Glazing of a balcony with carrying out

Glazing of a balcony with carrying out

Everyone has a beautiful and cozy balcony. On such an area you can not only store various things, but also have a good time. But what to do if your balcony has too modest size? With this problem, you can cope with its removal and installation of the corresponding glazing.

Advantages and disadvantages

Many apartment owners face the problem of a small area. Often this applies not only to living rooms, but also a balcony. You can make the latter more spacious with the help of a blowout and a suitable glazing option.

Visually, these designs look much more.But this does not apply to the floor. It remains the same and does not expand.

After a beautiful glazed balcony with the removal looks very interesting and modern. Today, many owners endure glass on all three sides. This solution is even more original and attractive appearance.

In such a design, French and panoramic glazing looks particularly impressive. Such structures are expensive, but their beauty and quality more than cover the high price.

After proper selection of high-quality glazing, a lot of sunshine gets into the room, so it is recommended that people who want to make their home more bright should be treated with the option of carrying out.

For these constructions it is also possible to choose cold or warm glazing. The choice of a suitable option depends on how you are going to use the balcony room.

Remote glazing has disadvantages. Their main disadvantage is a significant weighting of the balcony. For this reason, not all apartment owners will be able to contact him.

For example, remote structures are not suitable for old houses or small "Khrushchev".Heavy objects can cause great damage to the facade of the building, and this often leads to serious consequences in the form of destruction, cracks, etc.

Before direct installation of the external balcony, you should make sure that the concrete floor is in the normal technical condition and carry out a series of repair work, if necessary.

Types of portable structures and their features

Previously you need to decide how many square meters you want to add to your balcony unit. After that, you need to collect all the accompanying documentation and decide how you want to take out the balcony.

Extend the area you can:

  • using the removal of the window sill;
  • using the expansion at the base of the slab.

The first version of the balcony redevelopment implies an increase in free space due to the installation of structures, protruding outside the limits of the former fence. At the same time, the dimensions of the base of the room remain unchanged.

Simply put, glazed frames are moved to a distance corresponding to the width of the sill. They can be directed only forward or immediately to three sides.With this method, you can get additional free space (30 - 35 cm).

This version of the reconstruction should be addressed if there is no need to increase the floor space. Often people prefer this method if there is no full-fledged window sill on their balcony or there is not enough space for a bookshelf and living plants.

Popular and the second method, which consists in expanding the balcony at the base of the concrete slab. Otherwise it is called - the removal of the floor. This method is more complicated and time consuming, so not every apartment owner addresses him.

Such a reconstruction is not simple, but the result of its implementation is more noticeable and tangible. If all the work was carried out correctly and correctly, then the area of ​​the balcony block may increase to half a meter.

There is another unusual way to remove the balcony. He has a talking title - a butterfly. Its use involves fixing the balcony structure at an angle on the side portions, and mounting the glazing on a triangular base attached to the wall of the house and the side of the balcony.

Glazing options

For remote balconies it is recommended to choose a glazing that would make the room warmer and more comfortable to use. It can be both warm and cold.

The best option is a warm glazing. It will allow you to stay on the balcony all year round, especially if there are additional heaters and heaters on it. Warm windows have excellent heat and noise insulation characteristics. With such options you will forget about annoying courtyard noise.

But this design of the balcony is difficult to install and is expensive. Before its installation it is necessary to warm the room to enhance the insulating characteristics and strengthen the entire structure. These works will require additional monetary investments from the landlord, but one cannot do without them, since plastic double-glazed windows (the most common option) are heavy and the basis for them needs to be strengthened.

With such window designs, you can convert the balcony into a full-fledged living room. It will be available all year round. Many apartment owners convert balconies into offices, bar nooks, rooms for creativity or cozy seating areas with soft sofas.

For any balcony suitable cold glazing. In the basics of such structures there is an aluminum profile, characterized by lightness and durability. Such windows do not create an extra load on the concrete floor.

Such glazing is also in demand because it is much cheaper. But a room with such windows can not be converted into a living room. It will be cold in it, and in winter the temperature inside will be completely identical with the street one.

Such solutions are addressed to save the balcony block from adverse environmental factors. These include sudden gusts of wind, rain, hail, snowfall, etc.

Frame designs are different:

  • Wooden frames are environmentally friendly and have excellent thermal insulation properties. They are inexpensive, but they must be regularly treated with antiseptic impregnation to increase the service life and preserve an attractive appearance. The main disadvantage of such frames is their susceptibility to drying and fading. After many years of operation, they do not look very beautiful. Often they appear cracks due to excessive dryness.
  • Aluminum frames have a low weight. They are very reliable and durable.Similar designs are used on different balconies. Such frames are most often found in cold glazing. They can be embedded in any building, as they will not exert serious pressure on the concrete floor.
  • The most popular are PVC frames. Most often they are addressed to decorate warm balconies. They are distinguished by excellent sound and heat insulation characteristics, and also have a reasonable price.

Moments of legalization

Lawyers strongly recommend legalizing any design changes regarding loggias and balconies in apartment buildings. Without the appropriate permissions, you can expand the balcony room up to 30 cm. Forces, money and time for such a reconstruction will take a lot, and you will get the minimum result.

For more tangible increases in area, you need to issue permits and legitimize the remote balcony construction.

First you need to write an application for the drafting of redevelopment. This can be done in the architectural department of your city. Next you will need to wait for the decision of the commission.

If it is positive, then you can make the project in a special organization.Make sure you have a license. The finished project must be coordinated with the SES, MES and fire departments.

Only after that you can proceed to the reconstruction of the balcony, then invite a commission consisting of representatives of the public service, the city council and the project organization. You must issue an act of acceptance of the object in operation.

If your apartment is located on the ground floor and you have installed an additional foundation, then such a project should be coordinated with the management organization relating to your land plot.

Nuances of the removal of the balcony: when not to expand?

Do not forget that there are circumstances in which the removal and expansion of the balcony is not possible to do.

  • This applies to those situations where window designs have too much weight (more than 80 kg). The heaviest are the popular PVC designs. Any warm glazing has considerable weight, so you need to be very careful with it if you live in an old house that requires serious repairs.
  • If the balcony is too old and has been serving for more than twenty years, then it is not recommended to carry out similar reconstructions with it. This can lead to the collapse of floors or the appearance of wide cracks on the walls.
  • An important role is played by the location of the balcony block. If it is located on the ground floor, then different garbage from neighbors, as well as city dust and dirt will be on its visor.

Glazing of the balcony with the removal: stages

It is possible to glaze a portable balcony with your own hands, especially if you have a welding machine in your arsenal or use the services of a welder yourself.

  • First you need to do bearing framework. Count all the materials you need. Measure the length of the balcony railing, taking into account the fact that in the future it will be strapped on its upper and lower sections.
  • Decide on the design of the brackets: with their length, spacing and amount of removal. As a result, all the results of calculations need to add up and purchase the necessary materials for welding.
  • It is necessary to remove the railing from the fence. The parapet trim must be done with a welding machine. If the windows on the balcony are too long, the profile can be trimmed and boiled in place.
  • After attaching the profile, it is necessary to check its horizontal position using a normal level. Need to make adjustments to the situation, if necessary.After that you can weld the frame to the fence.
  • Next, you need to weld brackets. Their number depends on the length of the parapet and step.
  • After that, on the basis of the parapet, it should be noted that the mounting areas of the brackets are shallow. Each of them must be attached in accordance with the removal and welded to the frame in three places.
  • After welding the brackets, you need to start strapping from the corner along the outer edge of the stem. To do this, the metal profile is attached to the ends of the brackets.
  • If you work with a balcony that has walls, then on them the side brackets are additionally attached to the walls with anchors. If there are no fences on the sides, then in the area of ​​the extreme brackets it is necessary to install support posts.
  • After welding with the frame, it is necessary to knock down slag and cover the structure with a special soil composition.
  • Now you can proceed directly to the installation of glazing.
  • First, three holes should be made at the location of each window profile. They will be needed to fix the frames with screws.
  • After that, from the frames you need to remove the glass and remove the sash.
  • Then you can install the frames and attach them to the frame.
  • Under the windows you need to install a low tide, and on the top - a visor. The width of the latter should be calculated in accordance with the removal of the balcony.
  • At the end of the work, it is necessary to install a window sill, hang the sash in its place and insert the double-glazed windows.

One thing to keep in mind is the visor. Because of the remote design, it will have a large width and partially be located above the balcony room. This may lead to a slight decrease in sound insulation performance. To improve the tightness, it is necessary to carry out additional noise insulation of the visor itself and make a hemming of the balcony ceiling.

An illustrative example of the design of the removal of the balcony will be found in the video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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