Panoramic balcony glazing

Panoramic glazing of the balcony can transform the home, as well as make it lighter and more spacious. Creative and romantic natures, who appreciate the notes of beauty in everything, turn to this version. Today, many customers order just such a glazed balcony, which is why its popularity is growing steadily every year.

What is it?

Panoramic windows provide installation of windows of the same size as the wall.

The result is a very beautiful picture, since such glazing gives the apartment owners a great view, especially if the house is in a picturesque place. These designs perfectly complement the interior, making it truly chic.

Such glazing affects the cost of housing - it becomes more expensive.

It is recommended to apply to this option if there are pleasant views outside your window. To admire some factory or parking is not the greatest pleasure.


Panoramic glazing has its advantages and disadvantages, like any other type of interior and exterior.

  • These spectacular designs provide a remarkable level of natural lighting, which many apartments lack.
  • Many owners are turning to another interesting redevelopment. They dismantle the wall adjacent to the balcony. So it turns out a large transparent wall.
  • With this glazing, you can significantly save on electricity. In the daytime you will always have enough light, so the inclusion of chandeliers and light bulbs will be required only at a later time of day.
  • It should be noted and the fact that panoramic windows can save money on interior decoration, as they take up a lot of space.
  • A variety of doors with different opening / closing mechanisms are suitable for this glazing. It can be both classical oar, and sliding copies.
  • The design of the room with such details looks presentable and expensive.
  • Such systems can be equipped with strong tempered glass. They increase the level of reliability of the whole structure as a whole.


There are such glazing and disadvantages:

  • It must be regularly maintained to maintain the attractive appearance of the balcony unit.
  • If the glass is non-removable, it can be difficult to clean them from the outside. To do this, you have to hire specialists from a cleaning agency with the appropriate equipment.
  • In the summer season it will be very difficult to escape from the heat and high temperatures. Premises with such glazing will require high-quality air conditioning.
  • If you decide to glaze a balcony in this way, then you should know that without warming the floor in the winter season there can be frost on the windows. Another problem in this case may be fogging.
  • Designing works on panoramic glazing is quite expensive.
  • From the street your home will be better seen through the panoramic glass. So, passersby and strangers may show excessive curiosity and peer into your home. This problem is very unpleasant for many apartment owners.

Types of glazing

There are several types of panoramic windows.


This method of glazing is recognized as the most reliable and durable. Frames can be made from a variety of materials. The most commonly used plastic, aluminum or fiberglass.

The most affordable plastic structures are. They have an impressive weight. But if you decide to turn to such options, then the balcony unit is recommended to be further strengthened. More reliable and expensive are aluminum frames.

The most expensive are composite glass. They are resistant to various damages and have remarkable thermal characteristics.

After selecting the frames, you need to choose the glass itself. They are warm and cold.

The best option is rightly recognized as a warm glazing. To do this, the usual plastic profile. You cannot do without it if you want to use the balcony room all year round or convert it into a full-fledged room.

If you want to make your balcony warm, then you need not only to choose warm glazing, but also to do floor and ceiling insulation. In a different way, such constructions are also called French.

Often, elegant balconies with panoramic and warm windows combine with living rooms. Such a solution allows to significantly expand the functional area of ​​the apartment and make it more spacious.

This type of glazing has excellent noise insulation and thermal characteristics. The annoying city or yard noise will not get on your nerves, since you simply will not hear it. These balconies are durable and wear-resistant. You can also choose any color profile.

But for the old balcony block, this design will not work if you do not additionally reinforce the concrete slab.

If you choose glazing with frames, it will look more “heavy”. The room will get a little less light.

Cold frameless

A cold frameless glazing or an aluminum profile construction will be cheaper. This balcony room is not suitable for use in the winter season. But high-quality glass will perfectly protect the unit from negative influences, such as rain or snow.

You will be able to stay in a similar balcony area if there is warm or hot weather outside.Many apartment owners equip small recreation areas there.

With such glazing, the overall balcony structure will not be very heavy, especially if compared with a plastic profile. This option can be addressed if your apartment is located in an old and dilapidated house. To save free space, you can consider sliding doors.

It should be noted that the aluminum frames can be painted in the color you need at any time. They serve very long and are the most wear-resistant.

But we must not forget that the cold glazing can not boast of good sound and thermal insulation properties. For example, in cold winter the temperature on the street and on the balcony will be about the same.

Aluminum profile does not tolerate low temperatures. It can vary in size and even become covered with ice. This deficiency will lead to difficult opening and closing of the valves.

Do I need to legitimize the change?

Panoramic windows will not cause you any problems if you follow some rules.

  • An important role is played by the location of your home in the house, since it is impossible to change the appearance of the facade until you coordinate your actions with the relevant organizations.You may not get permission to work. If you disobey this prohibition, you can write out a court decision on the elimination of the structure and return to the facade of the original form. As a result, you will lose a lot of money, since you will not be reimbursed for installation and disassembly costs.
  • When working with balcony rooms, you must consider the appearance of other balconies in the building. So, metal rails and fences are characteristic for the buildings of 1970-1980, and for buildings of the 1980s, concrete fences, therefore, you are unlikely to dismantle the concrete wall.
  • Another important nuance is the load that the panoramic glazing on the concrete floor will create.
  • It is believed that such structures can be installed independently. Most often, residents of panel houses resort to such installation. In fact, this is not the best solution, since it violates the integrity of many systems (thermal, loop, etc.), without which it will not be possible to legitimize the alteration.

How to eliminate full transparency?

The full transparency of large panoramic windows is a significant disadvantage of this glazing. But you can deal with it.

To do this, you can cover the glass with a special reflective film. This option is cheaper than toning. Most films are made of wear-resistant and high-quality components, such as metallized polyethylene terephthalate with a spray. They protect the balcony from the aggressive effects of sunlight. Furniture and decoration will not fade with time and will not lose its attractiveness.

High-quality reflective film is widely available. It is popular not only due to its protective characteristics, but also one-sided visibility after application. You can perfectly see everything that happens outside the balcony, and from the outside you will see absolutely nothing.

Some apartment owners turn to tinting only the bottom of the windows. It also makes the balcony not visible, but only on its lower section. These options are suitable for people who do not want to overpay for the full tinting of windows and want to let in at least a little bit of sunlight.

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If you chose a warm glazing, then you should not relax and assume that the insulation of the balcony block is complete. It is necessary to carry out such procedures with the floor.

Currently popular and common cable system with the speaker called "warm floor". Pre-made floor insulation penopleks, after which it fits the cable. On top of this design is arranged screed (4-5 cm).

Another common option for floor heating is foil penofol. It is worth noting that its thermal insulation characteristics are much inferior to penoplex.

The main advantage of this material is its small thickness. Because of this, after installing the penofol floor rises quite a bit.

There are also simpler ways of warming a balcony with panoramic windows. You can install an additional radiator or electric convector.


French glazing fits perfectly into the balcony room with a light finish. Natural lighting and interior in bright colors will look very noble and cozy.

  • The walls can be finished with pastel-colored decorative plaster, artificial stone with imitation of white brick, as well as popular plastic panels. A tree will do as well.But the most harmonious option will be light-colored panels of beige or caramel color.
  • On the floor you can lay a laminate, tile or beautiful linoleum. If you like color contrasts, you can choose a darker floor. Against the backdrop of a contrasting ensemble, similar pieces of furniture will be seen, echoing flowers.
  • Against the background of white plastic frames and light walls look great wooden floors or laminate of red and dark brown colors. Such a tandem looks very comfortable, especially if it is completed with a soft sofa or armchairs.
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  • If you chose a darker frame, then they will fit the finish and furniture a couple of tones lighter. If you collect too dark ensemble, then the room will be uncomfortable.
  • On balconies with such windows it will be very pleasant to rest and work., so you can arrange there a small office with a computer desk or a seating area with a sofa and a coffee table.
  • Many owners arrange beautiful winter gardens in such squares. In such a flourishing setting, you can place a wicker chair and a small bookcase.Reading your favorite literature in such conditions will take a lot of fun!
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Panoramic glazing enjoys enviable popularity in recent times. People have always sought to make their home more hospitable and comfortable, and these options are the most suitable to achieve these goals.

Apartment owners celebrate the stunning exterior of the balcony premises, which they purchased after installing the panoramic windows. Balconies have become more comfortable, bright and spacious.

Pleases modern consumers the choice of types of glazing and types of frames. It is possible to pick up a reliable design for every taste and purse.

Many owners of such glazing are advised to contact specialists, and not to engage in self-installation of window structures. This can lead to serious problems associated with the legalization of installation and reliability of concrete floors.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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