Balcony siding

Balcony siding

Siding is a popular and reliable material. With it you can trim a balcony or loggia. Externally, this design looks neat and attractive. You can choose panels of any color that you like.

Advantages and disadvantages

Siding is ideal for exterior work. It is made from high quality and durable materials. The result is durable and durable panels that do not require special and regular maintenance. Siding is not afraid of adverse effects from the outside. He is not afraid of rain, snowfall and strong gusts of wind. It retains its original form under any circumstances. Such material is not subject to deformation due to temperature differences. It will not crack and swell.

It is worth noting the safety of such outdoor decoration. If the siding gets wet or gets very hot, it will not release harmful and hazardous substances that adversely affect the human body.

This finishing material can be cleaned with ordinary detergents. No need to purchase special formulations to rid the surface of the panels from dust and dirt. It should be noted that these panels are very easy to clean.

The popularity of this finishing material is due not only to its qualitative characteristics, but also to its democratic cost. Most consumers can afford siding panels.

Your balcony can be located on the sunny side and exposed to direct sunlight. Siding does not suffer in such conditions. It will not burn out and will not lose an attractive appearance.Proper installation of such cladding material will produce an additional sound and heat insulation effect.

Siding has a good stiffness, so you can not build a rigid frame for it. In such panels, there are special locking fasteners, which allow you to create a solid coating that does not have gaps and cracks.

Today, different manufacturers offer customers multi-colored panels. Their color design can be very diverse, from dark to very bright options.

To install siding panels do not need to hire a specialist. This work can be done independently. Special knowledge and skills are not required. It is necessary to get acquainted with the main stages of the installation of this finishing material, and you will succeed!

This material has some disadvantages:

  • It is not suitable for hot countries, as under the action of high temperature (more than 50 degrees) it burns out and tarnishes;
  • If the panel was damaged, then fix it will not work. An injured or deformed part can only be removed and replaced with a new one;
  • Siding is a non-combustible material, but it melts very easily.

Types and selection rules

There are several types of siding. In their compositions there are different materials that affect the performance of the panels and their appearance. For example, there are spectacular options, the surface of which imitates brickwork of different colors, stone or natural wood. Often people turn to an interesting combination of a similar finish with a multi-colored sheeting. Let us consider in more detail the siding panels:

  • The high cost differs basement siding. Despite the price, it is popular and often purchased. This finishing material is used not only for covering balcony blocks, but also for decorating the walls of houses.
  • Vinyl siding has a more affordable price. It is made from polyvinyl chloride and has excellent performance characteristics. Many consumers note the beautiful and neat appearance of vinyl panels. This material has one unpleasant drawback: its surface is subject to mechanical damage. One bounce is enough, and a trace will remain on the panel that cannot be eliminated.The damaged area will have to be changed.
  • For the design of the balcony in the apartment building is often used durable metal siding. Such plating provides excellent protection to the base of the structure against normal wear and tear. It should be noted a beautiful appearance, which is obtained as a result of the installation of metal panels. Metal siding panels do not require special care. They perfectly tolerate any atmospheric conditions. They are not afraid of cold, ultraviolet rays and even fire.

The texture of the panels may be different. In stores building materials you can meet instances with smooth or rough surfaces. Variants whose texture repeats natural wood are in great demand.

Required tools

If you decide to trim the balcony block with siding, then you need to stock up on some tools:

  • To check the flatness of the surface level is useful;
  • Be sure to prepare pliers, a screwdriver and a drill with magnetic attachments;
  • You will also need wire brackets, fasteners and anchor bolts;
  • To construct the frame you need to purchase wooden bars;
  • During installation, you will need internal and external corners, 10-meter fishing line, a brush made of metal and strips (starting and subwindow).

Not superfluous will be a hacksaw for metal and a special assembly knife. The need for these tools depends on the type of finishing material.

Preparatory work

Before installing the siding panels, it is necessary to carry out the preparatory work in the following order:

  • First you need to dismantle the railings and old balcony coverings;
  • After that, you can begin to trim the holders of concrete floors with a grinder;
  • Inspect the bars. They need to be restored by welding, if the technical condition requires. If you find a rusty metal in a certain area, then it should be strengthened with galvanized tape;
  • The next step will be sbivka cement to the very foundation. Before that, you need to attach a pallet to the balcony unit. This is necessary for safety reasons, since falling pieces of concrete and stone may fall on people passing by;
  • In the drill, install the brush and use this tool to remove the upper metal layer from the surface of the rods;
  • Further the primer and paint is applied on metal surfaces. One should not underestimate the importance of this process, since such treatment protects the metal from corrosion;
  • With the level you need to check the edges of the balcony outside the fence. Explore the entire perimeter. If irregularities were found somewhere, then they should be eliminated using a cement-sand mortar. If the design is too overwhelmed, then work should be temporarily stopped and call for specialists. Too large irregularities can speak about the emergency condition of the balcony unit;
  • After that, you need to make the lower belt of crates from wood. Before this, the bars are filed at a 45 degree angle. This is necessary so that they can be fastened to the joint;
  • Nails should be hammered in the corners to secure the belt. Mounted crate should be covered with several layers of linseed oil;
  • The lower belt is attached to the concrete with building or silicone glue. To attach to the bars, you can use simple clamps or solid wire;
  • The final stage of the preparatory work will be blowing the lower belt with foam.

How to sheathe your hands outside: step by step instructions

The process is as follows:

  • First you need to construct the frames. Starting wooden bars must be attached to the corners of the balcony with anchors. If there are no concrete panels on the sides, then the slats can be attached to the metal base with bolts;
  • After that, below and above you need to install horizontal slats, forming a box;
  • They need to attach (step no more than 60 cm) vertical jumpers with screws;
  • In the end, it is necessary to treat the crate with linseed oil and antiseptic compounds. Such tools can prolong the life of wooden structures and make them more resistant to moisture and moisture;
  • Then you can install the panels. In the corners of the sheathing corners are mounted. They will be inserted into the siding end sections;
  • Below the first panel is mounted and attached to the lower horizontal bar with self-tapping screws. Further, the following parts of the coating will be attached to this part;
  • The first lane is installed in the lock slot. It can be fixed with the help of screws. Fasteners should be located in the center of the ellipse.In the process of connecting the panel will emit clicks that will talk about their proper installation.

After completion of the work with the front part, you can proceed to the end structures. In these areas the panels are installed in the same way.

In order to make the whole process of exterior decoration of the balcony with siding panels more clear and understandable for you, watch the video below:

Vertical mount features

As a rule, siding panels are installed horizontally, but there are also vertical structures. In this design there are no significant drawbacks. The main thing is to correctly measure the width and height of the entire surface for the selection of siding of suitable dimensions.

In vertical mounting, special attention should be paid to the reliability and correctness of fastenings. This is necessary in order to avoid the occurrence of backlash and crevices that will allow strong winds to load the finish and break the insulation.

Sheathing inside

Siding can also be used for interior decoration, but it should be installed only after glazing the balcony.

  • Clean and obstruct the walls so that no harmful microorganisms and insects live in them. High-quality primer strengthens the structure of the walls and prevents their destruction;
  • Install the batten with longitudinal rails. They should be treated with an antiseptic;
  • If necessary, do the wiring;
  • Installation of siding start with the top panels. They will be attached to the ceiling. For fasteners, you can choose dowels or liquid nails;
  • Install special mounting angles, window openings, sides and other necessary parts.

In the process of installing the panels, you must constantly monitor the surface level.

Professional Tips

It is possible to sheat the balcony block (both inside and outside) with siding panels. But it is always recommended to take into account the advice of experts in this matter. Consider some of them:

  • Do not rush to proceed with the installation of siding. Previously, it should be held for several hours on the street, because this material will be sheathed on the outside of the balcony, and it will always be in such conditions;
  • After that, the panels will acquire their natural dimensions and it will be much easier to install them. After all the work, such a finish will not be deformed;
  • Many people are faced with the problem of an erroneous amount of purchased material. Experts recommend to conduct preliminary measurements with maximum accuracy;
  • If the location of the house often keeps windy weather, it is worth reducing the step between the fixtures for the panels;
  • The ideal step will be, the length of which does not exceed 5 cm;
  • It is recommended to start installing siding from side sections, since it is much easier to build in short panels, and at the same time you will be able to practice on them before more difficult work in the front part;
  • In no case can not insert fasteners in the field of panels that are not designed for this. This may cause deformation of the material;
  • Do not pull the siding during installation. The material must be in a free state so that temperature drops will not lead to its destruction;
  • Independent work is allowed at the height of the second and third floors. If your balcony is higher, then you can start working only ifif you already have a similar experience;
  • To ensure the safety of work at height should be using a safety belt. Such a thing is available to industrial climbers. You can buy it in a store of special clothes and equipment;
  • Installation of siding should proceed after you place warning signs, bright ribbons or flags under the balcony.
Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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