Balcony finish

Balcony finish

The times when balconies were used as storage for vegetables and cans are long gone. Today, many owners of large and small apartments turn these rooms into full-fledged and functional rooms in which you can relax, have a cup of tea or do some work. To feel comfortable on the balcony, you need to carefully consider its finish.

Features and nuances

Many of us remember how balcony rooms looked in the past. They were used only for business purposes.They were often stored unnecessary things, from which it was a pity to get rid of.

Today the situation has changed dramatically. People began to turn their balconies into real rooms with pieces of furniture, decorative details and hanging chandeliers. In such areas, you can not only admire the city streets, but also work, relax, engage in creative work or sports.

Very popular in recent years, combining living rooms with balconies. It can be a living room or a kitchen. On the balcony area you can bring a dining table or kitchen appliances. It all depends on your preferences and the size of the area.

The owners of small apartments especially often turn to such methods. Very limited space becomes much more spacious and freer if it is connected to a balcony room. Such decisions are appropriate not only for small apartments and "Stalinok", but also for large areas.

Turning a balcony into a full-fledged room is not that difficult. To do this, you need to make insulation, glazing and interior decoration. Without these works, the design of a functional room simply will not work.

Today, the choice of various materials for interior and exterior is very large. Each buyer will be able to pick up something useful, high-quality and practical for the design of a balcony room.

The range of floor, wall and ceiling coatings allows you to let your imagination go free and beat the balcony so that it will be very comfortable and beautiful.

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Types of wall, ceiling and floor finishes

If you want to harmoniously decorate the balcony block, then it will not do without wall decoration. Modern manufacturers produce a lot of different materials with which you can decorate the room.

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Remember that it is worthwhile to start interior decoration of walls only after weatherization of a balcony.

Often, apartment owners turn to plastic panels. They are popular for their durability and durability. It should be noted the resistance of plastic to moisture, moisture and aggressive sunlight. With the help of such parts you can form the interior of the balcony in any style, as they are available in a variety of colors. In recent times, panels whose surface imitates wood of various shades are in great demand.They cost a little more, but they look amazing! With this finish you can visually make the room longer and wider, especially if you are trimmed with white panels. Under the plastic can hide sticking wires. Often, such little things are striking and spoil the whole interior.

The prevalence of such materials due to their unpretentiousness. For the walls, trimmed with plastic panels, do not have to regularly take care with the help of special tools.

Another popular material for the decoration of balcony walls is MDF panels. They have a beautiful appearance and boast excellent performance characteristics. The demand for such panels is due to their similarity with natural and environmentally friendly wood. They are distinguished from natural raw materials by high plasticity and flexibility. This property allows you to align with the help of MDF panels "wavy" walls. Many apartment owners face this problem. The process of leveling the surface takes a lot of time, effort and material. With MDF panels, the situation is a bit simpler.

But this finishing material has some disadvantages.These panels do not tolerate moisture or moisture exposure, like any wood.

You can decorate the inside of the balcony block with the help of siding. Today, this material is used for a variety of purposes, from exterior decoration of private houses to interior decoration of residential premises. Siding is of three types: vinyl, wood and wood. The most attractive is wood siding. It is made of pressed wood fibers with the addition of a small amount of resin. Wood siding is a little easier. It consists of solid boards, which affects its value. Vinyl siding is in great demand. In the process of producing such panels, polyvinyl chloride is added to the base, which gives the material additional strength, rigidity and wear resistance.

Similar options today are available in different colors.

Balconies are carefully decorated with plasterboard. This material is also fireproof and environmentally friendly. You can decorate this way any balcony. It doesn't matter at all whether it is on the sunny or shady side.Drywall is not afraid of the daily exposure to sunlight.

The decorative stone has enjoyed the enviable popularity of the last few years. It has an original appearance that fits perfectly into the design of balcony rooms, fireplaces, living rooms in houses and apartments, etc. Artificial stone is a high-tech product with many interesting characteristics and properties. Especially popular stone, imitating brickwork. It can have different shades, but artificial stones of white color are the most demanded. They are complemented by kitchens, living rooms, balconies or bedrooms. Each person can cope with this finishing material. To do this, do not need special knowledge and skills. To install decorative stones do not need to stock up special tools. It is only necessary to purchase an adhesive mixture.

Not to mention the non-flammability of this material. Over time, it will not rot and deteriorate externally.

Many apartment owners today make out the balcony rooms with decorative plaster. Modern manufacturers offer this finishing material in a variety of color palettes, from neutral to contrasting. It is recommended to choose only high-quality plasters, as they are safe and environmentally friendly.

Experienced builders note the durability and practicality of such a finish. There is no need to take care of plaster. Branded plasters are resistant to mechanical damage. They do not peel off and do not fade even after many years.

The room will turn out beautiful and cozy if it is decorated with a block house. It is used not only for internal, but also external facing. It should be noted simplicity in installation of a similar material. In the future, it does not require special care. Externally, the block house imitates cylinder bar. It is classic, wooden, vinyl and metal.

For interior decoration of a balcony block, experts recommend turning to a vinyl block house, since it is much lighter than wooden one.

Many people want to stick wallpaper on the balcony. But it’s better not to use simple paper versions. It is better to arrange the walls with liquid wallpaper. They are more wear-resistant and durable.Externally, these materials are not at all like traditional wallpaper canvases. They are a special decorative putty produced in bags. In the composition of such raw materials there are not only dyes, quartz crumb, glue, but also various fibers. As a rule, it is silk or cotton. Also, for cladding balconies and loggias are ideal cork and bamboo wallpaper. One layer of bamboo material is made of rice paper, and the second is made of bamboo slats. As a rule, these canvases combine several different shades at once.

Cork wallpapers are a good alternative to traditional paper products. They are not afraid of moisture, moisture and sunlight. Their distinguishing feature is density.

Many owners cladding the balcony walls with clapboard. It is very easy to install. Even a person who is far from construction and installation work can cope with it. Lining is very long. Over time, it does not fade and does not lose its attractiveness. Today there are several varieties of this finishing material.

The most popular are: eurolining and shaped lining. Shaped lining is a conventional wooden lath or board with a perfectly treated surface. Similar options are made with a special lock or rebate. Lining is equipped with a tongue-and-groove lock with an extended tongue-and-groove tongue. It does not tolerate moisture. When dampened, such wall panels begin to swell, which leads to significant deformation and malfunction of the locks.

In the balcony room, the floor must be decorated with finishing materials. This is necessary not only for an aesthetic appearance, but also for your own safety. Walking on bare concrete is very harmful, as it can lead to colds.

One of the most popular materials is the floorboard.. Most often it is chosen for environmental friendliness and safety. Such options can boast a very long service life. To preserve an attractive appearance, it is necessary from time to time to treat the floorboards with antiseptic compounds.

Often the floors on the balcony get a cork. Cork flooring has excellent noise insulation and thermal insulation properties.It is pleasant to walk on them, as they have an interesting texture. This floor is unpretentious and undemanding in the care.

Another popular option is laminate flooring. This material is chosen because of its low cost. Today, the range of such finishes is rich and diverse. In the building stores you can see the flooring of various modifications. For example, floors with imitation of stone, natural wood, multi-colored ceramics or luxury parquet are very popular lately. These options look very expensive and often in their beauty are not inferior to expensive materials of natural origin. Laminate is not afraid of exposure to moisture and temperature extremes. Such properties are very important for the flooring on the balcony. Installation of such material is simple and affordable. Put the laminate on the balcony will be able to every owner. This finishing material can be combined with a system of underfloor heating. First, the heating component is installed, and a laminate is laid on top of it.

It should be noted wear resistance of this option. Laminate is able to withstand heavy weight and various mechanical loads.But it is recommended to apply to this option of finishing only if the floor on your balcony is perfectly level or you have prepared it in advance for the installation of laminate flooring.

Finishing the floor with plywood has been relevant for many years. It can also be accessed for decoration of the balcony room. Plywood is able to make the overall look more aesthetic. Another advantage of this material is its affordable cost and ease of installation.

For laying the floor you can use cheap materials, such as sheets of chipboard. It is better not to expose such material to water and moisture, as this can lead to darkening and deformation. Externally, chipboard sheets do not look very nice, so you can lay a mat on top of them.

Very durable and durable is a balcony floor, lined with high-quality tiles. It will serve for many years without causing any problems. Modern varieties of tiles are resistant to low temperatures and mechanical damage. Even if there is a bitter cold outside the window, this will have no effect on them.

The tile is not afraid of exposure to chemicals.It can be easily and quickly cleaned of any kind of pollution.

The clinker tile can boast of excellent performance. It is counted among the eternal materials. For a long time such a finishing material in our country was a wonder and had a high cost. It was delivered to Russia from Europe: Germany, Holland and Belgium. Today in the building stores there are unique copies of Polish production. They are much cheaper, but it does not affect their quality and durability.

Beautifully and aesthetically on the balcony will look floor, lined with a terrace board. Such panels can be installed both on the closed and on the open balcony without glazing. Serve such flooring for at least fifteen years. Service life depends on the type and type of terrace panels. Models made of natural wood will not require replacement even after twenty years, and WPC boards can last for all thirty years. There are two types of such boards: panels made of natural cedar, larch or exotic trees, as well as decking from wood-polymer composite material.The second option is based on special wood flour and plasticizing agents. Both materials are high quality and reliable. They differ from each other only in that the panels of natural wood are dried to a low moisture state (10%) and are perfectly polished.

The terrace board does not decay over time, is not afraid of damp. Many owners choose this material for its strength: this board is not subject to deformation and swelling.

The ceiling also requires finishing. If you disregard it, it will catch the eye and spoil even the most beautiful interior.

  • Most often, the ceilings make out plasterboard. Such material is able to make the upper part perfectly smooth and beautiful.
  • Many apartment owners are turning to plastic panels for facing the ceiling. They are able to visually make the room more spacious and bright, especially if painted in bright colors. Flat luminaires can be built into the plastic ceiling. This is very convenient, since they do not take up much space and are easily installed in the panel.
  • The ceiling can be decorated with putty or decorative paint. It is recommended to purchase not ordinary paints, but special facade mixtures. They are more wear-resistant and durable.
  • Beautifully and effectively on the ceiling looks lining and wooden lining. But the second option is not the most convenient, since such panels must be regularly processed by special means.
  • You can create a beautiful and expensive interior with the help of a laminated ceiling. This non-standard solution is used very often. Installing laminate flooring is very simple and does not require special care.

Materials for the street

Balcony must be refined not only inside but also outside. For this, there are also a large number of different materials.

Accessibility and low cost are different plastic panels and PVC lining. They are very light and easy to install. Installation of such parts can be made independently both on the outer and in the inner part of the balcony block. The main disadvantages of such panels are their susceptibility to mechanical damage and vulnerability to ultraviolet rays.It is enough to hit them with some kind of solid object, and in the place of impact there will immediately appear a trace of damage. Under the action of sunlight, PVC and plastic lining quickly fade and lose their original appearance.

Today, reinforced panels are sold in stores. They are stronger and more durable. It is these options recommended by experts.

More practical and durable is siding. It can be metallic or vinyl. Today, for exterior decoration of balcony blocks often turn to similar options. Siding is not afraid of adverse environmental conditions. He is not afraid of aggressive exposure to sunlight, bad weather or mechanical damage.

On the streets of the city there are often balconies, decorated with corrugated flooring. It is a thin and galvanized metal sheet with a corrugated surface. Decking can be absolutely any color. These sheets are coated with special paints. They are applied in conditions of high temperatures. This method makes the color more durable and wear-resistant. It will not peel, peel off or fade.

Do not be afraid of the fineness of sheets of corrugated board. Their reliability and durability is due to a special relief surface.

Another popular solution for exterior decoration is wooden paneling. If you decide to turn to this option, then you should know that the surface of the wall panel should be treated from time to time with special protective compounds. This is necessary in order to protect the boards from moisture and mold. Also, it is recommended to cover the wall paneling with paints and varnishes. To this method will have to resort more than once.

For the exterior of the balcony blocks, polycarbonate is used. Not only a neat parapet can be made of this material, but also a visor and side walls. This solution is an excellent alternative to traditional glazing. These balconies are very light. They are sheathed with special sheets consisting of special plastic. Polycarbonate is not cheap, but the appearance of the balconies of such raw materials justifies the high cost. There are two types of polycarbonate: cellular and monolithic. Both options are able to effectively transform an open balcony,even if before that it seemed completely unsuitable for any repairs. Installation of such structures is quick and not difficult. To do this, it is necessary to disassemble the old construction of the balcony and install in its place a strong frame on which monolithic or honeycomb polycarbonate sheets will later be attached.

Balconies with such appearance are very bright. Visually, they are able to make living space more spacious.

Where to begin?

Do not proceed to interior decoration, until you complete the work on the insulation of the balcony. Without insulation, only front materials that do not look very aesthetically pleasing in residential environments will be suitable for room decoration.

There are several ways to insulate the balcony block.

The cheapest and most common insulating material is polystyrene foam. It has a small weight and cellular structure. This raw material has one important advantage: expanded polystyrene is not afraid of moisture and dampness. After installation, this insulation can be easily processed, and its surface becomes favorable for coating thin plaster mixtures.

There are foam polystyrene and some drawbacks that everyone should be aware of. Such raw materials are not environmentally friendly. In the conditions of a balcony room, such a heater will necessarily be heated, and this is a provoking factor for the release of a toxic compound, such as styrene. In the process of burning polystyrene emits an even more dangerous substance - fasman. This gas was used in the First World War and was considered a weapon of mass destruction. Living next door to such chemicals is very dangerous.

Mineral wool is used to insulate a wide variety of buildings, from industrial hangars to ordinary residential apartments. It is roll and stone. Both of these options are in use today, and many buyers turn to them. In thermal conductivity mineral wool is not inferior to toxic polystyrene, but there are much less hazardous chemicals in it. The only disadvantage of such a warming material is its hydrophobicity. Because of this, mineral wool during the installation process has to be carefully framed with hydro and steam membrane, so that it does not become damp and does not lose its main functions.Such treatment affects the cost of insulation, and it becomes more expensive.

Experts say that after additional procedures in relation to mineral wool, it becomes like polystyrene foam.

Excellent thermal properties of polyurethane foam. It is absolutely safe for the human body. But there is a similar heater expensive. Health is not worth saving, but the problem lies not only in this. For installation of polyurethane foam requires special equipment. Not all experts are ready to come with him for the sake of one balcony unit. Spraying PU foam on its own, for obvious reasons, will not work either.

If you want to process the balcony with polyurethane foam, then first you should find a team that is ready to provide you with such a service. Be prepared to pay a tidy sum for it.

Not so long ago, on the market of insulating compounds appeared such material as ecowool. She quickly gained popularity among consumers due to good quality. It is possible to apply such heater mechanically or manually. This factor allowed ecowool to become more popular than polyurethane foam.Such a heat-insulating material itself regulates its own moisture, like wood. For this reason, it does not have to be supplemented with various membranes.

The disadvantage of this insulation is its high cost. Not everyone can afford it.

How to make insulation and finish the balcony, see the following video.

Warm balcony

To finish the warm and closed balcony, you can turn to a variety of means.

  • To create a beautiful and cozy room, you can turn to bamboo, cork or liquid wallpaper. These options look attractive and very neat. If you choose the right furniture in color, then this balcony does not want to leave.
  • Another spectacular option is a decorative stone. It is absolutely not suitable for open balconies, because it does not like frequent temperature changes. For a closed room, such material is ideal. Today, many owners complement the balcony walls with artificial stone imitating white large or small brick. On a similar background, various pieces of furniture and household appliances harmoniously look.In such an environment, you can both relax and work.
  • A popular material for interior lining of warm balconies is siding and eurolining. Such options will look great both outside and inside the balcony unit. They are easily cleaned from dirt and dust and look aesthetically pleasing.
  • On the floor you can lay not only tile or wood flooring, but also large sheets of chipboard. They are suitable only for a closed and dry balcony. Such materials deteriorate greatly after a collision with adverse environmental factors. On top of such cheap components you can lay a warm rug with any pile.
  • This also applies to laminate. It is moisture-resistant, but regular exposure to rain and snow will definitely not benefit this material, so you should only contact it to design a closed balcony or loggia. Laminate flooring can be finished as well as the ceiling.
  • Another affordable and popular flooring option on the balcony is linoleum. It retains its attractiveness only in "greenhouse" conditions. Dampness, moisture and temperature fluctuations can deform such a floor covering.In a closed balcony linoleum, such troubles are not terrible, so they can no doubt arrange the room. Especially popular recently are the specimens whose surface imitates laminate or natural wood. High-quality and beautiful coating at a glance is difficult to distinguish from natural materials.
  • To decorate a warm balcony, an ordinary tile with a matte or glossy surface is perfect. It will be appropriate in rooms for different purposes. This may be a small seating area or a dining area.
  • For lining the ceiling fit any material. This may be laminate, plastic, wall paneling, drywall or paint. It should be borne in mind that drywall is only suitable for warm rooms. For an open balcony it is worth choosing more durable and wear-resistant materials.

The better to finish the cold balcony inside?

Not all apartment owners prefer to glaze balconies. Open rooms can not be operated all year round, and they are subject to various adverse environmental factors. Whether it is raining or snowing - an open balcony or a loggia will definitely be under the blow of the elements.

In winter, they freeze, and they are often covered with wet and cold snow. In the fall and spring, the weather is altogether changeable: at any moment it may rain or look out the sun. In the hot summer sun rays will heat the open balcony.

These factors force you to choose only a solid, reliable and durable interior trim.

  • To finish an open balcony should stock up on a special durable solution. You should not spend money on large bags of cement and sand, as they are easily replaced by a special composition in a dry form. Such material is necessary for processing the concrete block. It may contain cracks or irregularities that must be disposed of before you proceed directly to the interior.
  • Primer plays an important role. It is necessary for better surface treatment of the balcony. Today, a large number of different mixes are sold in hardware stores. Choose the appropriate option should be in accordance with the expected outcome of all finishing works. It is recommended to choose such primers, the composition of which allows them to penetrate even into the smallest pores of the solution or surface.
  • The selection of paint must be approached very responsibly. Do not grab the first available jar of your favorite color. Paint should be as durable and indelible. The best option is a special weatherproof mixture. It is presented in a rich color palette and is sold in many hardware stores.

For a beautiful design of an open balcony room, you can turn to decorative plaster. In such mixtures, there are special additives that make the base material more durable. Under the quality plaster will not appear cracks and cracks.

Another good option for wall cladding is tile. It can be tiled, but ceramic granite is rightfully recognized as a more acceptable and resistant material. Due to its high prices, most apartment owners with open balconies turn to traditional tiles of different colors.

For wall cladding on open balconies fit lining or siding. Such materials are not afraid of temperature drops. They are not afraid of excessive moisture and moisture.

The floor can also be trimmed with tiles or porcelain. In addition to this material, suitable tree.But you should choose wood that has been pretreated with specialized compounds that give the material high strength and wear resistance.

The perfect solution will be a special garden flooring. It was originally designed for use in open conditions.

The floor can be covered with a special paint for exterior work. Such options do not lose their attractive appearance for about 4-5 years, after which they will have to be tinted from time to time.

Often, the owners laid on the floor linoleum. But this option is not recommended. It does not tolerate temperature fluctuations and with time noticeably deforms. It may appear cracks or stains. Very often, linoleum begins to bubble, and it looks very unaesthetic.

For facing the ceiling is better to turn to plastic panels or plaster. They are not afraid of low temperatures and harsh weather conditions. In no case can not finish the ceiling with drywall. This material is very fragile and should not be installed on an open balcony or loggia.

Options for a small room

Beautifully and efficiently, you can beat the balcony of any area.This may be a very small or very spacious space.

If your room is small, then do not be upset. This is not an obstacle to creating a spectacular room.

Modern manufacturers of building materials and furniture offer customers a huge number of different products, with which you can effectively arrange the room. Consider some nice options that are appropriate for small balconies.

  • A light and beautiful balcony will turn out if you decorate its walls with white-gray liquid wallpaper, lay white linoleum on the floor, and decorate the ceiling with plastic panels. In a small space will look harmoniously various flowers and plants in pots. They can be put on light metal shelves near the side walls.
  • You can make a beautiful interior if you decorate the walls with large peach tiles, put cork flooring on the floor and put a small folding dark wood table with two chairs on such a balcony. At the side wall, you can put a small rack for flowers.
  • Under the windows on the balcony, you can arrange a small table-shelf and substitute two for itbar stools. At the side wall is to put a small light sofa with wrought-iron legs and backrest. Such pieces of furniture will look great on the background of marbled floor tiles and walls painted with cream paint. Side walls can be supplemented with a decorative stone in color.

Interesting ideas in the interior

Beautifully you can absolutely any balcony. All you need is a drop of fantasy and a supply of quality materials for interior decoration. Consider some interesting interiors, furnished on balconies of different sizes.

Very beautiful and catchy looks French balcony. This design is equipped with high windows and beautiful parapets. As a rule, they are forged.

In this design looks great frame of natural light wood and white plastic. Often in such areas bred real winter gardens. Flowers is made out not only the inner but also the outer side of the balcony. Pots with hanging plants or hanging pots are complemented by the edges of window frames or parapets.

You can effectively beat the balcony with a fire escape.Most often, the steps of the ladder play the role of neat shelves for flower vases and pots. Nearby you can put a small sofa or chair. Such an environment will ideally fit into a cozy recreation area, especially if it is supplemented with a small bookcase.

Recently popular balconies, combined with a kitchen. Such non-standard solutions are needed to expand the space and beautifully divide the dining area and cooking area.

On the balcony you can move a table with chairs or kitchen appliances (stove, refrigerator, etc.). Many apartment owners make a real bar with a bar and high bar stools from a balcony. In this area you can relax with friends.

Particularly impressive are the exits to the balcony in the form of an arch or a high square opening. Often on one side there is a protruding part of the wall, which plays the role of a small shelf. You can put decorative details on it: flowers, colored bottles, photographs.

Balconies on the sunny side should be decorated with flowers. With regular watering, they will bloom very quickly and magnificently.Put a wicker chair or a small sofa among such a multi-colored flower bed. You will have a wonderful room in which you can be alone with yourself and enjoy the wonderful floral aromas.

Such a decorative design will suit the open balcony. Complete it with a wrought dark parapet. Such an ensemble will look very romantic and attractive.

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Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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