Balcony greenhouse

 Balcony greenhouse

The greenhouse for the balcony is a very convenient and practical equipment. It allows you to grow plants, creating the most comfortable conditions. A variety of options for greenhouses for the balcony allows you to choose the ideal model.

Types of greenhouses

There is a huge range of greenhouses, depending on the shape and size:

  • Small greenhouses for a balcony have many advantages. They are characterized by accessibility and practicality. Even in a small room you can grow your own seedlings.
  • Greenhouse for the balcony is usually presented in the form of a rack, which is covered with a transparent film.It can be quickly installed and dismantled after use.
  • Greenhouses on 4 shelves are characterized by compactness. They have approximate dimensions 50x50x157cm, take up very little space when assembled and have a weight of no more than five kilograms. You can assemble them yourself on your balcony.
  • The most popular models are greenhouses with 3 shelves. Their sizes are usually 50x70x127cm. This option can be used not only as a greenhouse for plants, but also as a balcony decoration.
  • Mini-greenhouses can be portable, which allows you to freely move them from one corner of the room to another. Manufacturers offer models of various sizes and with different number of tiers.
  • Some models have built-in ventilation, irrigation and additional lighting. They are called automated, because the greenhouse independently regulates all the processes necessary for the normal growth of plants. This greenhouse has about four square meters. The gardener is only responsible for planting the plants, and the remaining processes are carried out by the automation system.
  • Many prefer the greenhouse-showcase, which also serves as an element of the decor of the balcony. Such a greenhouse is characterized by the presence of an autonomous-type structure, which is additionally a closed film. The open part of the model is located in the area of ​​the facade.
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What can be planted?

If you have your own garden, but there is no opportunity or time to devote time to creating a greenhouse on the plot, then the ideal way out of this situation will be growing seedlings on your balcony. The compactness of the greenhouse will allow, without taking up much space, to grow seedlings for further planting in your garden.

For such purposes, the greenhouse can only be used from March to May. If there is no need for it, it can be easily folded and removed so that it does not take up extra space. Greenhouse is often used for growing greens. This will allow year and year to please yourself and your family with fresh greens.

How to do it yourself?

Pnichok on the balcony is not a complicated structure, so if you want, you can make it yourself. A variety of materials that are at home will do. It may be unnecessary pipes, bars, old window frames made of wood, glass and plastic film.

Before proceeding directly to the construction of a greenhouse, you should consider a few important points:

  • Where is the best place on the balcony? It should not interfere with movement. It is necessary to create access to the structure for comfortable care of the plants.
  • Determine the size of the future design, as well as what materials you will make it. You can buy ready-made materials or search among the available tools.
  • If the balcony is located on the south side, then the plants will receive a sufficient amount of light. In another case, you should think about additional light sources, where they will be located.
  • Do not forget about your material capabilities and take into account your skills in the construction business.

Wooden frame greenhouse

The simplest solution for building structures for a greenhouse is a wooden frame. The manufacturing process involves several steps:

  • First you need to calculate the size of the lid and drawer, as well as pick up a sufficient amount of materials. You will need wood planks and bars, screws and hinges, polycarbonate or glass.
  • An excellent solution would be to create a scheme for a future greenhouse, where the dimensions of the structure should be indicated.
  • Then you can proceed to the manufacture and assembly of parts of the box.Wooden boards must be carefully treated with a protective agent. All seams must be sealed. It is better to paint the inner part white, and outside you can use the color at your discretion.
  • The double frame should be folding and have special grooves where the glass will be inserted. You will also need wooden beadings for reliable fixing of glass.
  • For ease of use of the frame, you can install the handle. The frame is attached to the structure with loops with clamps. This will lock the cover in different positions.
  • If the greenhouse will be used all year round, you should take care of its warming. For this you can use mineral wool or foam, because they have insulating properties. Insulation is used both inside and outside.

Metal construction

Greenhouse on the balcony can be made of unnecessary metal pipes:

  • To create a reliable frame used pipes made of metal or plastic. The choice of sizes is individual.
  • To give the structure stability, you can use the bearing wall of the balcony, and attach the case to it.
  • The greenhouse should be filled with shelves, which will then be installed trays or pots. The number of shelves is worth counting, given the height of the plants.
  • Above the greenhouse is covered with plastic film that transmits light, and also protects plants from external factors. The film should fit very tightly. Clearances will lead to heat loss inside the structure.
  • On one side of the structure, a hinged door should be installed, which will be securely closed due to the presence of a zipper or adhesive tape. To fix the zipper on the film, you can use a special glue or, using an additional layer of paper, walk the iron.

How to make a greenhouse on the balcony with their own hands, see the following video.

Lighting organization

Usually seeds for seedlings are planted at the end of winter, or at the beginning of spring. It is during this period that the plants will need a sufficient amount of additional light for active growth. If we talk about eggplants, sweet peppers and tomatoes, then daylight is not enough for them even in late spring. Artificial lighting is ideal for regions in the north or northwest.

  • The most common and cheap option is the use of LEDs. With a certain combination of colors, you can create the desired spectrum for normal illumination of plants, which is practically the same as daylight.
  • It is very convenient to use ready-made "fitolampu." It can be purchased at a specializing store or do it yourself. It contains in one flask a whole set of LEDs. The power of phytolamps is adjusted depending on the area of ​​the greenhouse.
  • If you make your own hands, then you need to calculate the total power used LEDs. This combination is usually used: two red, one blue and one additional LED of white or green color.
  • When installing an additional light system, you should consider waterproofing each level in the greenhouse. Excess water that may leak from the drainage holes of the pots should not get into electrical appliances.

Drip irrigation system

For convenience, many greenhouse buyers use a drip-type irrigation system. It provides many advantages, the main of which is that the plants get moisture, and you do not damage or break the stems.

The practicality of the system lies in its automation, which frees your time from watering. The essence of this system is that it brings water directly to the root system, while it does not irrigate the leaves and the top layer of soil.

The drip irrigation system can be made independently, and the water tank should be above the plant level. In specialized stores sold ready-made option for irrigation of plants in the greenhouse. A barrel of water can be in any convenient place on the balcony.

The automatic system includes a small size submersible pump. Since the greenhouses for balconies are small, then the plants do not need a large amount of water. To make the irrigation system yourself, you can use the tubes from the medical "droppers".

Additional, connecting elements can be purchased at the pet store. Also need a programmer to turn on and off the system, which is inexpensive. All elements should be connected, and automated irrigation for your plants is ready.

How to make drip irrigation of plants on the balcony, see the video below.


Greenhouses for the balcony like many, because they provide many advantages. They can be purchased ready-made in specialized stores or do it yourself. The stores sell ready-made frame, which later stretches the coating of polyethylene.

Many users note the aesthetics of the greenhouse and its attractive appearance. It harmoniously fits into the interior design. In a small greenhouse, you can conveniently arrange ornamental plants or seedlings. This option is much better than placing numerous pots on the windowsills.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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