Sliding windows to the balcony

Sliding windows to the balcony

Sliding windows on the balcony are a great alternative to traditional swing doors. They save space and look very modern and fashionable. Such constructions can have frames made of different materials, therefore, it is possible to choose a suitable variant to any balcony room.

Advantages and disadvantages

Windows with a sliding mechanism of opening and closing have their own advantages and disadvantages, like any window design.

They are very popular the last few years. Many consumers were attracted to such elements by their stylish appearance, which is very different from the usual swing structures.

In operation, they are very convenient. Quality window systems work softly, and the windows literally slide along the profiles at the time of opening or closing. It is recommended to purchase sliding glazing only from reliable firms that have a good reputation in your city.

Poor quality mechanisms can cause a lot of inconvenience in the form of jams and incomplete disclosures.

Do not think that such complex systems easily fail. Modern mechanisms serve at least twenty years, and with careful operation, their service life may exceed 25 years.

The biggest advantage of sliding windows is the saving of free space. This is due to their opening to the side. Hinged flaps cannot boast of such characteristics, since they take up a lot of space when open.

The balcony will be better lit with sliding structures, because the glazing area itself is larger.

As a rule, similar variants can have the most different colors. You can create a very interesting and harmonious interior in your favorite colors.

It is worth noting that the cost of such a finish is not much different from the classic options with hinged windows.

Hermetic characteristics of such systems delight many apartment owners. They provide a comfortable indoor climate and do not let through drafts.

The disadvantage of such structures is the complexity of the installation. In the process of installation, it is necessary to adhere to all parameters as accurately as possible, and in the process of taking measurements it is impossible to make a mistake per millimeter.

The presence of any deformation or distortion of the frame can lead to malfunction of the sliding mechanism.

Types of designs

Sliding windows can be warm and cold.

Cold Sliding Windows

Cold versions are designed to protect the balcony from rainfall, street dirt, dust and debris. But they can not boast of good thermal insulation characteristics. In the cold season, the room will not be much warmer than outside.

Such balcony rooms will not be able to operate all year round. As a rule, cold glazing is purchased for areas designed for storage of vegetables, preservation.

In the construction of the cold type most often found frames made of durable and durable aluminum.They are lightweight, so you can install such glazing even in the house of the old building.

In conditions of frosty frost and too low temperatures, sliding aluminum structures are often frozen to each other and covered with ice. This can lead to difficulty opening and closing sliding windows.

Warm sliding windows

More expensive will cost warm window designs. They have excellent heat and sound insulation properties. With such glazing on the territory of the balcony can be at any time of the year.

This design is often referred to by apartment owners who want to turn a balcony into a full-fledged and useful room for rest, creativity or work.

Sliding systems with warm double-glazed windows have increased sealing, so the room will always be very warm and cozy.



The most common are plastic sliding structures. They have excellent performance, so they are chosen so often.

Sliding plastic windows will last a very long time and will not lose their attractive appearance even after many years.

Plastic is ideal for warm double-glazed windows. But it is necessary to take into account the fact that such structures have great weight, so they can be installed only in strong buildings with reliable concrete floors.

Such systems do not require special care. Plastic is easily cleaned from dust and dirt with ordinary detergents.


Aluminum profiles are more suitable for cold glazing. They possess unsurpassed durability and wear resistance. Such structures for a long time retain an attractive appearance, as they are covered with special polymer compositions.

Aluminum options are lighter and easier to install. They can easily be mounted independently.


Wooden sliding windows are also popular today. They have a very beautiful and expensive appearance. Such materials are environmentally friendly and high thermal conductivity.

From time to time the frames in such glazing should be treated with antiseptic impregnations, which allow preserving the original beauty and durability of wood.


Sliding windows look even more interesting if they are supplemented with decorative elements:

  • These can be translucent vinyl stickers with floral arrangements or exquisite patterns;
  • Luxury curtains of delicate colors;
  • Trendy Roman curtains of neutral and pastel colors;
  • As well as classic blinds.

How to choose?

When choosing comfortable sliding window designs, it is recommended to adhere to some simple rules:

  • Contact only reputable, reputable manufacturers.
  • You should not save on the quality of glazing, as low-grade sliding windows can quickly fail.
  • Decide what type of glazing you need: warm or cold.
  • It is recommended to additionally buy mosquito nets and blinds or curtains.
  • Entrust installation of window constructions to specialists.

How to care?

Sliding windows do not require special care. They only need to be cleaned from time to time from dust and dirt. To clean the glass, it is better to use alcohol-based compositions, designed specifically for washing windows.

Use soft microfiber cloths or soft sponges.

You can easily clean the inside of the glass, but to clean the outside, it is better to stock up with a long handle. If your balcony is at a high altitude, then you should contact the cleaning company, which will clean the outer part of your glazing. Check the frame profile for dirt and dust, as they are able to deform the sash, accumulating in rather big lumps.

Once a year it is recommended to lubricate aluminum guides with silicone oil in the composition.


The quality of installation depends on the service life and proper operation of the entire structure. Poor installation can lead to fungal growths and mold on the frames. You can not avoid and deformation of the system. Over time, the sash will open more and more difficult.

Installation of such window structures is recommended to trust only experienced professionals. Search online for reviews of the company you want to contact. You should not contact the "basement" organizations that regularly change the sign at the entrance.

Before direct installation, ensure that the concrete slab is in good technical condition. It should easily withstand large loads from the glazing.If the ceiling requires repair, then the installation of the window construction should not be started until it is strengthened.

The parapet on which the sliding structures will be mounted should be as reliable and durable as possible. The best options will be parts made of brick, concrete and metal.

The glassing technology of the balcony with sliding windows can be viewed in the following video:

Ideas in the interior

Sliding warm windows with plastic frames look perfect against the background of white plastic walls and a similar ceiling. On the floor you can lay a laminate of pale brown color.

With this design, the balcony room will look lighter and longer.

Sliding plastic windows, complemented by white Roman blinds with a beige small pattern, will harmoniously look against the background of a cozy balcony decorated with bright clapboard.

Glazing can be decorated with very beautiful blinds, imitating natural wood. Such a tandem should be combined with beige or peach colored balcony walls, a tiled floor in color and a light ceiling. You will have a very cozy room,in which you can place pots with plants and a small wicker chair for rest.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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