Folding table on the balcony

 Folding table on the balcony

In our modern world, people are often forced to live in a very limited space. That is why it is so important to use every meter of the living space wisely and extract maximum comfort from the limited possibilities. In our article we will talk about such a functional subject as a folding table on the balcony. After all, it’s so easy and simple to do with your own hands, and this simple invention will help you solve a lot of commonplace problems.

Features and benefits

Before you start making a folding table on the balcony, you should understand the important postulates:

  • First of all,any furniture built into the balcony space should not interfere with the movement; there must be no protruding sharp corners that could cause injury.
  • Secondly, the table should be comfortable and fit the task for which it will be built.
  • And, thirdly, like any other piece of furniture, it should not violate the inner harmony of a given space.

Folding table has several advantages over the classic look of this furniture. Its main function is the organization of a workplace or recreation area for a short time. After finishing work or an event, it is easy to return it to its usual folded state, freeing up the balcony space for basic household needs.


There are several types of balcony tables, varying in shape and size. The choice of the right depends on your preference, ways of using and the area possibilities.

Rectangular and square tables

In the interior of a typical balcony, a classic rectangular or square model of a folding table will look good.

It allows you to create an additional workplace, it is easy to place kitchen utensils, a sewing machine, books or a laptop on it.

But there are significant drawbacks: in a narrow space, sharp corners can accidentally be injured.

Triangular tables

A table top in the form of a triangle can only be considered as a variant of a stylish design: in order to put a vase with flowers, an interior sculpture or some other design element. Such a folding table is even more traumatic and at the same time has a much smaller working surface.

Semicircular tables

The best option for installation on balconies is a semicircular shape.

It looks great in the interior of any space, comfortable to use, both for the work area and for the rest area.

Such a surface is beautifully decorated and, of course, its main advantage is the absence of sharp corners. A family where young children grow up should choose such an option.

How to do it yourself

As a rule, a simple folding table for a balcony does not have in its design very complex elements, so even a novice master will be able to make it. Since most of the balconies in our apartments are not at all impressive dimensions, it is necessary to use all the free space for good.

First you need to choose a model, determine its size and material from which it will be made, think over the fasteners and choose the color of the future product. Any work begins with the correct calculations, so you need to make a drawing of the future product and calculate the required amount of consumables.

The future table should not be too heavy, so for its manufacture it is better to use high-quality plywood or chipboard. For work you will need:

  • selected wood material;
  • hacksaw or jigsaw;
  • electric drill;
  • screwdriver or screwdriver;
  • screws and hinges;
  • sandpaper;
  • antifungal composition;
  • fastening corners;
  • protective varnish or paint for wood.

A folding table consists of a main tabletop and an additional folding part, sidewalls, legs, main support and screeds. To place it on the wall, the marking is done first and a horizontal corner of a size slightly smaller than the prepared table top is fixed with self-tapping screws.

To attach the base, you can use any economic loops.

Next, we will sort through the steps of assembling a simple folding table made of plywood:

  1. We draw a tabletop on a sheet of plywood (better if it is with rounded edges) of the right size and carefully cut it with a jigsaw or hacksaw.
  2. Draw a rectangle with a length equal to the length of our countertops and a width of 10 - 12 centimeters and also carefully cut out.
  3. All parts must be thoroughly sandpaper, to a smooth state and carefully remove all traces of wood dust. Particular attention should be paid to the edges of the tabletop.
  4. All finished parts of the future table must be treated with antifungal composition and covered with several layers of wood varnish.
  5. Install the metal corner to the place of the table attachment to the wall of the house. It is very important to secure the fastener in several places.
  6. Fasten the sawn tabletop to the corner with medium size hinges;
  7. After that, we need to fix our table in the unfolded form. To do this, use the support foot, which can be made from a conventional metal pipe. Inside the tabletop you need to cut through a small recess, for better fixation of the table in expanded form.

The most difficult thing is to fix the table strictly horizontally in a suspended form.This can be achieved with the help of auxiliary supports made of thin metal rods or tubes.

As you can see, the process of making a comfortable piece of furniture on the balcony is not a very difficult task. In more detail the stages of its construction can be viewed in the following video:

Interesting solutions

As you can see making a table on the balcony is not such a difficult task. It remains to determine the correct choice of design and everything depends on your imagination and preferences.

Your table can be absolutely any shape and size, you can decorate it with modern finishing materials, decorate it with beautiful painting or carving, but the main thing is not to disturb the particular style of your living space.

In summer, you can use your balcony as a relaxation area, inviting a friend to talk over a cup of coffee, or organize a morning breakfast for the whole family on a sunny Sunday morning. On a warm summer evening, you can do sewing, knitting or any other needlework on your balcony - for this you will need to organize fairly good lighting above the working area.

If children grow up in your family, the folding table will be just the way.

During the long summer holidays, it will be an excellent solution to organize interesting activities or board games for them on the balcony at a time when you need to clean the apartment.

It should be remembered that to install folding furniture on an open balcony, you must choose a place where a large amount of precipitation does not exactly fall. In any case, in the winter it is recommended to remove the table from the balcony in order to avoid the negative effects of snow and rain.

It remains to add that on unglazed balconies the best option would be to install a folding table made of polymeric materials or stainless steel, since in the open air a wooden model, even covered with several layers of protective varnish, unfortunately, will not last long enough.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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