How to sheathe a balcony?

How to sheathe a balcony?

Any balcony or loggia require exterior and interior decoration. Today, manufacturers offer a variety of building materials for covering balcony blocks. They have different colors, textures and quality characteristics.

Features and benefits

If you want to turn your balcony into a full-fledged living room, then you can not do without internal and external decoration. Today in the shops you can meet a huge variety of materials for interior and exterior cladding of balconies and loggias.

Quality facing materials must have a number of very important features.

It should be noted stunning design, which can be achieved with the help of internal and external decoration. Properly selected materials of suitable color will allow you to create a very beautiful and cozy interior, suitable for work, leisure or get-togethers with friends over a cup of tea.

Most finishing materials are moisture resistant - this feature plays a very important role. Over time, the balcony will not become damp, and within its territory there will be no mold and an unpleasant specific smell.

Another feature of high-quality finishing materials is their wear resistance. For example, if we are talking about plastic panels or siding, then these platings are not afraid of bad weather and any other negative environmental factors. The only exceptions are when the panels are painted in different colors.

Over time, they can fade and burn out under the action of sunlight.

Exterior and interior decoration rarely requires special and regular care. If you have decorated your balcony block with good lining materials, you can not worry about the fact that you will have to regularly carry out repair work and spend money on a variety of coatings.

As a rule, this applies to coatings of natural wood.

In quality and beautiful lining has a lot of advantages. It prolongs the life of any surfaces of the balcony room and for a long time keeps the main material on which it is installed. The interior finish protects the room from freezing, winds, drafts and many other negative factors.


You can decorate the balcony using clapboard, siding, plastic panels, corrugated, etc. Everything depends on your preferences and budget.

But all materials should have a number of properties that you should be aware of before buying:

  • They should be light. A small weight is necessary in order to subject the balcony block to additional loads. This is especially important if the apartment is located in an old house or Khrushchev.
  • Facing should be resistant to moisture and dampness. This is due to the fact that it will not be protected from rain and snow (if we are talking about exterior decoration), and the appearance of a condensate on it is completely inevitable.
  • Facing materials should not be afraid of ultraviolet radiation. Otherwise, over time, they will lose their attractiveness and even become deformed.
  • It is recommended to choose only high-quality plating. You should not save money, because too cheap raw materials will not last long enough. Good materials are durable.
  • The skin must be environmentally friendly and fireproof. These qualities are very important, as toxic and harmful materials can have an adverse effect on the health of all inhabitants of the apartment.



Many apartment owners are now turning to laminate flooring. These options should be addressed for the interior of the balcony, as they are made of wood. Modern manufacturers offer consumers a wide variety of laminate in different styles.

Externally, this material can repeat natural wood or have unusual patterns.

Such covering is used both for floor decoration and for walls. She is not afraid of temperature changes and exposure to sunlight.

Laminate does not require special care. It is easy to clean and does not save dust on itself. It is worth noting the fact that today such a lining can be chosen for any wallet.


Wood facing is very common.The most common and popular materials are lining, eurolining, terassnaya board or panels, imitating timber and block house. They differ from each other not only in appearance, but also in the method of attachment.


Lining differs in big service life. If she is provided with the right care, then it will serve you for more than a decade. But it is worth remembering that about once every 3-5 years you will have to restore and update its surface.

If you do not do this, the wood will lose its attractive appearance and collapse.

Lining is a practical material. This property directly depends on the type of surface. For example, the presence of a special mud-protective film facilitates the care of the lining. With simple panels, dirt is not so easy to clean.

Such plating is very easy to install. You can install it yourself.

For exterior cladding, wood should be used only if you arrange the balcony of a private house made of wood.

You will have a very beautiful and harmonious ensemble.

MDF panels

MDF panels are also made of wood.They are in many ways similar to clapboard and are more advanced fiberboard. A distinctive feature of MDF panels is the presence of a special laminating film - it makes the material moisture-resistant.

Modern manufacturers offer several options for fiberboard. They are flat with a protective polymer layer on the front side and panels with embossed patterns.

The main advantages of MDF panels are their low cost and ease of installation. Installation of such a finish will take you a minimum amount of time and effort. Preparatory work of this material is not required.

Many people hide wiring, various engineering communications and even heaters behind the panels.

Block house

The block-house finish looks expensive and original. This material appeared on the Russian market not so long ago, but already managed to gain widespread popularity. The basis of its production is wood. The block house is considered to be another type of classic lining, but it has a slightly different shape.

One side of such a panel is flat and the other is cylindrical.On the flat half there are special mounting grooves and spikes. By means of these details installation of facing material is made. Also, on this side are slots designed for additional ventilation and eliminating the voltage received from unnecessary loads.

Externally, this trim is similar to the natural log of the tree.


Today, on the streets of the city you can find a large number of balconies, decorated with corrugated flooring. This option is more suitable for external cladding:

  • It has high wear resistance.
  • Decking is not afraid of bad weather and temperature extremes.
  • He is very light and does not create additional loads for the balcony.
  • Installation of such material is simple and quick. For installation you will not need additional fasteners or special tools. Often under the corrugated fit insulation.

Professional sheet may be different. The most common galvanized flooring, coating of aluzinc or polymer coating. This material is not subject to corrosion. Today you can pick up sheets of various colors. Paints are applied to professional sheets at high temperatures and hold onas long as possible


The most common material for facing balconies is in plastic. It not only has an affordable price, but also an attractive appearance.

The most common traditional plastic is white. Visually, this facing can make the balcony more spacious and bright. Against the background of such a design, absolutely any glazing looks wonderful, from panoramic to stained glass.

Today in the shops you can meet the panel of a variety of colors. But it is worth noting that they are subject to fading under the influence of sunlight.

How to sheathe outside?

For exterior design it is recommended to choose more durable materials that do not require special care during their operation:

  • You can refer to such popular material as siding. It can be metallic or vinyl. People very often choose this facing because of its durability and resistance to adverse conditions.

Siding is not afraid of low or high temperatures, as well as their differences. He does not lose its color over time and is not afraid of moisture.

  • A good option would be profiled. Thin metal (or plastic) sheets with a corrugated surface are highly durable. Over time, they will not lose their appeal. Paint on them will not collapse or crack.

The thickness of the sheets should not confuse you, as the strength and reliability of this finishing material is provided by the relief structure.

  • Wooden lining will also be appropriate. But having a similar trim, you will have to handle it from time to time with special impregnations that ensure the durability of the material. If you do not do this, then a mold may form on the surface of the balcony block and in its inner part and dampness may appear.
  • Often, plastic panels and PVC lining are used for external cladding of the balcony. The main advantage of these materials is their ease and ease of installation. You can install this facing yourself. The disadvantage of such options is their susceptibility to mechanical damage.

Inner lining

You can proceed to the inner lining only after you warm the balcony room. Options may be as follows:

  • Most often, balconies are decorated with plastic panels. This material is suitable for both internal and external decoration. It is resistant to moisture or moisture. Recently, decorative panels with imitation of natural wood of different tones are in great demand. These solutions look very expensive and stylish.
  • Often, MDF panels are used for interior trimming. They not only have a beautiful appearance, but also environmental friendliness. In many ways, these materials are similar to natural wood and differ only in their plasticity. With the help of MDF panels, you can even the walls on the balcony, but they do not tolerate damp and moisture.
  • A great solution would be siding. It is suitable not only for external cladding. Today, many apartment owners are turning to this paneling for interior decoration of the balcony. Any of the following options will do: metal, vinyl or wood panels.
  • For interior cladding fit drywall. It is fireproof and is not subject to the negative influence of the sun's rays, therefore it is suitable for a balcony, both on the shady and on the sunny side.
  • Another versatile option is block house. It is installed very simply and so wives can be wooden, metal and vinyl.
  • Inexpensive cladding material is lining. Installation of such plating can be done by hand, with no experience in this field of activity. It is worth noting the durability of quality lining.

It is necessary to determine in advance the ceiling lining. It should not be ignored, since an unformed ceiling will spoil the overall look of the balcony:

  • Many people are turning plasterboard plating. With the help of this simple and affordable material, you can make a perfectly flat surface and embed lamps in it.
  • Very often plastic panels are used for cladding the ceiling. Visually, they are able to make the room longer and more spacious. In such a ceiling can also be installed fixtures.
  • Often the ceiling is finished with laminate. Also this option is suitable for wall and floor decoration. Recently, many owners have turned to this unusual decision. Such popularity of the material is due to the simplicity of its installation and the lack of need for constant care.
  • Another suitable material is eurolining and traditional wood lining. The second option is less convenient to use, as it requires regular maintenance.

How to sheathe a balcony clapboard, you can learn from the following video.

Beautiful ideas

Competent selection of external and internal lining will allow forming a very beautiful and cozy room on the balcony. Let us consider in more detail several interesting design options for a balcony block:

  • You can arrange the walls with bright plastic panels, lay brown or burgundy tiles on the floor and pick up classic white window frames with flaps. You will get a simple, but very cozy room in which you can equip a winter garden or organize a small recreation area.
  • Siding panels are ideal for cladding. With the help of such a lemon-colored material, you can make a small balcony block with sliding plastic doors.
  • Exterior cladding clapboard. It will harmoniously look in tandem with wooden windows of a suitable shade.
  • A perfect solution for the interior of the balcony will be a block house, resembling a cylinder block With such beautiful panels will look great wooden floor and glazing with wooden or white plastic frames. In such a room will be very nice and calm.
  • Against the background of a balcony block sheathed in blue sheeting, White plastic frames always look great. Glazing can be absolutely anything.
  • It will look very nice small, neat balcony with light panels. It is sheathed on the outside with white plastic PVC and complemented by bright pots with flowers located at the edges.
  • Lay a dark laminate on the floor of the balcony process the walls with decorative plaster of a soft yellow color, and trim the ceiling with narrow white panels. On such a contrasting background, you can equip a bar or a rest area with a bookcase.
  • Good looking large balconies, sheathed with burgundy or dark red metal profile. They are striking and expensive. This effect is achieved due to the contrast of the exterior cladding and white glazing frames.
  • The professional sheet can be issued not only closed, but also open balconies. For example, for facing a small open area, you can pick up contrasting black, dark green or dark gray sheets.
Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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