How to make a room from a balcony?

 How to make a room from a balcony?

Balcony for many is a place, more precisely, a warehouse of old things. No one uses these things for their intended purpose, but they still store them, fearing to be thrown away. It should be bolder, because from the balcony you can make a room, thus reschedule the apartment, increasing its area.

Features and benefits

Any redevelopment is a time-consuming and financial thing. But in the end it turns out something interesting and original. For example, a living room from a balcony. The peculiarity of transferring a balcony to a room - these actions are redevelopment and are governed by housing legislation. It is forbidden without the approval of the local government to redo the balcony in the room

The main advantage of this alteration is the expansion of the living space of the apartment, which is lacking in the houses of the old buildings, “Khrushchev-houses”.

Options for redevelopment in the living room

Redevelopment of the balcony in the loggia - space designer fantasy. There are many ideas about how a balcony can become an independent room with its own functional space. Consider the popular options:

  • Cabinet The balcony is easily converted into an office, there are placed a table, chair, racks and cabinets.
  • Workshop. Creative people adore when a private place to create paintings, sculptures, pottery. It will remain there to put a table, cabinet and art supplies.
  • For lovers of the garden and the garden - greenhouse. The main thing - to provide the correct lighting and heating. Then you can harvest all year round.
  • The winter garden is a dream of florists and plant lovers. He is pleased with the view in cloudy and cold winter weather. To make the garden look even more spectacular, mirrors are mounted on the balcony, the adjacent wall with the room is made of glass.
  • Children's room. It installs slides, horizontal bars, rings, racks and lockers for storing toys, in the summer - an inflatable pool.
  • Restroom. On the balcony, it is easy to create a zone for relaxation - put wicker chairs, a table, tea ceremony accessories, a rocking chair. For women, the ideal option would be a balcony in the form of a spa-room - a small sofa and a table with accessories for skin and hair care.
  • Canteen. If the dimensions of the balcony allow, it is permissible to equip a dining room - to put a table, chairs and a small nightstand for dishes.

Preparatory work

They do everything from the balcony, from the dining room to the study. Experts have drawn up an action plan that will help to quickly carry out the planned redevelopment.

  • Coordination of redevelopment. Here you need to look into the housing code. In accordance with its requirements, at the initial stage it is necessary to visit several instances. The transfer of a balcony to a dwelling is coordinated with the local government body (municipal administration) after the provision of a number of documents, among which significant - project documentation issued by a specialized organization.

This documentation gives an opinion on the possibility (inability to) to make redevelopment inaccording to the technical specifications of the house.

  • The agreement has been received and now we have to glaze the future room. High-quality glass and frames will help make the room warm and soundproof. On the market are different types of windows: wood, plastic, euro, frameless. Glasses also have a species diversity: ordinary, stained glass, tinted.

To use the room-balcony all year round and not resort to installing heaters, it is better to choose frames that do not allow cold air - 3-chamber double-glazed windows, whose width starts from 48 mm or double-glazed windows with built-in "thermal mirrors".

  • Warming The seams on the balcony are treated with sealant, the old insulation is dismantled. If there are cracks, they are filled with foam. Foam should buy expensive, because poor-quality product can crumble due to temperature changes and moisture. They warm the balconies with foam or mineral wool, they are affordable and durable.

Warm walls, ceiling and floor. So on the balcony will remain comfortable temperature. Thick linoleum or carpet as a heater will be completely ineffective.

  • Lighting.The question of electricity is thought through beforehand - how to output the wiring, where to place the switches and sockets. The wiring is removed from the adjacent room, making it open.
  • After the end of the preparatory work, the specialists of the technical inventory bureau are called. They inspect the changed housing layout and, on the basis of measurements, issue a new technical passport. This action in the future will help to avoid problems with the possible sale of an apartment.

Arrangement of finished premises

Living room - a cozy and comfortable room where it is nice to be. Now the task is to make a real room from the former balcony. Decorating and decorating the room will help to achieve the desired effect. The design is thought up independently or created by experts.

Repairs are carried out in the same way as in other rooms. The ceiling is chosen (hinged, stretch, plastic panels, tiles), walls can be painted, put plaster, covered with wallpaper, it is better to lay the floor with wooden plates, and lay laminate, tile, linoleum or carpet on them.

Further, the room is furnished with necessary furniture in accordance with its functional purpose.Decorative elements are added - curtains, blinds, lamps.

Interesting design ideas

Modern design companies offer many ideas on how to equip a living room on a balcony. For example, at such an elevation among soft pillows, it is pleasant and relaxing after a hard day’s work to drink tea and look out the window, or to sit together with friends, measuredly sipping a hookah.

Another option is a room for a student. The balcony is divided into two zones - working (chair, table, shelves) and playroom. In such a bright, cozy room it is not only pleasant to be, but also more fun and easier to learn the lessons.

Office for an adult - a successful, busy, appreciating comfort and conciseness. Here, nothing will distract, you can immerse yourself in solving work issues, or simply be left alone with yourself.

The winter garden on the balcony looks gorgeous. It's nice to just walk through such a greenhouse, look out the window, enjoy the beauty of flowers.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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