Bar counter on the balcony

 Bar counter on the balcony

Loggia has long ceased to be associated with the place used exclusively for storing old things. The room can be turned into a stylish continuation of the kitchen or a separate dining room. For these purposes, use the bar on the balcony.

Purpose, pros and cons

The bar in the kitchen or studio apartment has become a familiar element of the interior. However, this is not the only option for placing such a table. Rack on the balcony will be a fresh design solution, different practicality and functionality. This option is appropriate for narrow loggias, where there is a shortage of free space.The piece of furniture takes up little space and is suitable for interiors in modern style.

The advantages of the bar:

  • The table top is accessible from the side of the kitchen and the loggia, thanks to which more people will be accommodated behind it while it will occupy less space.
  • Rack will replace the kitchen table. In the vacant space, you can place additional cabinets, cabinets, headsets.
  • The versatility of the piece of furniture. Above it fit the shelves for storing dishes, beverages, products.
  • Low cost. If you choose a chipboard (chipboard) as the basis, the creation and installation of the table will be relatively cheap.

The rack has a number of disadvantages:

  • The model is not always suitable for a full meal. This is especially felt in families where there are children: babies are uncomfortable to eat at the table of this design.
  • The glasses and bottles located on the bar stand are quickly covered with dust, and they must be constantly cleaned.
  • If there is a large number of objects and accessories above the table, this visually overloads the kitchen. The disadvantage is noticeable in very small rooms.
  • Sitting at the bar can only be on high chairs, which may not be convenient for everyone.

To install a bar counter between the kitchen and the loggia, no special permit is required if the wall between them is not bearing. In addition, this model table is used for zoning rooms. In particular, it will allow to divide the space for cooking the kitchen and dining room.

Types and forms

There are two types of bar counters, depending on the design and design features. Each of them has its own characteristics, which are taken into account when thinking about the future interior.

Classic models are racks of large size, different bulkiness. They are installed as a separate piece of furniture with a multitude of shelves and the ability to build in electrical appliances. Mini-racks have a small countertop and are used as a replacement for the kitchen table in a limited space.

Location options

Before purchasing or manufacturing a bar counter, they are developing a project for a future loggia. Based on the purpose of using the balcony and the design ideas of the apartment owner, determine the size of the table, its design features and space. There are several options for the placement of the bar:

  • Instead of a balcony block. The most functional and common option, characterized by ease of installation.
  • In place of the window sill. The internal window sill is dismantled, the window frame is transferred to the side of the room or the kitchen, a small bar counter is located in the vacant space.
  • In the empty doorway. The space between the kitchen and the loggia is completely freed, because there will be no protrusion under the window.
  • Directly on the balcony. The model is installed from one of the ends of the loggia, chairs or chairs are placed nearby. Sitting at the table, you can admire the view from the window, because you get a complete place to relax.

Also, the rack can be attached to the wall - so that it begins on the balcony and ends in the kitchen. In this case, the model has its own support. When installing the table, you can choose rectangular or racks with rounded edges, equipped with metal parts or minimalist.


Countertops vary in color, pattern and material. External characteristics are selected taking into account the interior space and decorative elements. Natural materials look noble,possess the best operational characteristics and serve longer. However, they are more expensive. For the manufacture of bar racks use:


The rack from the massif is characterized by massiveness and looks noble. To popular include such species as pine, pine needles, birch, oak. These countertops are environmentally friendly: they do not emit harmful substances into the air. At the same time, they need constant care, otherwise stains will remain on the surface.


The widespread material combining the low price and good operational characteristics. This table top is covered with a film or plastic, is resistant to the effects of liquids. The material is not afraid of aggressive environments, it is durable and made in a large number of colors.


Durability and ease of care - the advantages of this material. It does not rust, resistant to external mechanical stress. Installation is made a solid base, it is possible to get a monolithic countertop. A distinctive feature is the fact that such models can not put a stand under the hot.


From this pliable material can make a bar of any shape and size. In particular, it is suitable for creating a convex or concave table top. If necessary, acrylic is decorated with a large number of decorative elements.

A rock

When creating a bar counter can be used artificial or natural stone. The first of the materials is more amenable to processing, suitable for creating not only tabletops, but also foundations. The interior will look good option when the stones are made table and kitchen. The material is durable, resistant to high temperatures and chemical compounds. A natural stone countertop will last for several decades, but it will have a high price.


A stand with such a tabletop will fit into a modern interior. Glass is inferior to other materials in practicality, but it has good external characteristics. The bar counter well reflects the light, made in a large number of shades.


The rack is characterized by high functionality. Together with it are installed containers for fruit, mounted, folding and sliding shelves, rails.Using accessories allows you to save kitchen space, they can also become part of the interior and allow you to place color accents. Parts are made of metals and glass, and their color varies, which simplifies the selection of elements for a particular tabletop.

Accessories are divided into several types, depending on the purpose and functions. In the design of bar counters there are holders for glasses and bottles, hangers for appliances, mugs, napkins. There are also universal elements used for the storage of dishes, products and other things. Accessories include bar stools. They are purchased in the appropriate style to the rack.

Interesting ideas

An unusual solution for turning a balcony into a part of the kitchen will be the installation of a corner bar with a streamlined shape. The option is suitable for a loggia of irregular shape. In combination with decor items of contrasting shades, it will be possible to create a stylish space for relaxing and gathering with friends.

The stand made in the form of a semicircle with glass inserts will give the interior a concept. You can choose two or three basic shades in which to pick up all the furniture and decorative elements.And the unusual size of the tabletop will allow you to make room on the edges of the bar. If necessary, you can hold lighting to the rack.

Wooden furniture is used in different styles. The bar counter, made of solid wood and installed on the side of the table, is characterized by deliberate simplicity. As an option - it can be placed without legs and base and attached directly to the wall. In contrast to the minimum details, you can make motley walls.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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