention the large weight of such structures. They have excellent heat and sound insulation characteristics. Plastic windows are not suitable for old balconies and balcony ceilings.
  • For typical apartments and balconies suitable aluminum construction. Such glazing is often cold, but ideally protects the room from adverse environmental factors. Aluminum profiles are different from plastic ones in that they have less weight and are suitable even for old houses.
  • In plastic constructions, the leafs are hinged, and in aluminum - sliding.
  • Each owner chooses which type of glazing is right for him.


Aluminum glazing can have different functional characteristics. Consider several options that are in demand in the market of window designs.

Cold aluminum profile is the most common. It has no warming properties. Balcony or loggia with such glazing will not save even high-quality insulation of walls, floor and ceiling. In the winter season, the room will still be cold and uncomfortable.

Such design, first of all, is aimed at protecting the balcony block from rain, snowfall, winds and other negative factors.

Most often, aluminum profiles with cold glasses are used for finishing industrial premises and hangars, in which a comfortable temperature is not so important.

A warm profile is less common.. Such designs are equipped with insulating inserts. They are combined with thick glass. This glazing has good thermal insulation properties.

Such aluminum profiles can have three or five air chambers. The quality of the windows depends on the number of these parts. Also in the designs there are rubber seals and gaskets that increase the level of sealing.

Aluminum frame design

Modern manufacturers offer consumers a huge variety of aluminum frames.They can have a different appearance, with which you can create a fashionable interior in your favorite style.

Many companies offer a service for the manufacture of aluminum glazing on an individual order of the buyer. You can choose a frame structure of any color.

Glasses are also different. Many apartment owners today are turning to tinted options.

The assembly process of such systems is simple and affordable, so aluminum structures can have not only different colors, but also shapes and sizes. In this sense, they benefit from plastic glazing, since with it such metamorphoses are much harder and more expensive to carry out.

Required tools

If you plan to install aluminum glazing with your own hands, then you need to stock up on the following tools:

  • First you need to purchase a prefab window unit. It includes such details as the frame, ebb, sill, visor and sash.
  • Stock up on several galvanized steel sheets.
  • You will need fasteners: screws, anchors, dowels, bolts and rivets.
  • It is useful in the installation process mounting foam and silicone glue.
  • Additionally, you need to purchase rollers, aluminum profiles, latches and clips.

As a rule, when ordering glazing, all the listed parts are supplied complete with the basic window construction. There are cases when some things are not enough, then it can be bought in any hardware store.

DIY profile installation

If you have purchased all the necessary parts and stocked up with tools, then you can proceed to the preparatory work.

  • Previously, you should remove the old windows, if any. You can replace the roof if it is not a reinforced concrete slab base of the upper balcony.
  • Often require replacement and fencing on the balcony. At the same time, it is necessary to install an additional and reliable frame to which the aluminum profile will be attached.
  • Before proceeding with the installation of glazing, it is necessary to determine the exterior finish of the fence. It is better to carry out these works before direct glazing, otherwise the process of facing will be more difficult and time consuming. Often, during such work, the aluminum profile is subjected to various mechanical damages.
  • After the preparatory work, you can proceed to installation of the structure.

First you need to make accurate measurements and choose the appropriate configuration of the glazing. The whole installation process can be divided into three main stages:

  1. Design support and installation of the window sill;
  2. Assembly of all components of the aluminum construction;
  3. Installation and adjustment of accessories.
  • The installation process depends on the type of balcony fence. If it is metal, then the window frames should be installed on a special frame. The gap between the fence and the window is closed with an apron made of galvanized steel sheet.
  • If the fence is concrete, then the frame can be installed on it, or on wooden bars attached to the concrete.
  • It is recommended to fix such glazing with the help of anchor fasteners. This method is the most reliable and durable.
  • At the top and bottom of the frame are fastened with anchor bolts, and on the sides - anchor plates. You can add density fixing structures using mounting foam.
  • After you securely fix the profile, you can begin to install the ebb and sash.This work is very important and requires high accuracy.
  • All valves should be installed solely on the level, otherwise you can face the problem of arbitrary opening and closing swing mechanisms.
  • Do not forget about the visor. Such detail is able to protect the balcony block from various precipitations. The length of the visor should fit the balcony in size. The presence of a slope is mandatory, since it is this element that provides the natural slope of rainwater and snow.
  • In the process of mounting the visor you need to seal all joints and gaps.

As a result, you should get a reliable and durable design. Purchase only high-quality materials and tools. It is recommended to contact the well-known window companies in your city that have a good reputation.

Such installation work is quite simple. If you are not confident in your abilities and are afraid to do something wrong, then it is better to turn to specialists who will easily and quickly install aluminum glazing on your balcony.

Technology glazing balcony sliding aluminum windows, see the following video.


  • If during installation of the glazing there is an assembly foam outside, then it must be sealed. If this is not done, then it can crack and crumble under the influence of sunlight.
  • Most often, the seams are covered with any solutions and only then they are sheathed with the materials of your choice (lining, siding, decking, etc.).
  • During the installation of aluminum structures should be kept under control level frames. It is especially important to adhere to this rule when double-glazed windows and functional parts return to their places.
  • Do not forget that under the action of weight the level is often shifted, so the frame will have to be adjusted from time to time. After processing with mounting foam, it will not work.


People leave a variety of reviews about aluminum glazing. This option of finishing a balcony room has its advantages and disadvantages, therefore, opinions about it are both positive and negative.

People who decide to install such constructions on their own, note the simplicity and ease of installation. The work did not take much time, money and effort.

If you choose cold glazing, then you need to be prepared for the fact that the balcony will be slightly warmer than on the street at the appropriate time of year. Many apartment owners tried to insulate the room in other ways: heaters, fan heaters, as well as wall and floor heaters. But these attempts were in vain. The balcony still remained cold.

Warm aluminum glazing pleased consumers more. It has excellent sound and thermal insulation characteristics. The only disadvantage of such a finish is its high cost.

Consumers note the beautiful appearance of similar window structures. They can be painted in a variety of colors. Even after many years, such glazing does not lose its attractive appearance.

Many have given their preference to aluminum structures for their unpretentiousness. They do not require special and complex care. Such surfaces are cleaned from dirt and dust very easily.

These windows are a real salvation for the owners of "Khrushchev" and apartments in the houses of old buildings. Aluminum glazing has a low weight, so it can be installed in old balcony blocks.This property can not boast of plastic construction.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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