Glazing of balconies with plastic windows

Glazing of balconies with plastic windows

Recently, the glazing of balconies with plastic windows is gaining more and more popularity. Thanks to new technologies, a balcony can easily become a full-fledged part of your apartment. However, when installing windows in the apartment should pay attention to some details.

Advantages and disadvantages

Plastic windows are one of the most popular options on the market for glazing. Their advantages include:

  1. Long service life. On average, the durability of the profile varies from 30 to 40 years.
  2. Fit window to any size.
  3. Easy to install, allowing you to work independently.
  4. Low price (in comparison with other profiles).
  5. Tightness - thanks to a rubber gasket between the frame and the window. It allows to keep heat on a balcony even in the most severe frosts. In addition, if you choose two-or three-chamber windows, such models will protect against street noise.
  6. Easy care. To remove dust or dirt from plastic, you can use a regular sponge. It is possible to cope with strong pollution thanks to inexpensive detergents.

For a warm balcony, you only need to choose PVC windows, since other models cannot keep the required temperature indoors during the cold season.

Window installation wizards also highlight some of the drawbacks:

  1. May at first emit an unpleasant smell (especially when heated in the sun).
  2. PVC profiles accumulate static electricity that attracts dust. As a result, washing such windows in a dusty metropolis will have to be at least twice a year.
  3. Plastic (unlike aluminum) is a very brittle material, so it is easily subjected to mechanical stress (scratches, dents).

Another unpleasant surprise is the weight of the structures.Choosing windows with multiple cameras, you will have to take into account their load on the balcony.


Glazing of balconies are distinguished by several types. They differ in their ability to maintain a comfortable temperature on the balcony during the cold season.

By type of glazing

Cold glazing

Cold glazing can be made from both aluminum and PVC. This type allows you to use both rotary and sliding mechanism for opening the valves.

The advantages of this type of installation include low cost, ease of operation, a slight change in the weight of the balcony structure, aesthetics.

In cold PVC glazing, pluses also include tightness and resistance to moisture ingress.

Warm glazing

This type is more popular, because due to the warm glazing in the apartment you can increase the living space. For balconies use PVC profiles or metal structures. Warm metal-plastic glazing will cost a third more expensive than sliding - and about 2.5 times cheaper than frameless.

The essence of this type is simple: the inside uses a metal structure that is attached to the parapet, and outside it is covered with a plastic case.


This type will appeal to those who want to maintain a positive temperature on the balcony without the high costs of multi-layer windows. In this case, special PVC systems are used that have sliding windows and do not occupy useful space.

By type of opening windows

Windows on balconies and loggias are distinguished by the type of opening: vertical, horizontal, two at once, sliding. The latter will suit even the smallest balconies, as they do not require a lot of space. But such structures can not be installed with warm glazing - due to the lack of sealing gum.

For species also include panoramic (or French) glazing. One of the main differences between these structures is weight. When installing a balcony block, you need to consider whether the balcony plate can withstand a lot of weight.

This type of glazing is more suitable for balconies without a concrete partition at the bottom. If instead a metal railing, then you can easily make French glazing. Thanks to this type, a huge amount of light will come into your apartment.

Remote glazing - has a great demand among fans to make a warm balcony in a small area. The increase in the useful area of ​​the balcony goes around the perimeter of the parapet. Double-glazed windows in this case are attached to a special frame on the parapet.

Tips for choosing

Profile selection

Choosing plastic windows on the balcony, most responsibly approach consideration of brands and profile models. The main characteristic for a window profile is the number of cameras. The number of partitions will determine whether the window can keep the room warm. In central Russia and southern cities, the choice is made in favor of two-chamber windows. The residents of the northern regions are very popular three-chamber or five-chamber profiles.

During production, the window profile is reinforced - they are equipped with an additional metal insert, due to which the structure will not have linear expansion during heating. Reinforcement is carried out with galvanized steel. The higher the thickness of the reinforcing layer, the more reliable the profile itself.

For more information on how to make the right choice of profile, tell the following video:

The choice of glass

Double-glazed windows are distinguished by the number of cameras inside. The single-chamber double-glazed window is considered the most inexpensive option, but from such a window it is not necessary to wait for reliable protection from the cold on the balcony.Ideal glass unit is suitable for glazing a balcony that will not be used as a permanent place of residence in cold weather.

Demand consider option with three cameras. Such a glass unit will provide maximum heat and sound insulation. If a single-chamber glass unit has air pumped out in the inter-window space, then for three-chamber models a special gas is pumped between the glasses, which helps to fight street noise and cold.

In good glass units such gas is argon, krypton or xenon. Due to its properties, the sound insulation index becomes higher by 10-15%, and thermal insulation - by 50%. In addition, in such glass units there is no lens effect, which is often present in single-chamber windows.

If you want to improve the performance of glass in terms of sound insulation and impact resistance, then it is better to choose glass packs made using triplex technology, or glass packs with tempered glass.

The choice of accessories

Today the market offers a huge selection of accessories for glazing a balcony. Experts have identified several brands that are considered among the highest quality.These are the German companies Roto and Schuco, as well as the Austrian Maco.

When choosing a glazing, it is also necessary to take into account a lot of other factors. It is very important to correctly calculate the number of doors on the balcony. The level of light transmission of the structure depends on it. Reinforcement thickness, energy efficiency and other factors must also be considered.

Frequent problems and solutions

In the process of glazing a balcony, you should consider the following nuances that will relieve you of the many difficulties in operation in the future:

  1. When glazing a balcony, always inform the measurers of your desire to further warm the area. If you do not do this, then you risk being left without expansion profiles around the perimeter of the window.
  2. Sometimes some companies forget to insulate takeaway. As a result, you get additional space in the form of a large cold window sill, which will not become a barrier to frost in winter.
  3. Installing glass should always be on the level. If the work is not carried out according to the level, then the walls and the ceiling will also be not according to the level.
  4. It is necessary to install the upper ebb. Another important point that inexperienced masters can forget about.In the absence of the upper low tide due to the ingress of moisture over time, the assembly foam collapses. As a result, a leak is formed on the balcony, which will be very difficult to fix. But do not make a big ebb. To avoid a leak in the rain, there is enough overlap on the ceiling no more than 20 cm.
  5. The sides of the structure should always be with splashes. Due to their absence under the influence of the sun and moisture will be deformed assembly foam. Both the lugs and the upper outflow must be necessarily treated with a sealant in order to avoid moisture ingress again.
  6. The window sash should maintain its position when opened. If this does not happen, then the frame is almost certainly not set on a level. The frame is already fixed, so it is not possible to solve this problem.
  7. When opening and closing the window sash touches the frame below. This can happen due to sagging of the sash under its own weight. In addition, a negative attachment of the frame in the central part adversely affects this.

Design examples

For smaller balconies, it is best to take out the windowsills. So you will get extra space at minimal cost.If you started a major overhaul on an additional six square meters in the apartment, first insert windows, and then carry out the remaining work.

Most often, the small balconies after glazing are sheathed with PVC panels or wood. In the latter case, keep in mind that over time, wooden lining will lose its original appearance. Installing PVC panels - the most practical and inexpensive way to finish. In addition, you can carry out the work yourself, rejecting the proposals of the masters.

Another favorite type of finish - natural or artificial stone. However, it should be noted here that this finish will not work for cold glazing - due to the influence of the external environment, the stone will eventually move away from the wall.


Many companies today offer to insulate a turnkey balcony. However, before choosing a company, you must decide which type of plastic windows you have installed.

Most reviews in various forums suggest that people choose PVC windows for warm balcony cladding. Such models are very practical and durable to use.

For those who decide not to bother with full insulation, suitable plastic windows, which are slightly cheaper than the first option.

Choosing options for plastic glazing, owners of small balconies prefer sliding doors, as the mechanism saves space. At the same time the room temperature on the balcony will be maintained throughout the year. Swing windows prefer to be installed on wide balconies.

If you decide to make a full-fledged dwelling out of the balcony, then remember that you will hardly be able to manage with plastic windows alone. In order for the balcony to become a full-fledged part of the apartment, you will need to carry an electric cable for laying a heated floor or outlets with additional electric heaters.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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