Balcony plastic door adjustment

 Balcony plastic door adjustment

Arrangement of a balcony involves not only installing high-quality glazing, but also installing a plastic door. This design allows you to protect the interior from the penetration of cold, ensuring the optimum temperature. Products of this type are durable, but, nevertheless, over time, they lose their technical characteristics. You can restore them with the help of special regulatory mechanisms that are installed on each door.

When is it necessary?

Adjusting a plastic balcony door is a relatively simple process that almost every home craftsman can perform. Perform this operation in such situations:

  • Opening the door requires considerable effort.In most cases, you should simply compare the progress after installation and after some time.
  • Closing, the canvas catches the door frame. This indicates skewing or improper installation.
  • Turning the handle has become very easy (large play) or very hard.
  • If the lock is open, and the canvas independently changes its position, this indicates a violation of the structure.
  • The emergence of drafts or small islands of cold near the closed door.

The signs described earlier indicate that the system has already been seriously disturbed. Sometimes to solve such problems with the help of one adjustment is almost impossible. To identify the minimum violations, you should follow the simple rules:

  1. One of the easiest ways to identify misalignment is the evaluation of the self-propelled web. To do this, the door just opens a little and stops in this position. If after that it starts to move arbitrarily to one of the parties in the absence of a draft, then it must be regulated.
  2. You can identify the skew with a pencil. They need to circle the door box around the perimeter to form a kind of rectangle.After that the canvas opens, and the lines are compared with the door frame. If they are parallel to it, then everything is fine. Otherwise, this indicates a skew.
  3. To assess the pressure, a sheet of newspaper should be inserted between the door and the frame and the structure should be closed. After that, the paper is pulled out. This operation is repeated on different parts of the box. At the same time, the effort should be the same everywhere, and if not, then in one of the places the clamp, which needs to be adjusted, is weakened.

Adjustment Instructions

Such operations should be carried out periodically, as this allows not only to improve thermal insulation, but also to extend the service life of the door. This is especially important for balconies equipped with aluminum sliding windows. The adjustment process involves adjusting the position of the canvas and consists of several separate steps:

  1. Horizontal setting. This approach allows you to change the location of the door in the horizontal plane relative to the floor. It carries out with the help of special screws, which are located under the decorative lining above, below and in the middle. The adjustment process involves twisting or twisting thesefasteners with hex key. Note that you need to rotate the opposite skew screws. So, for example, if the door clings to the box below, then it is advisable to twist the middle and upper fasteners.
  2. Vertical alignment involves changing the position of the sash height. This can be done with screws that are placed on the loop. To gain access to them, you must first remove the plastic cover. To change the frame offset, simply turn the fastener with a hex or flat screwdriver to one side. It is important to monitor what changes have occurred. When performing such operations, it is additionally necessary to change the position of the counter strips, which are located at the ends of the door frame. They need to be combined in one of the parties where you performed the adjustment of the canvas.
  3. Frontal clamp. Modify it with the help of special mechanisms that may differ depending on the model of the door. In some designs, eccentrics are responsible for this, which simply turn to change pressure. Sometimes this is regulated with a pin. Turn it using pliers.If these structures are not available, then you can change the clamp using the frontal offset of the counter plate. To do this, you must first unscrew the presser screw and turn it in the right direction.

How to adjust the pens with your own hands?

The handle is a relatively simple mechanism, but it also often fails. The main problems are the tight running or loosening of the mechanism. It is easy to fix such problems by following several steps:

  • Initially, you need to get access to the clamping screws. For this plastic lining on the handle is rotated to one side.
  • With the help of a cross-shaped screwdriver fasteners are tightened. It is important to check the progress of the handle, so as not to overdo it and not drag it.

Independent replacement of insulation

The seal provides a rubber or rubber gasket that does not allow air to penetrate, minimizing the number of slots. If the door is operated incorrectly, this leads to rapid deterioration of this element. Replacing it is fairly easy, which requires several operations:

  1. First of all, you need to dismantle the seal with a screwdriver, which will allow you to get it out of the locking groove.
  2. After this, the opening is thoroughly cleaned from dust and dirt.The ingestion of these components inside reduces the life of the gasket.
  3. Before installing the seal, the groove is coated with special glue (special attention should be paid to the ends). Then the product is gently inserted into the groove. When working, the seal should not be tight.


Door leaf, first of all, a mechanism that consists of several parts. To extend its life, you need to follow a few simple rules:

  • Equip the door leaf with a microlift that will hold the weight of the structure in the closed position. Also use special restraints that do not allow opening the door completely.
  • Do not hang heavy bags or similar products on the door handle. This minimizes the likelihood of canvas sagging.
  • To maintain the condition of the door lock and seal, they should be lubricated with special compounds. For example, silicone rubber solutions are suitable for rubber.

The process of adjusting a plastic door is very simple, but it requires attentiveness and the presence of at least small skills in working with metalworking tools.

Visual guidance and tips on this procedure can be found in the video below.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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