Wall-mounted clothes dryer to the balcony

 Wall-mounted clothes dryer to the balcony

After washing in a typewriter, the laundry becomes almost dry. The ropes hung in the bathroom, on the balconies, loggias and even in the kitchen are a thing of the past. Now you can confine one dryer on the balcony. There are many varieties of accessories for drying clothes that do not take up much space and do not spoil the interior. One of these is a wall-mounted dryer.


Wall-mounted dryer is a universal device for drying clothes in the room. Manufacturers offer many models that differ in appearance and method of attachment. Any family can pick up the necessary equipment based on the characteristics of the interior and the amount of clothing that is usually dried at home.

First of all, the advantage of the wall-mounted dryer is space saving. Folding models and completely free space from the subject of economic purposes.

They are easy to install, so you do not need to call the masters and look for specialized construction equipment.


Wall-mounted laundry dryers have different variations. You can choose a suitable model depending on the characteristics of the room.


If the house has a balcony or loggia, in which space is allocated specifically for hanging clothes, then in this case a stationary dryer is perfect. In fact, these are the same ropes that used to be stretched along the premises. Only modern design looks much neater.

Most owners prefer to fix them on the outside of the balcony. This location has its pros and cons.


  • easy to install;
  • does not violate the style of the interior;
  • underwear does not interfere in the house;
  • dries quickly if the weather is good.


  • clean clothes on the street get dirty;
  • in rainy weather you will not use it;
  • in the cold season it dries slowly;
  • spoils the exterior of the house from the street.

Some wall-mounted dryers are padded around the edges. This is true for large loggias, where it is impossible to use the entire length of the device. Thanks to the rollers, you can simply pull the upper or lower part of the rope and easily get the thing that is difficult to reach.


Balcony retractable clothes dryer is a few metal tubes connected by an accordion-like mechanism. If necessary, it is advanced. They are installed in any convenient place: outside, on the balcony or in the bathroom.

The main advantage of this device is compactness.

Most often they are small in width (from half a meter to 1.2 m), so they are more suitable for drying casual clothes, and bed linen will not fit them.


Their design consists of two parts:

  • Stationary It is tightly attached to the wall. It has a drum on which the ropes are wound.
  • Movable Attached to the ends of the rope, stretched and fixed to the opposite wall. After the clothes are dry, they can be removed, and the ropes are wound on the drum again.

Foldable dryer can be made by yourself or purchased at the store.The advantage of the purchased models is that they are equipped with automatic winding of ropes. This model is chosen for the fact that she:

  • when folded does not take up much space;
  • has a simple structure;
  • great for rooms where every inch of space is appreciated;
  • low cost.

However, sliding dryers have several disadvantages:

  • maintain no more than seven kilograms;
  • the ropes will soon sag;
  • The main parts are made of short-lived plastic.

Wallfix dryers do not have the above disadvantages. This is a robust design consisting of metal tubes that extend from a stationary box diagonally. The laundry is hung on ropes stretched between the tubes.

This device is more expensive than its plastic counterparts. Its main disadvantage is that the dryer in the unfolded position takes quite a lot of space. Therefore, it is more convenient to use it in private homes, where Wallfix can be attached to the wall in the backyard.


Another type of wall dryers - folding. It consists of a stationary large rectangular base and a movable part in the form of a frame with slats.When not in use, they are connected, and if necessary, the frame tilts at an angle of 45 or 90 degrees, and you can hang clothes on the slats.

This model takes up a lot of space on the wall, but in this case the flip-down dryer performs a decorative function. There are many models of different colors and with the original design.


This model can be simultaneously attributed to both wall and ceiling dryers due to the fact that it requires two planes for fastening. It consists of horizontal metal tubes, the height of which is regulated by a special mechanism. Such a dryer is quite durable and can withstand weight up to 20 kg.

Before you hang the linen metal pipes fall to the required height, and as unnecessary - again returned to the ceiling. In any position, the dryer takes up little space, so it is suitable for small spaces.

Electric drier

In bathrooms, they often began to install dryers with a heating element - towel dryers in the form of a ladder. It can also be used to dry a small amount of things. Especially help out electric dryers in the apartments in the winter.They create a comfortable temperature in the bathroom and save the room from excessive moisture.

When installing and operating this type of equipment, it is necessary to observe all necessary safety measures. To connect electric dryers better to invite a specialist.


The most popular material for dryers is plastic. It has a large number of advantages:

  • does not corrode and does not lose its original appearance;
  • low cost;
  • does not require any special care;
  • does not leave stains on clean clothes;
  • plastic slats do not wring linen;
  • the situation when the clothes cling to the protruding structures of the dryer and breaks is excluded.

Aluminum dryers are lightweight and inexpensive. Perhaps this is where their pluses end. Aluminum parts are quickly oxidized by moisture - not the best property of the material for the dryer. They are short-lived and eventually begin to spoil the clothes.

Steel structures are better than aluminum, but over time they oxidize in the same way. Different coatings can only prolong life for a short time. If you buy a metal fixture, it is better to stop your choice on stainless steel. At cost, it will be much more expensive, but it will last for many years.

It is worth avoiding mechanisms with a polymer powder coating. Moisture it cracks, loses its appearance and will spoil clothes.


Before you fix the device, you need to think about a place for it. To linen should be provided with a free approach.

Wall mounted clothes dryer is important to install correctly. It must be fixed to the bearing wall, because the structures will have to withstand several kilograms of wet laundry. It should not destroy plaster or any other finish.

How to choose?

In order not to be disappointed with the purchase, it is better to pay attention to several recommendations.

  • The dryer should not take up much space. Before you go to the store, you need to make measurements and pre-outline the installation site.
  • If the balcony is a place for family recreation, it is better to give preference to folding mechanisms.
  • Attention should be paid not only to the cost, but also to the material of the product. Stainless steel will be much more expensive than aluminum, but in this case it is better not to save.
  • For the dryer the distance between the bars is very important. It should not be narrow, otherwise the laundry will dry for a long time and stains may remain on it.
  • Wall-mounted folding dryers are not designed for a large number of things and bedding. In this regard, they are significantly inferior to traditional ropes.

How to do it yourself?

Making a dryer with your own hands is a snap. Especially if you do not need to mount it in hard rock.

  1. Prepare two wooden blocks or other parts that can be used as anchorage.
  2. Drill several holes symmetrically for the screws.
  3. Drill three holes in the wall, then hang the fasteners using dowels.
  4. It remains to stretch the clothesline and secure on the screws.

How to make a wall clothes dryer with their own hands, see the following video.

Interesting ideas in the interior

For someone, a clothes dryer is just a device for household purposes without frills, but for some it is important to preserve the interior style and choose a design that will look harmonious in the room. There are many original models of wall dryers.

A very beautiful type of wall-mounted drier is a wooden structure, which in addition to the movable part has a shelf and hooks.

It should be noted that the tree look more aesthetic and not only does not spoil the interior, but also perfectly complements it. Some models can even be used in other rooms, for example, in walk-through rooms or in the hallway.

If not only functional but also decorative role is assigned to the dryer, then the best option would be a folding dryer. It will perfectly fit into the interior, where the main part of the structure will look like a panel.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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