Balcony design

 Balcony design

Since Soviet times, the unspoken rule has gone that the balcony is a place to store old and unnecessary things. As a result, the owners look every day at the boxes, preserved cans, broken bikes and skis. Often this picture is complemented by peeling walls and faded curtains.

Meanwhile, the balcony is an additional square meter of living space, which can be not only functional, turning into an office, summer kitchen or bedroom, but also beautiful.

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Special features

First you need to designate a sequence of actions to ennoble balcony meters. And here it is important to understand what goals and preferences need to be implemented.

Having beautiful views of the mountains or the sea, I want to have an open resting place where you can spend the evening enjoying nature. In the north of the country, most of the time the balcony will be covered with snow or covered with cold rains. In this case, in order to maximize the useful use of space, one should prefer the closed type.

Getting to the exterior of the facade of the balcony closed and open type, you need to inquire about the historical value of the house. It is possible that legally introducing external changes is not possible, then only internal finishing will be involved.

Also an important step in the initial preparatory work is the evaluation of the strength of the balcony slab. If her condition raises concerns, then you should contact the specialists who will take radical measures, up to its replacement. The strength of the plate is a guarantee of the safety of life not only for the apartment owners, but also for people under the balcony.


The open balcony will be very relevant where the climate allows you to spend a lot of time in the fresh air. He has such a feature as seasonality.In the rain or strong wind should be able to quickly bring the furniture, table, pillows and blankets into the apartment. Accordingly, furniture on an unglazed balcony is better to choose light, mobile or folding, so that carrying things does not require much physical effort. Objects must be resistant, not afraid of moisture and sunlight.

Balconies and gated loggias are divided into two categories:

Cold glazing

It is used if the balcony is not planned to be equipped for an additional functional room, and only moisture and dust protection is required. For this purpose, swing open sash, various designs on metal-plastic profile are used. Such stained glass balconies look very impressive and give an excellent overview of the city, especially on the upper floors.

With the frameless glazing method, the balcony looks completely glass, in fact it is possible to move its individual parts along horizontal guides.

On the glazed balconies for the introduction of originality it is possible to apply such techniques as: glass tinting, stained glass, engraving or photo printing.Such elements are allowed to use as fragments, and across the entire surface of the protective canvas.

Warm glazing

For himAdyu to 9 sq.m. plastic double-glazed windows are best suited, they give the best sound and heat insulation. In addition, the practice of carrying out double-glazed windows beyond the fencing for a few centimeters is used, which makes it possible to equip a roomy enough window sill - a pleasant and functional bonus for the owners.

Do not save on materials and payment of services of the socialists to isolate the balcony / loggia. Poorly done work will eventually cause damage to the balcony furniture, it will take additional time and money to eliminate shortcomings or even to completely rework the works.

For maximum heat retention on the balcony during the cold season, it is necessary to warm the floor, walls and ceiling. Most often used for this foam, polystyrene foam and mineral wool. Heaters are stacked only after the complete elimination and treatment of all cracks and cracks.

Another variation for warming the balcony will be a "warm floor".Adjustment of such a system will allow you to set the required temperature, maintain warmth and comfort in the room at any time of the year.

We should also mention the corner balconies and loggias with non-standard configuration, with wrinkles and narrowed corners.

Corner balconies seem to flow around the house from two sides. Their undoubted advantage is a relatively large area, so you should carefully consider the functionality of the additional space. Fully glazing such a balcony, you can not only create a small lounge, study or garden, but also install a sufficient number of cabinets and shelves to store various small items.

Balconies and loggias with wrinkles, constructively having narrowed in one or a couple of corners, also have their own decoration tricks. Such seemingly non-functional narrow corners of the room are well beaten by installing vases with flowers or climbing plants there. Well, in such rooms, hinged shelves or interesting decorative elements will look.


Modern planning houses assume a variety in size and configuration of balconies and loggias.Someone becomes the happy owner of a large room with an area of ​​7 meters, and someone “huddles” on 2 square meters. But absolutely for any size you can find your own functional and beautiful solutions.

Finishing a balcony or loggia, with a decent footage, can be decorated with various furniture, cabinets and decor items. The main thing is that they fit into the main idea of ​​the owner of the room.

Balconies up to 9 square meters can be zoned by various screens and shelves. Such large sizes of premises allow finding interesting and functional design solutions, for example, to combine a dining room and library, a workshop and a decorative corner with small fountains, a pond and greenery.

Loggias and balconies with an area of ​​6 meters can be conveniently equipped for a living room: just put a small table with shelves, a chair and equip a sleeping place.

With narrow and small areas there are difficulties.

So, narrow balconies are not practical to force a large number of furniture, so as not to lose the possibility of free movement. Folding or sliding furniture, corner sofas, built-in wardrobes and hanging shelves will be appropriate here.Also the ideal solution for glazing will be the removal of glass for the fence, which will use the resulting sill as an additional work surface. To save space on small glazed balconies, it is appropriate to use the curtains, and not curtains or tulle.

Small balconies and loggias, 2-4 meters in size, also should not be plentifully forced with furniture. It is enough to arrange a light wicker chair and a small table, a couple of folding chairs. Niches on the walls should be used to the maximum, placing shelves, cabinets and hanging vases with flowers on them.

Small balconies with an area of ​​3 sq.m.

It is already possible to place a gymnasium on a 5 square meter balcony or loggia, the area will allow you to play sports on your favorite projectile in a spacious room. Also such areas for families with children can be arranged under the game room.

Long corner balconies can be divided into zones. To equip the far part under the office, workshop, playroom, storage area with cabinets and shelves. Near - to leave for a recreation area with chairs and a table.


Balconies in their form in modern homes most often represent a square / rectangle or a semicircle. Less common are small round or triangular balconies.

  • Square balconies due to smooth walls and niches are easily furnished with furniture and decor in accordance with a given style. There are beautifully placed lockers and corner sofas.
  • Semicircular and round balconies are better furnished with furniture, repeating their lines: round tables, chairs and sofas with streamlined contours.
  • Balconies in the form of a triangle can be equipped with shallow built-in corner cabinets. In one corner you can organize a table with a pair of chairs or ottomans. In such a balcony layout, the walls take over the main load for placing shelves for decoration, storage, or for flowerpots with plants.


Ideas for finishing the balcony in the panel house are limited only by the imagination of the owners. The areas of balconies and loggias here allow for various variations:

  • libraries, classrooms, game rooms or lounges;
  • to clap walls with clapboard or to paste over wallpaper in Provence style;
  • remove the window frames and leave the balcony open, or glaze and insulate the room.

It all depends on the personal preferences of the apartment owners and those functions that are assigned to these additional square meters.

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Balconies in apartments Khrushchev significantly lose in size, they are small. If the room is not planned to be used as a storage room, then to expand the space, it is advisable to remove all unnecessary drawers and cabinets.

Warm glazing, with the removal of window frames behind the facade, will significantly expand the functional use of the balcony and provide an opportunity to equip a wide window sill as an additional surface. It can be used as a shelf or table, which in small areas will be a very useful addition.

It is preferable to decorate balconies in Khrushchev light colors and large windows for the visual expansion of a small space.

A balcony in a private house is more rare than the rule, since in order to enjoy the fresh air, it’s enough to sit on the property in a specially equipped place. To make a decision “for” or “against” the construction of a balcony in a cottage, you need to weigh the existing pros and cons:

  1. The disadvantages include such moments as: the complexity of the project space and construction, additional financial expenses for heat and waterproofing, difficulty in designing the house and determining the location of the balcony room. It happens that over time, the balcony becomes unsuitable for frequent use for the reason that in front of it opened a noisy workshop or expanded the road, turning it into a busy highway.
  2. But there are undoubted advantages for equipping a private house with a balcony. First of all, it will be a beautiful architectural complement and will give the structure individuality. In the presence of a balcony, a free exit to the street appears, which will be relevant if the house is inhabited by a disabled person or a person at an age for whom frequent walking on stairs is difficult. The presence of a balcony will increase fire safety and give way to fresh air in a smoke-filled room.

The design of the balcony or loggia in a private house should be safe, reinforced and reliable.Therefore, it is better to entrust this work to specialists, and not to perform construction work on your own, without having the appropriate knowledge and skills.

Redevelopment options

The redevelopment of the room, implying the combination of a balcony with a kitchen or a room. First of all, it requires to go through several stages of coordination in various state structures. With a positive decision on this appeal, the landlord receives a new registration certificate of the object and a new Certificate of Ownership. This stage should not be ignored in order not to face serious problems and penalties in the future.

Before combining the living space of an apartment with a balcony or a loggia, they should be well insulated and waterproofed. In the cold season, with poor quality insulation work, the apartment will lose precious heat, which will increase the financial costs of heating the room.

It is possible to combine squares completely, dismantling all the walls and making the space a whole, or partially, removing only the window and door openings. In the first case, this is the way out to solve the problem of very small rooms.In the second - giving the interior individuality and comfort. So, the balcony, combined with the living room, will allow more interesting to beat the space of the room. And in the kitchen, a combined balcony will allow you to install a bar counter or move the dining area from the cooking zone.

On the balcony you can arrange a bed. To do this, it is enough to build a small pedestal under the bed or put the mattress directly on the floor. Roller blinds and pillows will allow you to enjoy your sleep in a cozy room. Such a solution would be an excellent option for a teenager who, by virtue of his age, already wants to have his own separate corner, but the area of ​​the apartment does not allow him to allocate a separate room.

For the organization of the workplace is enough to put the table comfortable chair, install a spacious wardrobe and a few shelves for various trivia and documents. Good lighting in the evening and at night is necessary for drawing, sewing or repair work. This should be taken care of in advance, bringing the wiring under the sockets and the necessary lighting to the balcony, during the installation of the balcony.

To make a children's playroom from a balcony, it is necessary to ensure the safety of the child’s stay in an additional area without supervision. Having installed lockers or boxes under toys, having laid a rug, a carpet, having made a suspended swing - the excellent game zone will turn out. In summer, you can even put a small pool here, if the area of ​​the balcony or loggia allows.

A relatively large area of ​​a balcony or loggia can be turned into a personal gym. It is enough to place a simulator, hang a horizontal bar or a punching bag. Having installed the speaker system, it will be pleasant to practice yoga on such a balcony.

In the case when the balcony or loggia has an exit from the bedroom, in this area you can organize a dressing room. Install cabinets along the walls, materials that are resistant to moisture and do not let the sun's rays, in order to avoid clothes damage, fix a mirror on the wall, or put it on the floor. If the area of ​​the loggia allows, you can immediately put a small dressing table with lighting for applying makeup.

Often in the houses there are balconies with a fire escape. It is strictly forbidden to block or cut off structures intended for evacuation, but you can beat this seemingly unattractive part of the interior beautifully. On the railing, you can fasten a vase with flowers or plant climbing plants over them. In the evening on the stairs will look beautiful and cozy various garlands, lamps and candles.

Types of finishes

For interior decoration of a balcony or loggia on the modern market there are many materials for every taste and budget:

  • Lining - the easiest and most environmentally friendly way to finish.
  • The source material for the manufacture can be natural wood, plastic or finely dispersed fraction.
  • Plastic is moisture resistant, has a large temperature range, but quickly loses its attractiveness under the direct rays of the sun.
  • Wood will serve for about 15 years, it has a special treatment from insects and fungus, but there are also special varnishes that can increase the service life.
  • The block house is made only from natural wood such as: larch, fir, cedar, pine. In appearance and installation is similar to lining, but has a rounded surface, which gives a more interesting appearance to the interior.
  • Gypsum board moisture resistant is quite time-consuming to install, but provides a smooth surface and retains heat.
  • For those who want not to spend a lot on finishing, there is the option of using plastic panels. They have a large selection of colors and patterns, practical, easy maintenance and easy installation. The only thing worth paying attention to is weak strength, which is why they require careful operation.
  • Cork retains heat well and protects against noise, but has a high cost. An interesting and unusual texture of this material will decorate any interior.
  • To give the balcony or loggia a beautiful and wealthy look, use stone or tile. They are durable, easy to maintain and very practical. However, the laying process is very laborious, which, in addition to the high cost of the materials themselves, will entail additional costs for specialists.
  • Unusual design can be obtained using decorative plaster as a finish. Diverse colors, textures and methods of application allow you to show all your imagination. In addition, it has good heat and sound insulation properties.
  • Panoramic windows are called "French" balcony. Due to the large amount of penetrating light, the area of ​​the room visually increases, so it is especially advisable to use such glazing on balconies with a small meter.
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Giving preference to flooring materials, the presence of the “warm” floor system plays a role. In general, you can use any raw material: laminate, parquet, linoleum, ceramic tile or carpet.

Modern ideas

Balconies and loggias in new buildings rarely boast a large area, so whatever design is chosen, it must visually enlarge the space. This can be done with light colors, with bright accents in the decor. The presence of large windows also contributes to the visual expansion of the space. In order to preserve heat indoors, two- and three-chamber double-glazed windows should be installed on the balconies and loggias.

In the creation of an interesting, beautiful and stylish interior helps to choose the right furniture and textiles. You must choose a good combination of colors and textures of the room. Designer look will give the room unique things made by hand or to order.

Swing, hammock, hanging chairs will be unusual and interesting solutions. Even on a small balcony you can equip a small pond with a mini garden.

Decorative fireplace will give the room luxury and comfort in the evening.

A bold decision would be to finish the floor of a balcony or loggia with a turf, sea pebbles in combination with wooden walkways.

For protection from direct sunlight on small balconies, it is better to use various rolled curtains, which are suitable for the overall design of the room in style and color. On large balconies with panoramic windows, the interior is perfectly complemented by long translucent curtains of light shades. They will give the room even more lightness and grace.

Cabinets should be compact, better built-in, in harmony in style and color with the room. Dark, lacquered, bulky cabinets will visually "eat up" the area and weight the space.

On the quantity and quality of lighting on the balcony you need to think about at the stage of installation. But even if there is no light on the balcony or loggia, you can always use an extension cord for small lamps, battery strings and, of course, candles.

In cases where a warm balcony is combined with a kitchen, a refrigerator or a washing machine can be perfectly placed in a niche at the edges. This will save space in the kitchen for a dining area or more.functional kitchen set with work surfaces.


Design in country style has common features. It is also called the rustic style for the use of natural materials and colors in the design. The color scheme should be designed in natural shades, such as sand, olive, brown and other low-key colors. Need to avoid bright and contrasting patterns.

In the decoration and decoration are used only natural materials: wood, copper, stone, cotton and chintz. You can dilute the interior with simple dishes made of wood or ceramic with a small pattern. These little things decorate the interior and emphasize a rustic style.

Country style suggests an abundance of textiles. The interior is complemented by curtains, napkins, tablecloths, blankets and wicker rugs. The color scale should be sustained in natural tones, diluted with a small pattern or a two-color cell. Embroidery and all kinds of handmade crafts are welcome.

Maritime style in the interior involves the combination of all shades of blue and white, it looks very expressive and expensive. The theme of the sea in the design of the balcony is supported in several ways.The white-blue color combination is played up with various stripes, patterns, or are complemented with accessories, such as pillows, lampshades, blankets. The interior in sea style surely assumes natural wood. Furniture should be made of wood, and the floors covered with wood. It is possible to supplement the theme of the sea with the help of models of ships, seashells and sea pebbles.

The Scandinavian style in the interior of the balcony and the loggia involves a large amount of natural light, so it is suitable for panoramic glazing. The color design of the walls, ceiling and floor provides a light, almost white, design. The materials used are natural: wood, ceramics, stone, flax, cotton and leather. The use of artificial analogues requires the selection of imitations of natural raw materials. Large balconies, decorated in the Scandinavian style should have an open layout, zoning is not allowed. Furniture and decorative objects should be simple and functional.

Scandinavian style does not allow for luxury and wealth. The abundance of light design can be diluted with one or two bright accents.

Oriental style in the interior is characterized by external luxury, beauty and impressiveness. The materials are used exclusively natural: wood, gilding, mosaic, satin, silk, velvet fabrics. The style of the East creates an atmosphere of relaxation and tranquility. Bright colors, woodcarving, an abundance of fabrics and draperies run riot here. The furniture used is heavy and expensive: a large sofa with a huge number of pillows of different textures will be appropriate.

Due to the workload of elements, the Oriental style is typical of loggias and a large area balcony.

Chinese style assumes the minimum load of the room with furniture and decor.. The colors of nature dominate in the color scheme of the balcony decoration, mixing with each other, they must maintain harmony and aesthetics. Green, black and red, brown, pink and light green will be well combined. Paintings on birds, flowers and fantasy animals are widely used on the walls.

An integral element of the Chinese interior is bamboo. It can be displayed on pictures of paintings, walls or present as a component of furniture.

Provence style, like many other interior styles, welcomes the use of natural materials: wood, stone, plaster. In the color design of the walls and ceiling apply pastel light shades. For decoration of the balcony in the style of Provence fit sofa with a floral print and a wicker chair. Even old furniture will fit in well with this style.

In the style of minimalism, the use of furniture and decor should be minimal. On the balcony it is enough to be limited to a small table, a folding chair or a ottoman. The color scheme is discreet, and uses different shades of white, beige or gray.

For a loft-style balcony, an area of ​​at least 6 square meters is required. Color design includes blue and gray tones. Furniture is better to choose wicker, and the glazing is welcome panoramic, for maximum illumination of a balcony or loggia. Natural textures are used in the design: concrete, metal, brickwork. Decor elements should be as small as possible.

DIY decoration

In order to save family budget, you can decorate the inside and outside of the balcony yourself.. Due to the small area of ​​the room it does not require large expenditures and physical effort.

The decor outside the balcony is not particularly diverse. The facade is painted, in the absence of glazing, concrete fencing can be replaced by a forged or metal crate.

  • The interior decoration consists of several steps. The first step is to dismantle the old coating. To do this, the balcony is completely free from furniture, disassemble cabinets, remove lamps and baseboards. Spatula removes paint and plaster, metal elements are brushed for metal. If there are large cracks, they should be widened and cleaned from pieces of concrete and cement chips. If necessary, at the same stage install new windows.
  • All cracks and gaps are covered with cement mortar. Vertical and horizontal seams are blown with foam. The floor is also checked for cracks. If the surface is very uneven, it is better to make a new screed and wait until it is completely dry.
  • Next comes the stage of insulation. For this purpose, lathing is used together with foam plastic, mineral wool or rolled insulation with foil surface.Then the walls and the ceiling are sheathed with moisture-resistant drywall, joints and dents from the screws are plastered with putty, the whole surface is primed.
  • After drying the surface and removing the dust, it is time to move on to a fine finish, which may include various materials, depending on the wishes of the owner.

How to make insulation and finish the balcony inside, see the following video.

Stylish design ideas

  • Balcony, decorated in Provence style.
  • Balcony floor as a piece of nature.
  • Suspended chair on the unglazed balcony.
  • Recreation area decorated in Chinese style.
  • A study on a loggia with a decorative fireplace.
  • An example of a partial combination of kitchen space with loggia.
  • Expansion of the kitchen due to the loggia.
  • The organization of a recreation area with a hammock on a narrow stained-glass balcony.
  • Decorated with stone stained glass loggia.
  • A cozy resting place on the balcony in Khrushchev.
  • Balcony garden.
  • Stylish balcony-room, covered with carpet.
  • Artist's workshop.
  • Little pond.
  • Small garden with a pond on the balcony with hinged doors.
Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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