Wardrobe on the balcony

Wardrobe on the balcony

Not so long ago, balconies were used exclusively as small warehouses. Old and unnecessary things were stored on them, but now more and more apartment owners appreciate additional square meters and use them more productively.


Balconies and loggias today can be arranged as you please. The owners transform these areas into real work rooms, creative corners or dining areas.

In the room of any design and orientation will look harmoniously wardrobe. It can be of any size and any design.

The cabinet on the balcony can perform a variety of functions. Some store pickles and vegetables in such places, others - musical instruments or sports equipment, and others - old clothes. You can choose the appropriate furniture to store any items.

Beautiful and high-quality cabinets look attractive. Such interior details can make the room not only more functional and practical, but also cozy.

If you put a wardrobe on the balcony with an unusual and original design, then the whole room will be revived, and you can create a truly unique interior.

To select such a piece of furniture is necessary in accordance with the decoration of the balcony unit. It should look harmonious against the general background. The colors and shades of the cabinet, walls and floor should overlap with each other. Do not choose too contrasting option, as it will be ugly to stand out from the ensemble, especially if it has impressive dimensions.

On the shelves in the inner part, you can arrange a variety of different items as accurately and systematically as possible.

You can at any time go to the balcony and quickly find the thing you need. The capacity of the cabinet depends on its size, so if you need to "hide" a lot of large things, then you should refer to a large option.

For the storage of small and few objects a small locker is quite suitable, which will easily fit even into the smallest balcony.


There are several types of balcony cabinets. It is possible to pick up the ideal copy for any areas and purposes.


A practical and functional option will be the wardrobe. You can place such an object not only along the wall, but also across the balcony.

The latter method should be addressed to the owners of balconies, whose area exceeds 5 square meters.

Owners often choose wardrobes for balconies, since their sizes can be adjusted so that they fit perfectly to the size of the walls. Similar specimens can be placed close to the walls. The model allows the use of space to the maximum, from floor to ceiling, as a result there is a lot of free space.

The interior of the wardrobe furniture is often spacious and roomy. You can hide long mops, brooms, buckets, wide boxes, banks of various sizes and so on.

Another advantage of wardrobes is that they do not take up too much space.This effect is justified by the sliding way of opening and closing doors. They do not have to plow wide to get the right thing.

Such options are not suitable for narrow balcony rooms. Instead of the standard wardrobe for such areas, you can turn to instances that open upwards (like rolling shutters).

Wardrobes with Roller Shutters

Balcony cabinets with roller shutters are much easier to install than traditional coupe models. For their installation you will not need to build in the side walls. It will save a lot of time.

Shelves are installed on the surface of the wall with fasteners. They can be both static and removable. The second option is useful because of the possibility to further regulate the height of things placed independently.

These options today are addressed by many owners of narrow and small balconies. They occupy a minimum of free space and even when opening do not seem large.

Built in wardrobes

Built-in balcony wardrobes are very popular today. They allow you to use every corner of the room. It may even be the space under the windowsills.

But for the installation of such structures requires a clear calculation of all parameters. Most often they are made to order. If you are afraid to make a mistake or make an error in measurements, it is better to contact the experts.

These designs can be used to store tools, vegetables, cans, and so on. Many owners of such cabinets complement their special offices for step-ladders, which rarely find a place in the apartment.

Built-in wardrobe on the balcony can be built with your own hands. How to do this will tell the following video:

Corner cupboard

Another suitable option for a narrow balcony can be a corner wardrobe with a height to the ceiling. Such designs look very interesting and modern. They allow rational use of the angular area.

As a rule, such constructions look compact, but are roomy. Here it is worth referring to light-colored furniture. It can visually make the space more spacious.

Door design

In different balcony cabinets there are different door designs. They can be opened in hinged or sliding way.

When choosing a wardrobe, it is necessary to take into account the possibility of opening doors in conditions of a small free space.

Sliding and rolling mechanisms

One of the most convenient and practical are special rolling and sliding mechanisms. These options are ideally suited for balcony areas. Such constructions will allow to put other pieces of furniture or decor near the cabinet without blocking access to them.

An excellent solution will be cabinets with roller doors. Such models are lamellas combined into a single web. These parts move vertically upwards with the help of guides.

Over time, such structures do not break and perfectly cover the contents of the cabinet.

Sliding systems often consist of two doors. They are installed from the floor to the ceiling. Opening and closing of such systems occurs by moving along the guides, located horizontally.

Such copies fit perfectly into the balcony rooms of medium and large sizes. They perfectly protect their contents from dust and prying eyes.


Some cabinets are equipped with accordion doors.When opening, they take up very little space. These models look very interesting and attractive. But they are chosen most often for not very high cabinets.

The main disadvantage of such structures is weak insulation of the internal part. This is due to the fact that in the closed state the doors loosely adjoin the sidewall.

Swing doors

The most reliable and convenient are swinging doors that are familiar to everyone. But near the cabinets with such opening mechanisms it is necessary to leave free space necessary for their full opening.

The size

Balcony cabinets vary in size. It is necessary to choose such a piece of furniture in accordance with the free area of ​​the room:

  • One of the largest and most spacious are the classic high cabinets with hinged door opening designs. You can put a lot of different things in them, but they will take a lot of places.
  • They are followed by wardrobes. They fit only into wide balconies. The main advantage over traditional copies is their door opening mechanism.

Sliding designs are very comfortable.

  • Built-in wardrobes are small, medium or large. It all depends on the size of your balcony. You can install as a large option in the entire wall, and a compact locker on the line, located under the windowsill.
  • For narrow spaces, a tall wardrobe with roller shutters is ideal. As a rule, it has a very small width, which allows it to be installed even in the most modest area of ​​the area.
  • Corner cabinets have small dimensions. They can be placed on balconies of various sizes, from small to spacious.


Today, balcony cabinets are made from a variety of materials - from natural to artificial. Choose a suitable model is recommended in accordance with the style of interior decoration.

Competently composed interior will look harmonious and stylish.

Plastic cabinets

Do not forget that even a well-kept and glazed balcony, which retains heat, is exposed to moisture. For such premises it is recommended to choose finishing materials and furniture items that are resistant to moisture and frequent temperature changes and the negative effects of ultraviolet rays.

The most reliable and durable plastic cabinet is. This material is now used in many industries.

It should be noted that high-quality plastic is not afraid of moisture and moisture. He is able to serve for a very long time, without causing problems during the operation.

Modern manufacturers offer apartment owners plastic cabinets of various colors.

Another important advantage of this material is its affordable cost. A wardrobe made of plastic can afford each person. But such instances have some drawbacks. For example, plastic is subject to mechanical damage. Does not tolerate this material and regular exposure to sunlight.

If it is painted in a certain color, then over time it will fade and lose its attractiveness under the action of ultraviolet radiation.

Cabinet made of metal

More durable and resistant to adverse environmental factors are metal-plastic pieces of furniture. They boast excellent insulation performance. The doors in such cabinets are closed tightly, which will not allow penetration into their inner parts with moist air or dust.

Not afraid of such instances and temperature extremes. In them, without doubt, you can store vegetable stocks and conservation.

Wooden cabinets

Wooden cabinets are classic. This material is used very often in the manufacture of various furniture.

Such options are distinguished by their reliability, practicality, beauty and aesthetics. But if you decide to supplement the balcony room with such a piece of furniture, then it is recommended to take care of its protection in advance. To do this, you need to turn to really high-quality and hermetic glazing, as well as to seal all cracks and cracks.

The tree does not like dampness and excessive dryness. Abrupt changes in temperature will have a detrimental effect on cabinets of such material. Try to protect the product from such factors, and it will serve you for a very long time.

Aluminum Cabinet

The aluminum case is not afraid of dampness, moisture, the sun and temperature differences. These options are addressed to the owners not only closed and warm, but also open balconies.

Such cabinets are very long, and it does not affect their appearance.

Lining cabinets

Beautifully look balcony cases from lining.They can be made by hand if you put a little effort and effort.

It is recommended to select specimens made from non-resinous wood. These include oak, ash, linden, and so on.

Lining, like any wood, does not like moisture and moisture. From time to time it must be treated with special antiseptic agents. Many owners of balconies trim the walls and closets clapboard of one shade.

Such tandems look very interesting and cozy.

PVC Cabinets

Another good material for a balcony cabinet are PVC panels. They are not afraid of damp and have excellent insulating properties.

For the facade of such furniture, you can turn to aluminum structures, rolling shutters or door-accordions.

How to choose?

Today in furniture stores you can find a lot of different cabinets that are suitable for balcony rooms. They are in no way inferior to options designed for ordinary residential areas.

Choose such items should be based on the size of your balcony unit. You should not choose too bulky copies of dark tones, if your balcony is modest and compact.

Such an addition will visually make the space even more cramped and uncomfortable.

For a small balcony more suitable light cabinet of elongated design. Visually, such an element will transform the room, and it will seem a little freer and more spacious.

If you have a large balcony area, then you can equip it with a large wooden wardrobe with hinged doors or a fashionable wardrobe with a sliding design. Such pieces of furniture are designed for a wide room, so they will look harmonious on a large balcony.

Carefully choose the cabinet material. If your balcony block is subject to dampness, then it is better to refuse wooden models without moisture resistant impregnation. In such conditions, over time, they will begin to swell, crack and deteriorate. Often on such furniture there is a fungus, which is difficult to get rid of.

Ideal copies of plastic, PVC panels or aluminum. They are not afraid of moisture and serve for a very long time.

If your balcony is located on the sunny side, then a plastic cabinet is better to choose unpainted (white).

Color design under the action of sunlight will quickly become worthless and lose its brightness.

For absolutely any balcony fit built-in wardrobe. This option can be ordered or made by hand. The main thing is not to make mistakes in the measurements and parameters.

Modern ideas

Consider a few beautiful interiors of balconies, complemented by functional and practical cabinets:

  • On the narrow and bright balcony, decorated with white plastic, a tall plastic wardrobe with hinged doors will harmoniously look. The room may have a bright ceiling and the floor is decorated with laminate.

Such an ensemble looks concise and very neat.

On a small balcony can be placed near the wall of a small and low cabinet with the upper part, combined with a window sill. A copy of wood or PVC panels will fit into the room, decorated with decorative paint, lemon-colored and laminate.

  • A tall wardrobe with glass doors will look great against the walls of cream-colored, plastic ceiling and beige tiled floor.
  • Built-in wardrobes made of white plastic are in harmony with a similar balcony trim. Plastic panels can be decorated walls, glazing and ceiling.

For a more complete appearance, the room should be diluted with bright decorative elements (colors, paintings, light bulbs, etc.).

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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