Plastic door to the balcony

 Plastic door to the balcony

Balcony doors made of plastic are among the most common and sought-after. They have several advantages for which modern consumers value them. Plastic doors make the rooms more comfortable and soundproof, but there are some nuances in them that owners of such structures should be aware of.

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Special features

These doors are traditional types of fencing, dividing living rooms between themselves and the balcony (or loggia). Today, such structures in the latter case are most often mounted along with the window. The type of glazing can be absolutely anything.

It is worth noting the excellent heat and sound insulation characteristics of plastic doors.It is for such properties that their owners love, having cold-glazed balcony glazing, which does not keep heat indoors and does not protect the living area from street noise.

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Similar elements of a balcony consist of several functional details. These include:

  • durable PVC profile frames. They interconnect special fasteners;
  • hinges, without which the whole structure will not open and close correctly;
  • sashes that are assembled on the same principle as the door frame;
  • handles and latches. They are necessary for easy opening and closing of plastic doors.
  • quality sealant. Such a component is needed to provide additional tightness of a closed sash.
  • double-glazed window, which is built into the door itself.

Often, models of plastic doors are equipped with additional elements that make them more functional and convenient to use. These can be stoppers, hydraulic or mechanical sensors, etc.

Unfortunately, plastic balcony doors often require additional adjustments and repairs. Any of the mechanisms may fail.To fix them, you can contact the experts or try to fix the problem yourself.

It should be noted that high-quality plastic doors have a neat and attractive appearance. They look neutral in the room and are not knocked out of the general style, having a non-capricious white color that is in harmony with almost all shades in the interior.

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Plastic doors do not require special care. You only need to monitor the serviceability of all mechanisms and treat them carefully. They are easily cleaned from dirt and dust, for this you do not need to stock up on special compounds - it is quite suitable for ordinary detergents. Even old stains can be easily removed from the surface of the plastic.

It is recommended to treat these products carefully. Do not make sudden movements and jerks when you open the door, do not slam it with a swing. Such operation can lead to deformations of the door and box, as well as malfunction of various mechanisms. Problems may arise not immediately, but after a while.

Types of pens

In the high-quality balcony doors made of plastic, various handles may be present.Each version has its own opening / closing mechanism.

Separate stationary and mobile, as well as unilateral or bilateral options. Convenient handles seashells are in great demand recently. Consider all the options in more detail.

Traditional stationary handles are not equipped with such functional details as a lock or latch. Such options can only be used to open the door or open it.

There are three types of fixed handle for a balcony door:

  • One of the most common pens are staples. They are large in size, which makes them very comfortable to use. But such details are often equipped with plastic options in hospitals or office buildings. For such use they were called office pens. In the cozy interior, such trifles will not look very harmonious.
  • Another option for a stationary handle is a model called a shell. Otherwise, it is also called the handle of the smoker. Install such a part on the outside of the plastic door. This option is ideal for families with children: kids can easily get out from the balcony by opening the door from the inside.
  • The handle-petal (otherwise - a false-handle) has the same characteristics as the shell, but has a slightly different shape. These items are made of durable plastic.
  • One-way handles with push-down mechanism are ideal for complementing balcony doors. They lock the room with a small latch, which is present on one side only.

There are instances in which there are built-in handles with special latches and locks with keys. Models with the function of protection against hacking are very popular. These parts have excellent performance. For example, they are ventilated and micro-ventilated. Similar properties are found in the handles of plastic windows.

Convenient double-sided handles are very popular today. They can be installed in both balcony and terraced door models. The outer side of these handles has a narrow shape.

If your apartment is located on the ground floor, then another kind of door handle - a model with a lock-latch - is ideal for you. This element is one of the most effective in the issue of protecting the premises from intruders.

How to choose?

When choosing a suitable balcony door, consider some simple tips that will allow you to purchase the perfect option for your home.

  1. Popular doors of the classical type (glazed top and plastic bottom) are suitable for any balcony and interior. In such models, most often there is a threshold that is needed for a more convenient exit to the balcony, but you can easily refuse this part if it somehow bothers you.
  2. If you want to turn to a more original and creative version, then you should look at the balcony door, in which the lower part is also made of glass. These elements look very interesting and decorate the interiors in many styles. But you should take into account the fact that such models only seem light in appearance - in fact, because of the large glass pane, they are heavy.
  3. It is not recommended to purchase deaf plastic doors that do not have glass inserts. Similar options look harmoniously only in public places. For an ordinary balcony in an apartment, only a door with full glazing or one half glazing is suitable.
  4. Take the handle selection seriously.They should be not only serviceable and functional, but also convenient in operation. Such parts are made not only of plastic, but also of metal. The choice of the ideal option depends on the personal preferences of the owners.
  5. After installation, it is necessary to make sure that all structures are in good condition. The door should open without any extra effort. Extraneous noises (crackling, crashing or grinding sound) should be absent.
  6. It is recommended to apply only to trusted companies that have a good reputation in the city of your residence. Plastic doors are inexpensive, so save and choose too cheap option is not worth it, because it may be low-quality and short-lived.
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Frequent problems

Plastic balcony doors are subject to various types of faults. Many of them can be resolved independently, but there are situations when it is impossible to do without the help of specialists.

  • Often balcony doors sag some time after installation. They begin to cling to the plastic threshold, uttering an unpleasant noise. As a rule, such a defect arises due to the great weight of the structure and its shift to the side.
  • Sometimes the pens start to hang out.This problem may occur if the door is opened and closed too often.
  • Over time, you may notice that the door does not close well and is loose. At such moments, the sash is weakly pressed against the frame, which leads to the penetration of drafts into the room. Such a defect may occur due to a skewed door or malfunction of the handle.
  • Often in plastic doors sash shifted to the side. Detail begins to touch the center of the frame. Such consequences occur with the weakening of the loops. They just need to adjust and tighten.
  • There are cases when the sash is shifted due to temperature changes that can harm the structure, if the balcony is not insulated.

Required tools

Many problems associated with improper operation of the balcony doors can be resolved on their own.

Very often, balcony doors sag due to poorly adjusted hinges. For work associated with such a deficiency, you do not need to be a professional in matters of repair. Consider the process of repairing a similar example.

First you need to stock up on the following necessary fixtures:

  • hexagon;
  • Phillips screwdriver;
  • flat screwdriver.


Adjusting the door can be horizontal or vertical.

For the first method, follow the following step-by-step instructions:

  1. It is necessary to open the door wider in a turning position.
  2. A screw is screwed near the upper hinge in the end part of the sash. It is necessary to rotate it 2-3 times clockwise with a hexagon.
  3. Next you need to remove the plugs that close the holes going to the upper cogs.
  4. At the end of all the screws should be rotated clockwise.
  5. Now you need to check whether the balcony door closes and opens freely. Tighten the screws again if you are not satisfied with the result.

Consider the process of vertical adjustment of the plastic door:

  • First, the door must be raised in a level position. In its lower part you will find a screw. It is located along the door axis.
  • Often, the screws are closed with plugs. If it is present in your door, then it should be removed. This should be done very carefully and carefully.
  • If you twist the screw clockwise, then the door should be slightly raised. If you do it counterclockwise, then it should be lowered.

You can also adjust the pressure of the plastic door and handle.

If you want to tighten the handle, you need to do the following:

  • The plastic cover must be turned at a right angle. But be very careful not to damage the structure.
  • Under the cover you will find mounting screws. They need to tighten.

In case the handle does not turn and squeak badly, then you can simply grease the lock. This is done with the help of special tools and materials that do not contain resins and various acids.

If the handle is completely broken, then you should purchase a new part for a plastic balcony door. First you need to remove the damaged handle by unscrewing the bolts. After that, in place of the old element, you can tightly install a new one.

Adjustment of the door to the balcony, see the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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