Curtains in the kitchen with a balcony door

 Curtains in the kitchen with a balcony door

The choice of curtains in the kitchen with a balcony door requires a careful approach. Modern designers offer many non-standard solutions related to the disproportion of the balcony door and window opening, which, at the same time, become a real decoration of the kitchen room and give a cozy atmosphere. It does not matter whether the choice fell on ready-made curtains, or custom-made curtains. It is important to choose the right option, taking into account the peculiarities of the kitchen space and the type of fabric. Let us analyze all aspects of the selection of design, materials and cornice for curtains in the kitchen with a balcony door.

Curtain requirements

When choosing portieres for the kitchen room it is worth considering some of the nuances.

  • It is necessary to provide free access to the balcony, not clinging to the curtains when opening and closing the door, because according to statistics, the balcony in the kitchen is more visited than in other rooms.
  • The presence of a balcony significantly reduces the natural lighting, so it is important to choose the right color and density of materials for curtains.
  • On the windows of a small-sized kitchen, one should refrain from an excessive amount of textiles, an aggressive environment entails frequent and, if there is a large amount of matter, a tiresome wash.
  • Choosing matter, you need to study its composition. Fabrics from natural materials absorb a lot of dust and are difficult to clean. Synthetics are fire hazardous for the kitchen. Therefore, the fabric should be selected intermediate composition.
  • The model of curtains should be combined with the type of the balcony door, creating an integral composition.
  • In kitchens, where the stove is at the window, it is important to ensure that the curtains are located no closer than 30 cm to the stove.
  • Striving for practicality, we should not forget about the aesthetics and beauty that are given by properly selected curtains.


The kitchen space has its own specifics - an aggressive environment. Therefore, materials and models for decorating the balcony opening should be practical. The curtains in the kitchen are exposed to more contact with street dirt, as the room is constantly aired. And even if there is a hood, smells and fatty vapors will be actively absorbed into the material, which will entail more frequent washing and cleaning than in any other rooms. Therefore, it is necessary to choose fabrics that are easy to maintain.

Fabrics made from natural fibers must include an admixture of synthetic fibers to simplify the care. It is not recommended to acquire pure synthetics - it is fire hazardous. In addition, when ignited, smokes and emits harmful substances. It is necessary to choose fabrics with impregnations that resist the penetration of dust, grease and moisture.

In kitchens of a small area, it is better to give preference to two tulle canvases without large folds and layers.. For free access to the window sill, the part of the canvas that is placed above the window can be shortened.

In a small kitchen space, curtain lifting systems will be convenient to use: Roman blinds and blinds.They will not be drafted to the working slab, they are treated with special compositions, are easy to maintain and easily regulate the level of street lighting.

It is important to choose the design and length, which will provide free opening of the balcony doors.

So, decorating the windows in the kitchens with a door to the loggia can be done thanks to the following types of curtains:


Sewn from thin, translucent fabrics, so they perfectly mute the bright daylight and eliminate sun glare on the glass. It is possible to curtain the entire window opening with a curtain, while it is important that it move freely along the eaves without creating difficulties for access to the balcony. Of the fabrics, the simplest choice will be cotton and linen with the addition of synthetic fibers.

The length of the curtains can be different, depending on the style of the kitchen space and personal preferences of the owners. For the organization of beautiful decisions, you can use two or more types of fabric, various combinations of colors. No less interesting are the curtains on the grommets, they do not overload the appearance, give the window a neat appearance and easily move apart.

Roll and roman curtains

For the design of a balcony opening, rolled versions of curtains will be a good choice. You can opt for several paintings of different lengths for the balcony and window. It is important that they have the same texture. Rolled design options allow you to easily adjust the flow of street light, thanks to a special mechanism for winding the canvas. So that the curtains are not blown away by the street wind, there is a plank below to make the structure heavier.

Roller blinds and roman blinds are pretty tightly attached to the glass, due to this there is free access to the window sill. They will be a practical solution for small-sized kitchens, as they allow the use of the window sill as an additional work surface.

Rolled versions of curtains have a large selection of shades, dimensions and textures. They are easy to install and maintain, allowing you to quickly and accurately fit them into any kitchen space.

Horizontal and vertical blinds

They have a similar principle of working with rolled curtains, but structurally close the entire opening of the window and balcony door, making it impossible to use the window sill.Their design lies in the transverse or longitudinal plates - lamellae. Lamels can rotate around their axis, regulating the penetration of air and light into the room.

Blinds are easy to maintain, have different colors and materials of manufacture: from fabric to metal and wood. Thanks to the rotating plates, they allow you to hide the room from prying eyes, without interfering with the light and air from the street.

Bamboo structures

Bamboo canvases have their strengths. They are dense, moisture-resistant, while lightweight and very unusual. Such structures have been specially processed, thanks to which they are practical and have a long service life. Bamboo curtains perfectly fit into the design of the balcony opening, give the kitchen atmosphere of coziness and home comfort.

Japanese panels

A fresh and outstanding idea of ​​decorating the space of a window-balcony opening will be Japanese panels. Their sleek look fits well into cutting-edge design. Cloths from the ceiling to the floor cover the window and doorway to the balcony / loggia, they move freely and are simply cleaned.

Mixing different colors, you can create a discreet but bright kitchen interior. This type of curtains is better to use in spacious kitchens, with a free approach to the balcony-window opening.


This type of curtain is used when there is no need to hide the room from prying eyes. Tulle gives the impression of lightness and does not weigh down the space. It is best to use tulle curtains of two or more linens. This type of fabric is fire-hazardous, therefore the source of fire should be located as far as possible from windows.


A curious option for curtains for the kitchen can be a muslin. These original curtains of yarn came from the East and have long become popular among buyers. Due to its design features, it easily obscures the space, allowing the outside air to circulate freely. Kisey has different colors and textures, can be diluted with shiny threads and beads.


By the choice of material for curtains in the kitchen with a balcony door should be approached thoughtfully.

Kitchen curtains require regular washing, so the material should be simple, with a minimum of decorative embroidery and quick-drying. The fabric should not be molted and be strong enough.

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Based on these conditions, you should avoid crocheted cotton fabrics, excessive numbers of frills, ruffles and bulky embroidery, impermeable and velvet fabrics. Such materials will quickly lose their neat appearance after frequent washes, dry for a long time and instantly absorb odors.

Color and pattern

The color of the curtains can give a stylish and spectacular look to your kitchen. And with a bad choice, on the contrary, spoil the overall impression, even if the curtains were worth a lot.

In spacious kitchens, you can use dark tones of fabric: brown and deep green, decorated with lambrequins. Such curtains give the interior elegance and expressiveness.

In small kitchens, dark curtains will visually reduce the space, so it’s best to give preference to light colors.

The color of the fabric should be combined with elements of kitchen decor, furniture, chandelier. It is necessary to avoid cases when the color of window curtains completely echoes the coloring of the facade of the kitchen set, otherwise the curtains are lost against the cabinets and do not paint the room.It is better to choose curtains with a pattern that will include separate inclusions that match the color of the kitchen furniture.

Textiles look impressive in contrast with the basic tone of the kitchen.

With the neutral color of the walls are good saturated tone curtains, they will be an excellent accent in the interior. Simple monochrome curtains in discreet colors add elegance to this room.

If it is difficult to choose, consider yellow-red, beige, pale yellow and other bright colors. These colors will fit into any style of kitchen design.

The big role is played by drawing on curtains. Large elements visually reduce the room, small - on the contrary, make the kitchen more.


An important element of the interior decor are accessories - brushes, bows, ribbons, clips, which should correspond to the style, color of the curtains and the overall interior of the kitchen.

Using them too bulky and long curtains can be decorated and give them the appropriate footage and shape, which will give a great zest to the appearance, and protect the owners from accidental ignition of curtains during a gust of wind.

In order to freely pass to the balcony, should be used pickups / holders. They will serve as a functional addition and a beautiful element of curtains.

In the role of a pick-up, a twisted cord of twisted woolen thread looks good; it can be decorated with a bow or ribbons.

For unobstructed access to the balcony, holders can also be used. They are made of plastic, wood, metal, and placed at different heights, dictated by fashion and style of the kitchen.

Having made a sheer interception over the door, you can also achieve easy access to the balcony. A similar goal is possible to achieve with the help of a lambrequin in the form of a scarf.

Accessories for curtains can be purchased in specialized stores, or create yourself. The main thing is not to overdo it with the amount and not to overload the kitchen interior.

Fastening and eaves

The curtains in the kitchen with a balcony door have to be opened quite often, therefore, the cornice should be selected durable, or a special configuration. String curtain rods are not desirable for the kitchen, they are short-lived and inconvenient for kitchens with balconies.

Production material at the eaves is of three types:

  • Metallic. Made of steel, copper, brass alloys, aluminum. Well combined with elements of glass, leather, crystals. Products can be glossy, dull, multi-colored, thanks to the lacquer coating.A special kind of metal cornices - forged. Such products are made to order and implement the most courageous idea of ​​the customer.
  • Plastic eaves much more economical, more practical and undemanding to use. Such eaves well copy various textures: wood, metal, stone.
  • Wood. Such products are not quite suitable for use in the kitchen. It is not cheap wooden eaves, and high humidity, fat and children will quickly lead him to obscene appearance. But if the use of wood is necessary to maintain the overall style of the kitchen, and the hood does its job well - you can decide.

All cornices are decorated with different tips, which give individuality and focus on the overall style.

As for the length of the eaves, the rule here applies: its minimum length should protrude by 0.3 meters beyond the window openings. In this case, the overall perception of space improves. Excessively long curtain rails in the kitchen are not practical. As a rule, the walls by the window are lined with furniture and appliances, in this case, the curtains can crawl under your arm and greatly interfere.

The method of attachment plays an important role. For light curtains, you can pick up any crepes. Under heavy fabrics should be selected a sufficient number of fasteners, as well as check the strength of the wall or ceiling in their installation. From the protruding edge of the window sill and radiators, the distance from the wall to the curtains is calculated. On average, it is equivalent to 10 cm.

Selection features

For curtains in the kitchen with a balcony door, the feature of choice comes down to two important points:

  • Lighting. The penetration of daylight in kitchens with balconies is significantly reduced than in kitchens with windows facing directly onto the street. As a result, to give preference, in the first place, is light and light materials and materials. The exception is the kitchen with large areas, where dark curtains can give a special chic to the interior.
  • Availability. The balcony in the kitchen is used more often than in other rooms, so the curtains should be selected from such fabrics that will be easy to open, not annoying, and be sufficiently resistant to mechanical stress.

When choosing the type of window curtains in the kitchen with a balcony, you should give importance to the type of balcony group.There are hinged glazed and asymmetrical with a side window.

Entirely glazed doors look beautiful and let in more street light. For their design and give the interior even greater ease to pick up the curtains in the kitchen follows from the following options:

  • curtains of mixed types of matter;
  • curtains on the rings to the ceiling;
  • curtains with a small lambrequin, provided that they do not interfere with opening the doors;
  • various combinations of curtains, blinds and roller blinds.

Having a single door in the kitchen, it is necessary to give the window-door a holistic design, smooth out or interesting to beat the existing asymmetry. For custom decoration of such windows should consider the following options:

  • angled curtains;
  • roll or roman curtains of various heights;
  • vertical blinds;
  • horizontal blinds in combination with curtains.

Another element that should be considered when choosing the type and length for decorating windows is a heating radiator. If it is unsympathetic, then it is better to hide it behind long curtains.

Professional Tips

Designers, for a successful decor of the window with a balcony, are advised to focus interest on the following points:

  • the width of the curtains should correspond to the window-balcony opening;
  • curtains for the kitchen with a balcony door should be a logical continuation of the overall style of the room;
  • To decorate the windows, warm colors should be chosen, but if the design requires it, cold shades are permissible;
  • too long curtains should be added with small accessories so that they will not end up on the stove when there is a strong gust of wind;
  • Feel free to experiment and try different combinations, combine materials, textures, colors, playing with the asymmetry of kitchens with a balcony door;
  • to avoid excessive variegation, choosing curtains with a pattern should follow no more than three colors in colors that are combined with the interior;
  • with different texture of fabrics should be followed approximately one shade in color.

Beautiful design options

Combining different types of curtains in the interior, choosing them among themselves according to the texture, successfully playing with color solutions in the kitchen - you can create amazing compositions from textiles.

For example, having fixed a two-tier cornice above a window, it is possible to combine two layers of fabrics. The first, external, may consist of a translucent tulle of a neutral shade. The second layer to hang the curtain, shifting it to the side of the window using grabs. Choose a brighter and more contrasting color, combining it with the interior of the kitchen, which will be repeated in the upholstery of chairs, lamp shade, napkins and other details.

Roll curtains, which can be covered with light tulle or a curtain, will also be a beautiful solution. Color solutions always play a big role, so you should carefully study what details of the kitchen space can be successfully repeated in colors.

The curtains on the grommets will also become a beautiful addition to the rolled curtains.

It is interesting to beat the asymmetry with the help of tulle, as the main layer, and more dense, but translucent upper curtain layer, cut obliquely. The curtain at the balcony should be quite short, and on the extreme side of the window close the opening almost completely.

The multi-layeredness of the Japanese panels, if allowed by the kitchen footage, will also look stylish and not usual.You can use a combination of three colors: a light and rich tone of the same color, complementing them with one panel of a similar shade of color with a small pattern.

For beautiful solutions, you can use several eaves, fixing them at different levels, or next to each other. The thoughtful use of accessories is also capable of giving color to even the most ordinary curtains.

One has only to show imagination - the kitchen will find freshness and individuality.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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