Design a balcony in the "Khrushchev": interesting ideas

 Balcony design in Khrushchev: interesting ideas

A distinctive feature of the apartments "Khrushchev" are their compact size. The dimensions of such rooms are so modest that you have to break your head to decorate the interior in the desired style. In such apartments, every inch of space is worth its weight in gold, so often the balcony is a continuation of the living space. And how beautiful, stylish and most convenient to equip the balcony in the "Khrushchev" - tell our article.

Special features

Standard balcony in the apartment "Khrushchev" can have a length of 2.4 m, 2.7 m, 3.2 m. The width of the balcony is less than 1 meter.

Balcony can be glazed and open. For glazing "cold" type aluminum profile is used.

For the "warm" - a frame made of natural wood, polyvinyl chloride or aluminum with a polyurethane thermal insert. This option is ideal for active use of the balcony space in the winter, for example, a greenhouse, a flower garden, a study or a recreation area.

Glazing can be classic (in this case, the lower part of the parapet remains closed) or panoramic (with floor-to-ceiling glazing).

To use the space all year round it is necessary to solve the problem with its warming. Usually mineral wool, foam plastic, extruded insulation, penofol, “warm floor” and other materials are used for this purpose.

"Khrushchev" balconies have a very small width. Therefore, the main task in the design is the visual expansion of space.

Balcony can be used as a variety of purpose rooms. Some options, however, may require additional reinforcement, as the original design of the balcony was calculated for other tasks.

Balcony can be used as the following rooms:

  • Study. A small personal corner for working on a computer, with a telephone, papers. Usually, a desk, chair, office equipment and shelves for documents are enough for this purpose.
  • Workshop. Home workshop for your favorite hobby or work provides a place to accommodate the necessary equipment and tools.
  • Winter Garden. Paradise, decorated with all sorts of flowers and green plants - a place where you want to relax, sit in silence and enjoy the home greenhouse.
  • Game Zone. Balcony space is a great idea to create a small area for children's games. The main thing is to ensure child safety (put protective grilles or fences on the windows, warm the floor and make the flooring as soft and comfortable as possible).
  • Canteen. Balcony space can be quite used as part of the dining area, for example, for a family meal or tea with friends.
  • Mini bar. In this case, a wide window sill can be used as a worktop.
  • Wardrobe. Competently executed planning will help to free part of the dwelling and move clothes into the wardrobe on the balcony.
  • Sports area. Even a very small balcony may well serve as a storage place for sports equipment or be a place for yoga, fitness and other sports.

The next important point in the design development is the definition of the stylistic direction in which it will be designed.

  • Classic. Universal solution for any interior. A clear, intuitive design, light walls and ceiling, laminate or parquet flooring, flowers, curtains, chandelier - the traditional solution that is relevant at all times.
  • French style. This direction is characterized by a more original design, light colors in the design, fabric or decorative plaster as materials for the decoration of walls, tiles and natural wood for the floor.
  • Provence. This style is characterized by a large amount of greenery - live or dried. Flower arrangements can decorate the window sill, be placed in floor and hanging vases, stand on the coffee table.
  • English style. Austere design with the use of furniture and decor items in the Victorian style - tables and chairs with curved legs, elegant chandeliers, lamps or wall lamps.
  • Chalet. The fine decision for judges of all natural and natural. Natural wood, stone, brick, textile canvas and other materials are used for interior design in this style.
  • Country The interior in a rustic style includes cute home decor items: curtains with frills or ruffles, flower pots, wallpaper with floral ornaments, wooden flooring, ceramic pots, glass vases, and figurines on shelves.

Materials for decoration, their pros and cons

Interior decoration of the balcony involves the choice of materials for the walls, ceiling and floor. All of them must meet the following requirements:

  • be moisture resistant enough;
  • do not require special care;
  • be durable, strong and durable;
  • have high noise and heat insulation characteristics;
  • to withstand a wide range of temperature fluctuations and to be resistant to direct sunlight.

For walls

Among the most popular and used materials for wall cladding are several options:

  • Wooden lining. The classic design method, environmentally friendly and harmless material, easy to install. Particularly suitable for balconies decorated as a seating area.Among the minuses can be distinguished regular need for care: the tree must be treated with varnish and other decorative and protective agents.
  • PVC panels. Practical, inexpensive material, easy to install and easy to use. Among the minuses can be noted a decrease in the total area, fading in the sun and insufficient strength to mechanical stress.
  • PVC panels. Practical, inexpensive material, easy to install and easy to use. Among the minuses can be noted a decrease in the total area, fading in the sun and insufficient strength to mechanical stress.
  • Block house. The original version, which is a coating of wood logs. Environmentally friendly, durable, beautiful material is resistant to temperature extremes.
  • Gypsum plasterboards help to level the surface of the wall. The material is easy to install, soundproof, environmentally friendly. Usually used as a base for finishing.
  • Decorative plaster. Pros: a rich assortment, low price, environmental friendliness, practicality in application and use.Among the minuses one can point out a rather high cost, fragility, the need for preliminary surface preparation.
  • Wallpaper. One of the easiest to install materials. Wallpapers are presented in a huge range and are designed for different levels of consumer income. Disadvantages: this material will not work if the “cold” version of glazing is used;
  • paints and varnishes. The least popular option today.
  • Bung. Environmentally friendly and safe material. Advantages - the original appearance, low weight, high sound and heat insulation. Disadvantages - cost, preliminary surface preparation.
  • Tile resistant to water, low and high temperatures, durable and durable, presented in a wide range. Disadvantages: reduction of the area, the need for surface preparation.

For the ceiling

To align the ceiling for further lining is usually used gypsum sheets. This option is only acceptable for balconies with enough height. Because the metal frame, the layer of insulation, drywall and finishing material largely "eat up" the space.

In some cases, stretch ceilings are used for decoration. Their advantages include a perfectly flat surface, a wide range (this can be a glossy or matte color coating, "starry sky" or "clouds" on the ceiling). Disadvantages: high cost and the possibility of installation only on closed balconies.

Sometimes, to increase the area used and external frame structure. As insulation used mineral wool, polystyrene foam and other materials that are attached with glue, riveting and other methods.

For the floor

The flooring should be sufficiently durable, wear-resistant and warm. All these qualities fully meet the wooden lath or laminate. These materials have high decorative properties, in addition, the rail, laid across the balcony, visually makes it wider.

Among other materials for flooring can be noted carpet, linoleum, parquet, granite. The last two options require additional strengthening of the base.

Color solutions

A small space needs at least a visual expansion, therefore, when making a balcony, pastel colors are mainly used.

White, pale blue, pale green, sand, lavender, pink, lilac, steel, beige, lemon, lime, mint and other shades will help to visually enlarge the room, making it easier, more airy and open.

Usually in bright colors are the ceiling and walls. The flooring is best chosen in more practical, dark colors.

Wallcoverings can be monochrome or printed. The option of a combination of materials of different texture and color, for example, light wallpaper and plastic panels of a slightly darker color, also looks beautiful.

To make the light design not look too boring, you can add a few bright accents: flower pots, decorative paintings or photographs in bright frames, original lamps.

How to sheathe your own hands?

The lining of the inner part of the balcony consists of several main stages:

  1. Production of an obreshetka from a wooden bar with a section of 40 * 40 mm or 50 * 50 mm. The frame is attached to the dowel with a perforator or a construction pistol.
  2. Warming Sheets of foam plastic, mineral wool, extrusion or other insulation are laid between the battens of the batten and glued to a concrete base.To prevent wetting and dampness, the insulation is additionally protected with steam and waterproofing film.
  3. Sheathing Lining and blockhouse are attached to special nails with a small cap, MDF-panels - with klyaymer or construction stapler. Plastic panels are fixed on the "liquid nails" or construction brackets.
  4. The final stage is the installation of platbands, corner panels, thresholds and other decorative details.

Interesting design ideas

Great idea to use the balcony space to create a small office. It has everything you need for a quiet, comfortable work - a minimum of decor and extra details, a fairly free and spacious room, the ability to use natural light. In the evening, it will be replaced by spotlights.

Even the smallest balcony can easily become a comfortable area for small children to play. The space is thought out to the smallest detail: there are no sharp corners and dangerous things for young children, toys are compactly placed on a small rack with lockable doors at the bottom.White color is diluted with bright, joyful colors of funny striped curtains, bedspreads and children's toys.

To hide from household chores and do your favorite thing well in such a corner equipped and equipped for sewing hobbies. The rack and the shelves will perfectly cope with the storage and placement of all the necessary tools, materials, sewing accessories. To cope with the lack of natural lighting will help decorative lamps.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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