Blinds to the balcony

Today, the balcony has ceased to be a warehouse of unnecessary things. At the peak of popularity - turn it into a recreation area. Someone warms the balcony and connects it to the room, someone makes repairs there and puts upholstered furniture, and someone just refreshes the ceilings and walls.

Whatever it was, but the curtains on the balcony now have become not just a subject of decor, but also an accessory that fulfills a certain necessary functionality. And one of their most popular types are roller blinds for the balcony.


Curtains on the balcony play an important practical role - they protect the room from bright sunlight and do not allow outsiders to see what is happening in your home. But their decorative function is great - they create a cozy atmosphere in the room.

Roller blinds (roller shutters) have a number of advantages over ordinary ones. One of the most important: they do not reduce the size of the room visually. With them the room or balcony looks more free.

Such high-quality curtains are easy to maintain, they are easy to remove, wash or clean, and do not have to be smoothed for a long time.

No matter what your window frame is made of - wood or plastic, roller blinds can be attached to any material and will stick very well.

You can pick them up even the most fastidious customers, since there are a large number of different types of such products:

  • The simplest roller blinds are a canvas impregnated with a special compound that repels dirt and moisture. The cloth is reeled up by means of a manual or mechanical drive on a special shaft. The width of the canvas can be any, and simple structures usually hang freely along the glass. At the end of the canvas there is a slight weighting.
  • There are more complex "cassette" design. They have sides of the canvas tucked into special strips that provides a tighter fit to the glass.
  • In some embodiments, the upper roller shutter is closed by a special design, which creates a single concept with the entire window frame.
  • The day-night curtains, which are gaining popularity, the canvas of which is alternately alternating strips of dense andtranslucent material. By rotating the lanes, you can vary the light throughput of such rolls.
  • Different curtains and material. There are roller blinds made of ordinary and dense fabric, which does not transmit light. There are curtains, the fabric of which is made of bamboo. Bamboo rolleta look most noble and are considered among the most environmentally friendly.
  • Material rollt may also vary. There are options that do not let the light through at all and only let it through a little. There are also more transparent and opaque options. This is especially important for those who live on the lower floors.

In addition, roller shutters differ in their design. There are both simpler monophonic, and with bright large or small prints. Often, in order to diversify their interior they get curtains of different colors and combine them on the same balcony.

Another advantage of roller blinds is that they do not accumulate dust in themselves. Ordinary curtains collect on themselves all the street dust, which we then breathe. And it is a good environment for many pathogenic bacteria and contributes not only to the spread of various viruses, but also to the development of chronic diseases.

What is better - blinds or roller blinds?

According to its functionality, roller blinds and blinds are very similar. But shutters are usually made from a single canvas. At the same time blinds are collected from small longitudinal or transverse strips. The louvre material may also be different. There are both light metal, plastic, and fabric blinds.

Usually blinds are used in office space. Therefore, their use in the apartment gives the interior a rather strict look. In this case, roller blinds on the contrary make the room more comfortable.

Fabric blinds often have a vertical direction of the bands. And their disadvantage is that the belts are not fixed from the bottom, which means they can transmit light, for example, when the wind is blowing.

Both blinds, and rolled curtains differ in the democratic price. Of course, depending on the materials, this price may vary. But on average, given the convenience of the roll options, it is lower than on regular fabric curtains.

Design examples

There are many design variations. But do not forget that when choosing it is necessary to focus on the room in which the roller blinds are placed.If you choose them correctly, you can change the visual perception of the balcony or room.

Curtains with a large pattern will visually increase the space and are suitable for small balconies.

Versatile will be models of monophonic fabric. You can match them with other accessories to make the design seem the most complete.

If your balcony is located on the south side, it is recommended to choose shutters of cold shades. And on the contrary, for the side where there is less sun, it is better to choose warmer colors. Of course, it is necessary to take into account the fact that on the south side the curtain fabric should be more dense and should not fade in the sun.

Well, those who cannot imagine a balcony or a room without light tulle or curtains can combine them with roller shutters. For example, a canvas curtain can be thick, while over it you can hang light flying tulle. Or vice versa, to the thin fabric of the roller shutter, add thick curtains.

For more on the features of roller blinds, see the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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