Combining a balcony with a room

Combining a balcony with a room

Gone are the days when balconies and loggias were used only for storing unnecessary things and any rubbish that it is a pity to get rid of. Today, the owners of apartments and houses make such premises functional and useful. A similar effect is achieved through high-quality interior decoration and combining the unit with rooms.

Advantages and disadvantages

The main advantage of this association is to increase the free space in the apartment.This technique can make a home more spacious and bright. This is a great solution for those tenants who own small-sized apartments of a small area.

After competent planning and various installation works, you can get a very interesting and comfortable interior.

It should be noted, and excellent lighting in apartments with such a plan. Rooms become not only large, but also light. Properly chosen curtains and light furniture are able to transform the home and make it very hospitable.

But such a construction solution has some drawbacks.

  • Carrying out such work is very difficult. Independently, you can hardly combine a balcony room with a residential one, so you will have to contact specialists who will ask you for a considerable amount of money.
  • Obtaining all permits for such redevelopment will take a long time.. We'll have to stand in lines to resolve all bureaucratic issues, so you need to stock up not only free time, but also patience.
  • If you are going to conduct a complete dismantling of the threshold and sub-window partition, then you will need to coordinate your actions with the BTI.
  • In the balcony decoration is a very important stage. Quality and safe materials are expensive. When you combine the room with the rooms, you will have to do additional warming that can hit your budget.

If you are ready for all the challenges and are determined to upgrade your apartment, then you can proceed to the work, which includes four main stages:

  • Create a redevelopment project. To do this, contact the experts on this issue.
  • Coordinate the plan with the BTI.
  • To dismantle the existing floors.
  • To decorate the inner space.

Combination Requirements

It is allowed to combine a balcony room with a room only upon completion of all preparations. The following work should be carried out in stages:

  • Glaze balcony. It is recommended to give preference to high-quality plastic windows with two or three-chamber double-glazed windows. To maintain a warm climate in the room is to leave the only opening sash. The ideal solution would be to eliminate side windows.
  • Next, you need to warm the balcony. Consider the fact that you will need additional insulation. If you do not want to move the radiator to the balcony unit, then under the window you can install a wall convector or turn to the popular system - a warm floor.
  • It is necessary to install the supports from the walls to the edges of the base of the balcony of concrete (like a triangle). This is necessary if you are going to place on the balcony a lot of furniture that loads a block with its weight.
  • Be sure to find out if the wall in the opening is carrying. If so, then dismantling it will be impossible. You can solve the problem by removing doors and windows. The window sill needs to be arranged in the form of a small table, a bar or a standard shelf.

How to legalize the mess?

If you are going to dismantle the wall between the balcony and the room, then you need to issue some documents. With a competent approach to this issue, you have a great chance of a positive response from the relevant authorities.

  • They can refuse to redevelop in the event that the elimination of the exit to the balcony block can lead to dire consequences in the form of the destruction of the house.
  • Another reason for the refusal may be the fact that the building is an urban architectural monument.
  • Such a combination of premises requires reliable insulation. You may be denied redevelopment if the thermal communications in your home do not meet these requirements.
  • Balcony rooms and loggias are necessary for evacuation measures in case of various accidents (for example, in case of fire). Their transformation into living rooms can significantly reduce the possibility of operational evacuation.

The main condition is the absence of the first two points. If this is the case in your case, then there should not be any special problems with redevelopment.

  • After obtaining all necessary permits, contact your local BTI. There you must give a special registration certificate for your home.
  • Next you need to make a project redevelopment. He will have to agree with the author of the project of the house itself.
  • To do this, you can contact a special construction project organization. But make sure you have a license. A fallback is the design institute, which developed the project of your residential building. If it no longer exists, then the plan can be coordinated in an expert firm.
  • In some situations, permission for an already completed project can be obtained at various departments. These include the Ministry of Emergency Situations, Sanepidnadzor, the MC (management company), etc.
  • With the finished documentation you need to go to the dwelling inspection for obtaining permission.

After you dismantle, you need to call the workers of housing inspection. They must draw up an act with which it is necessary to go back to the BTI for processing new documents for the apartment.

If you are afraid of such a list of actions and instances, then you can contact a specialized organization with a license that will address this issue. It will not only develop a plan, but also draw up all the documentation. It should be borne in mind that for their work such an organization will take a good fee.

Connection options

There are several options for combining living rooms with balcony rooms.

  • You can only remove the door that leads to the balcony area, and with it the window. The walls on the sides and the wall section (partition) under the window should not be dismantled. They need to arrange in the form of a table or cabinets. But this option will not allow to achieve a very large and spacious room.
  • There is another way: you need to completely dismantle the door and window block, as well as the walls. After that it is necessary to level everything.As a result, you should have a very wide opening. This combination option provides excellent lighting and makes the area more spacious. But to carry out this work will have to bypass a lot of authorities.
  • You can also dismantle the wall section under the window, and equip the opening with an arch. With such a layout, the balcony will not be a direct continuation of the room, but it will not be isolated from it either.

Difficulties in the panel house

With such an alteration in the panel house may be certain difficulties. For example, the overlap stiffness will suffer greatly if you remove the attached threshold. In the winter and autumn season, this will lead to a rapid freezing of the structure.

Impossible in such homes and dismantling the wall between the balcony and the room.

How to increase the room at the expense of the balcony: the main stages

First you need to get all the necessary permissions and documents.

  • After that, you should remove the balcony door, window, window sill and a section of wall below it.
  • Next you need to glaze and warm the room.
  • The next step will be the design of the floor. Exit to the balcony often has a step or slope. This surface must be leveled.
  • After that, you need to do interior decoration. Do not skimp on quality and beautiful materials, as from now on the balcony is part of the living room.

Appeared square meters can be taken under a study or a small library. Many owners create real winter gardens or bar areas on such balconies.

Finishing materials and colors

The walls on the balcony can be decorated with liquid wallpaper, wide plastic panels and decorative plaster. You should not turn to wooden lining, especially if it is long. Such panels crack in time and begin to crack.

Another popular material is decorative stone. It looks very expensive and beautiful.

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For finishing the floor is to turn to laminate, high-quality tile or linoleum. Such materials look decent and are durable in indoor conditions. From above it is possible to lay a rug with any pile.

For the ceiling, the best option would be plastic panels. They do not require complex care and do not lose their attractiveness even after many years. A good option would be decorative plaster.

The colors of the walls, floor and ceiling should match each other and the interior of the living room. If you want to create a bright and cozy interior, it is better to turn to light plaster, white ceiling, as well as cream or beige floor.

If you want to form a contrasting ensemble, then the walls can be made light, and the floor - dark. It is worth adding such an ensemble inserts of decorative stone.

Dark walls in a small room will visually reduce the space, such a solution is suitable only for spacious rooms.

There are a lot of color options. Manufacturers offer finishing materials in both classic and catchy colors. The perfect ensemble of colors depends solely on your desires.

How to combine a loggia with a children's room?

Connecting the balcony to the nursery will allow you to form another bed, if there is not one child in the family. You can also create a comfortable area for games or a school corner where no one will interfere with doing your homework.

It is possible to equip the balcony room with a Swedish wall. So, you get a sports area for the child.

If you have not dismantled the wall, then a balcony can be made in the form of an arch. This option will look very impressive in the conditions of a children's bedroom.

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People who turned to such redevelopment, were pleased with the changes in their home. They celebrate the beautiful visual effect that resulted. The apartment has become more spacious, functional and bright.

But for the beautiful interior will have to fight. Apartment owners advise in advance to prepare for paperwork or immediately contact the company that will take care of all the documentary issues. But before contacting it is recommended to make sure that she has a license.

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Rework ideas

The balcony can be combined with the living room.. Decorate the walls of the rooms with peach plaster and the ceiling with white. On such a gentle background it will look spectacular angular sofa the color of milk chocolate.

The balcony and the room should be separated by a small ledge on which to place decorative objects. (vases, figurines, etc.). Balcony can be equipped with vases with flowers or a computer desk.

You can separate the children's bedroom and the balcony by a square opening. In the room, put a blue sofa and a cabinet with a TV, and on the balcony place a computer desk and shelves for textbooks.

Increase the kitchen area connected balconyseparated by a large and high square opening. Place the kitchen furniture and appliances in the room, and the dining table with chairs - on the balcony. The light set will be in harmony with the cream tile and light stretch ceiling. Wooden chairs with brown backs and legs will fit the light table.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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