Frameless balcony glazing

 Frameless balcony glazing

Thanks to new technologies, plastic glass packs go into the background, and the leading line is taken by frameless glazing. Frameless glazing, above all, gives you a beautiful panoramic view from the window.

The glass is fixed on aluminum rails, which are installed on the ceiling or floor of the room, as a result of which you get windows without plastic frames. It is believed that this technology came to us from Finland, but the Finns claim that the idea came from the Germans. German manufacturers, in turn, say that the foundation was taken from Russian masters.

Advantages and disadvantages

Frameless glazing has several advantages:

  • Suitable for all loggias and balconies.Thanks to the universal system, you can glaze any nonstandard balcony that cannot be made with PVC windows.
  • You can open the windows with a “book” or turn them to the wall and as a result your balcony or loggia will be opened completely. Recall that you can open plastic windows only where you have a special design.
  • Security. The frameless glazing system is made of tempered glass, the minimum thickness of which is 6.8 mm. “Thick” is considered to be a glass of 10 mm. Therefore, such frames are not afraid of strong winds or hail. In order to break this glass, you also need to try.
  • Panoramic appearance. Another of the main advantages of this system is a beautiful view both from the window and outside.
  • Easy care. For the system does not need careful care. While washing windows you will not think about how not to fall out of the balcony in order to wash the “deaf” window. In the frameless system, all the windows are turned, therefore, having washed them with one hand, you will start to wash with the other without difficulty.

Among the disadvantages include:

  • Weak tightness. In contrast to PVC windows, frameless glazing cannot please the owners with the same tightness.If the plastic windows can catch up to 40 decibels, the Finnish system will reduce the noise level by a maximum of 10 decibels. In addition, in heavy rain the windows are leaking a little.
  • Weak profile. Due to a sharp temperature drop (for example, snow replaces sunny weather in autumn), the aluminum profile can be damaged, which will later affect the ease of opening the system.
  • Difficult installation. During installation work, even a slope of 2 mm can seriously affect the whole structure. To avoid this problem, you need to choose a reliable company or masters who will carry out work with extreme precision.
  • Lack of mosquito nets. If you do not live in a large metropolis, then flies, mosquitoes and other animals that will fly through the window will become frequent guests in your apartment. Installing a mosquito net on a frameless glazing is unrealistic - there is simply no place to mount it.
  • Bad insulation. In spite of the fact that now there is a frameless glass unit, it cannot boast the same properties as plastic windows. In fact, the Finnish system only protects you from the weather.
  • Price.One of the main drawbacks of the design is its cost. The minimum price for a square meter of “turnkey” frameless glazing starts from 30 thousand rubles from foreign companies, from 15 thousand from domestic ones.


Manufacturing companies have installed several types of Finnish glazing systems, which differ in the form of glass, the place of installation of the aluminum profile, the thickness of the glass and other important characteristics.

  • Metropol is most suitable for glazing office buildings.. These are rectangular windows with an easy sliding system thanks to a sturdy profile. This design is made of single safety glass 8 mm thick. Profiles are at the bottom and on the ceiling.
  • Panorama is a business class and is considered an option with improved performance.. Used for glazing of balconies and loggias of all shapes and sizes. Opening the sash window goes inside and can easily bypass any angle. Each frame has steel bearings that ensure the reliability of the whole structure.
  • One of the very first models - Lumon, which appeared on the construction market about 10 years ago. Windows can pass through corners, models have handles, movable rollers have not been proven for a long time. Glass thickness: 4, 6 or 10 mm.
  • Butterfly - differs in that the flaps open both on the left and on the right side. This system can glaze a balcony of any shape: from a circle to a square. The maximum wind load of the Butterfly system is up to 220 kg / sq.
  • Sliding Slim is considered an option for terraces and arbors. This system is comparable to the glasses in the wardrobes. For installations of valves use an unlimited number of rails. As a result, you can open up to 80% of the entire surface of the window.
  • Sliding Track is another type that is used when glazing a balcony or loggia. The design has an improved seal.

Unfortunately, you will not be able to find a frameless warm glass unit for insulating a balcony. All systems are sharpened to protect you from precipitation, but no more than that. According to various estimates, the frameless glazing maximum keeps the temperature 3-5 degrees above the street. Even a warm floor will not save the balcony with frameless glass in winter weather.

Performance specifications


When opening or airing the room, all windows must be opened to the inside of the balcony.First you need to raise the handle on the first sash up, and then - turn the glass to the wall.

It is important to note that the isolation of the room in the cold season is prohibited. It is necessary to constantly keep the balcony in the mode of ventilation. Otherwise, due to fogging, structural elements may deteriorate.

The structure can be fixed to the wall using a special wall clamp. On the bottom lining there will be a tape with which you can attach the assembled windows to the wall.


You can order a special lock, with the help of which the windows will be blocked for opening by young children.

Types of designs

  • "Book". Sash windows smoothly guided by two profiles. When fully opened, all the doors fold like a book to the wall. It is this design that is represented by foreign companies with the Butterfly view.
  • Folds open along parallel lower runners. This system is in great demand when installing terraces or arbors. Guides can be from four to 12. On each is the installation of the sash.
  • Ceiling or ceiling system got its name from the powerful guide on the ceiling.
  • One of the most popular overseas systems is TodoCristal, which is distinguished by its great tightness and strength. The Spanish manufacturer drew attention to the problem of strong air permeability. The lower profile of the system is created without bearings, and due to the connection of two aluminum profiles, high tightness is achieved.

Among Russian manufacturers there are companies that offer a large range of frameless glazing. For example, the European quality system ESTEL has been used in construction for over 10 years. It differs from foreign analogues by the design of the guides, the installation of the valves. The manufacturer promises to provide you with high quality items at low prices.

Also, you can find in Russia the production of the Finnish company "Lumon Oy". In particular, in St. Petersburg the company “OKO Style” is the official representative of the Finnish concern.

How to choose?

First, you need to decide whether your balcony is an additional living space in the apartment or is it a place to relax with summer gatherings. If we are talking about the first option, then frameless glazing is not for you.Recall that the warm frameless design does not exist. The maximum that you get with this glazing - the air temperature is up to 7 degrees higher than outside.

To choose a domestic or foreign manufacturer, in the first place, it is also necessary based on the characteristics of the balcony. If you do not plan to go out to it often, then it is better to install windows of Russian companies in order to save. For a summer terrace in the apartment, better use the products of foreign manufacturers.

By design, it is best to use Butterfly or Lumon. Most choose windows with a folding book system, which is collected at the end of the balcony. However, this design will be approximately 30% more expensive than when installing a parallel-sliding system, which saves space due to the movement of the valves along the profile.


The profiles together with the guides are painted with powder paint. You can remove street dust with a mild soap scavenger, but do not use detergents with abrasive materials. Avoid contact with acids and solvents.

It is best to wash the glass with plain water or with a special agent that is free of alcohol or solvent. It is recommended to wash the window with a soft cloth.


  • Use sandpaper to clean the profile or guides;
  • Contact with a solvent profile, acid, powerful detergents;
  • Washing windows with special products containing acid, solvent or alcohol;
  • Use when washing windows rags with abrasive components.


Most users of frameless glazing are glad that they used this system for their balcony. Among the advantages of this design distinguish a beautiful panoramic view, which opens from the balcony.

Also, unlike PVC windows, systems do not emit an unpleasant odor when heated. They are quite strong, despite the ease of construction.

Among the disadvantages are the fact that the design can not be used in winter. This is especially true of northern cities.

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Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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