Choosing curtains on the balcony

 Choosing curtains on the balcony

In modern design projects are often found design options for balconies. For many, it is now not just a warehouse for unnecessary things, but an additional living space with its own special style. A significant role in creating a unique atmosphere and comfort on the balcony is played by properly selected curtains.


The decision to curtain balcony windows with curtains is influenced by several factors:

  • Curtains are needed for protection from the sun, which is especially important for loggias on the south side.
  • Hinged windows will protect indoor plants on the balcony, which can not be in direct sunlight.
  • For lower residential floors, curtains will provide protection from prying eyes.

In addition, a wide range of curtains for the balcony space allows you to choose the right option for any interior.

There are several types of curtains for balconies and loggias that have different degrees of sun protection and functionality.

Roman curtains

Recently, Roman curtains have been particularly popular in decorating balcony windows. This option is a cloth fabric, which is collected in neat folds during lifting.

This model is easy to maintain and compact in both straightened and assembled. For the manufacture of Roman curtains are used a variety of fabrics and even bamboo, and some types combine two eaves at once with a more dense fabric for evening time and translucent for daylight.


Another modern and practical form of curtains for the balcony can be called roll or roll curtains. This type of curtain has a universal mounting mechanism, so the curtains can be attached to the ceiling, window frame or doorway.Roll-curtains differ unusual design, but without additional curtains, they look too strict.

The surface of the curtains is treated with a special impregnation from dust, which makes it easy to care for them.

Velcro curtains

If the balcony windows reach the ceiling itself, and there is no place for fastening the curtain rod cornice, the solution will be velcro curtains. This method of attachment is suitable for Roman and roller blinds, but often the hostess chooses a simpler option and hangs on the tulle.

The choice of fabric curtains due to the fact that it is easiest to remove and wash.

In addition, you can easily and large financial costs to change one weightless curtain to another, changing the appearance of the balcony space.

Varieties of windows

When choosing suitable curtains for the balcony space, it is necessary to take into account not only practicality and general style, but also a variety of windows.

French window

For the French balcony with a huge panoramic window from floor to ceiling, a good option would be curtains of loose fabric of light shades. You can hang the usual curtains on the curtain, which, if necessary, move to one side and open the view from the window.

It is interesting and unusual on the French balcony to look curtains, threads that perfectly let in sunlight and, at the same time, hide what is happening in the apartment. Often for such sizes choose Roman curtains, horizontal blinds in combination with weightless curtains or Austrian curtains, which, if desired, you can close only half of the window.

Not glazed loggia

If the balcony is not glazed, PVC curtains will help to keep warm. Such devices are often used to insulate verandas, gazebos and country houses, but some find use at home.

Models like roller blinds, if necessary, protect the balcony space from strong wind or rain. Soft curtains in the form of a continuous sheet can replace the glass in the loggia and will protect the interior of the balcony from the weather.

And on the doorway you can hang PVC strip curtains. The advantages of curtains of this material can be attributed - ease of installation and ease of maintenance, resistance to high and low temperatures, as well as durability, environmental friendliness and safety.

Sliding windows

It is wise to approach the choice of curtains for sliding windows, which are shifted by analogy with the wardrobe.Due to the fact that the sash windows when moving close to each other, it is not necessary to choose the blinds and curtains that are closely adjacent to the window.

The most successful option would be to install vertical blinds with fastening to the ceiling. Also, you can pick up Roman blinds and attach them at a distance from the windows. It is better to choose curtains in size so that the joints fall on the frames, that is, the closed window elements.


Modern curtains or curtains for the balcony space are distinguished by a wide range of materials.

Sometimes curtains are made of bamboo or straw fibers, plastic and aluminum webs, and PVC.

Among the fabric curtains, in addition to the usual tulle and organza, preference is given to natural materials - cotton and linen.. These types of fabrics are widely used for sewing roller blinds. Flax is distinguished by its strength, and when wetted it becomes even stronger.

In addition, the curtains of flax are resistant to sunlight.

Natural cotton also tolerates the attacks of nature, but it has one drawback - it quickly burns out. Therefore, synthetic fibers are added to cotton curtain fabrics.

Polycotton curtains are a budget option.

Velvet and velor used for sewing Roman blinds. Due to its dense structure, such curtains perfectly protect from excessively annoying sunlight on the south side.

Reliable and durable are curtains made of synthetic materials. Polyester is created artificially for safe operation, so the fabric is ready to repel UV attacks.

The price of products from this material will also be a pleasant surprise.

Blackout fabrics are considered to be the most innovative and best protector from sunlight and ultraviolet rays. This option with an individual and original print will be the interior decoration.

The most unfortunate fabrics for sewing curtains can be called wool and silk - materials of animal origin. Wool does not tolerate the scorching sun, and silk is very fastidious in care and loses durability under the influence of sunlight, besides, it is not cheap.

Color and print

Selecting curtains for your balcony or loggia, it is worth remembering that this space is a kind of continuation of the adjacent room and should look organic.It is more logical to choose the balcony curtains to match the textile of the room and room curtains, while avoiding too bright and not combined shades.

In addition, with the help of colors or prints on the curtains, you can change the perception of space and make it more comfortable. For this you need to remember a few rules:

  • Horizontal stripes or other width prints on the curtains will visually expand the balcony space, while the vertical patterns will visually make the ceilings higher.
  • For small rooms, preference should be given to curtains of light colors, since they are able to visually enlarge the space.
  • Using a small print makes the curtains more weighty and noticeable than plain curtains.
  • For rooms on the north side, it is preferable to choose warm colors, because they add light and comfort. For a sunny balcony, you can pick up both warm and cold gamma.
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Curtains for windows with balcony doors

When you make a window with a balcony door, you should take into account not only the style and tone of the curtains, but also the practical component - they should not interfere with access to the balcony. The best options will be:

  • Laconic and comfortable vertical blinds. The most comfortable will be curtains with remote control.
  • Rolled curtains in the size of window openings. The model with the cassette mount assembled will remain invisible.
  • Classic curtains with luxurious prints, familiar to everyone, will highlight the richness of the interior. It is better to choose models from unpretentious materials and with minimal decor.
  • A universal option for any room with a balcony will be lace curtains. Short or long, they will easily place accents in the room.
  • Bamboo curtains that look very exotic fit in the Oriental style room.

The choice of curtains for the balcony door depends on the room in which the balcony is located. For the kitchen area with constant temperature changes and aromas of different dishes, you should choose easy-to-care curtains that will not be deformed.

Curtains of medium length and without lambrequins in the kitchen will be an ideal and safe option.

The choice of natural materials or fabrics with special fire-resistant impregnation will help to avoid fire.

If you still want to hang a pelmet in the kitchen, it is better to give preference to the simplest and not bulky models. The most successful colors of kitchen curtains - in the tone of the kitchen set or apron from the tile.

How to choose?

When choosing curtains for balcony windows, it is necessary to take into account some of the nuances of the room itself:

  • Hanging curtains should not impede or disrupt the operation of windows and at the same time should look aesthetic when opening and closing windows.
  • If the balcony is located on the south side of the building, and at any time of the year there is a lot of sun, then you should give preference to thick curtains that can hold off extra light.
  • On the balconies located on the north side of the building, curtains made of weightless and moderately transparent organza or tulle will look better.
  • Do not forget that a balcony or a loggia is a place for maximum collection of dust and dirt, especially during the summer time period. Therefore, the design of the balcony curtains should not differ in layering and complexity.

Excessively elegant and massive curtains risk becoming dust collectors.

  • A significant role in the selection of curtains and plays the size of the room.If the balcony is not impressive in size, then the curtains for it should be a match - compact and neat. For a spacious loggia with panoramic windows, on the contrary, you can choose luxurious curtains in the floor or Japanese panels.

How to sew your own hands?

Before you start work on self-tailoring curtains, you must carefully measure out the window on the balcony. Then you should decide which curtains will decorate the balcony.

Most often, Roman blinds are presented as improvised balcony curtains. Therefore, we consider the algorithm for sewing this type of curtains in more detail.

Material preparation

So, for the manufacture of Roman blinds you need to prepare:

  • The cloth. It should be tight and keep fit, as well as fit into the overall design. If desired, use the lining.
  • Slats for the formation of folds at the curtain is 3 cm less than the width of the curtain.
  • Metal or plastic rings with a diameter of about 12 mm in the amount of 2 pieces for each drawstring.
  • Curtain weights for the length of the width of the curtains.
  • 3 strong cords, the length of which is equal to two lengths and one width of the finished curtains.
  • Processed wooden bar to secure the curtains and velcro as long as 2 widths of curtains.
  • Hooks and nails.

Curtain cutting

Now you can start cutting out the curtains, the dimensions of which are equal to the size of the window plus 2 cm for the processing of the side edges and about 15 cm for the upper and lower edges.

Next, you need to outline on the smoothed cut of fabric folds using pins or threads and the location of the little rings. Usually mark 7-8 folds at equal distance from each other.

The number of folds depends primarily on the height of the window. To correctly define this parameter, you can use the table:

Sewing curtains

Then you need to hem the sides of the curtains.

Velcro is attached to the upper part, the remaining piece of velcro is attached to the bar with carnations or a furniture stapler. The lower part must be bent and stitched in two rows, so that later you can insert the bar for weighting.

After that, it is necessary to sew the lining fabric, leaving pockets for inserting the rails in the designated places. Then the rings are sewn manually according to the markings, and they can be nailed to the timber.

When the curtain is ready, it should be fixed on the bar with velcro.After that, place the fasteners for the cord on the window frame and from the lower ring thread the cord along the row of rings upwards and then to the side along the row of rings on the bar.

On the bottom ring securely fix the edge of the cord. Repeat this procedure in each row of the rings vertically, outputting the ends of the cord on one side. Next, you need to evenly fold the folds on the curtain, tightly tightening the cords, and secure the curtain in the assembled state.

Then you need to nail the timber to the window and straighten the curtain.

Adjust the tension of the laces and tie them to a knot near the outermost ring on the top, then attach the knob to adjust the curtains at a convenient distance.

Fix the curtain will be for the fastener.

A more detailed process of sewing Roman blinds with our hands is described in the following video:

How to hang?

Another problem that arises when decorating a balcony or loggia is the method of fixing curtains. In addition to the traditional way with the installation of the eaves, there are several alternatives that are more practical and compact:

  • When you do not want to bother with the usual cornice, a telescopic comes to the rescue. It is easily mounted on two opposite walls and does not require drilling, however, it is suitable for relatively light curtains.
  • Roman and roller blinds are also easy to attach without a cornice and occupy a minimum of space on the balcony.
  • More compact version of the cornice can be called a special rail or string, which can be attached to the wall or ceiling.

Balcony window decoration ideas

If the dining area is located on the loggia, then the classic curtains made of light translucent light-colored fabric will be a good option for decorating the window.

To open the view from the window, you can add curtains for the bottom.

For the home greenhouse on the balcony rolled blinds with vegetable print, supporting an atmosphere of unity with nature.

Sometimes the view from the balcony window is so beautiful that it is enough to decorate it with a light transparent Roman curtain with a print matching the interior.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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