Table on the balcony

 Table on the balcony

The functionality of the balcony depends on the right interior and furniture. Even a small loggia can be turned into a living room. This will help folding table on the balcony, which organically fit into the space and create an atmosphere of comfort.

Meaning and features of choice

Loggia has long ceased to be a place especially necessary for the storage of old and unnecessary things. It can be used as an office, recreation room or dining room. But not every apartment has a large, spacious loggia. As a rule, a set of furniture for a balcony is limited to a table, chairs, a small pedestal, and shelves.

Those who want to transform the balcony invariably face the problem of choice.In conditions of limited space, every ten centimeters is valuable, so the furniture should take up little space, be of suitable height and width, and also correspond to the interior of the balcony.

The table is selected taking into account several criteria:

  • Degree of functionality;
  • The color of the walls, floor, decorative elements;
  • Scope of the table;
  • What is the furniture made of?

Based on the listed criteria, the table type is selected, its dimensions are determined and additional decorative elements are selected. The functionality of the space depends on the right furniture.


Balcony table is selected taking into account the purpose for which the loggia will be used. Furniture items are divided into several types based on the size, design, shape and scope of application:

Folding table

Ergonomic model that is easy to transport and move from place to place. The small dimensions of the table simplify its placement on a small loggia. It is used for dinner, as a decorative piece of furniture. There are also models on wheels, complemented by shelves under the table top. Furniture can be stored behind the cabinet and laid out only as needed.


It is mounted on the wall, and the simplicity of the table design simplifies its installation. The model has no legs, because even in the stretched state, it takes up less space. Manufacturers produce square and semi-circular tables, furniture can also be made independently, without the use of professional tools.

Countertops instead of a balcony block

In this case, the wall between the loggia and the room (for example, the kitchen) is missing. The balcony becomes a continuation of the living space, and the table top delimits them. Thanks to this separation, you can place additional cabinets or cabinets, highlight the dining area. A bar counter and a place for storing small electrical appliances (kettle, microwave) are made of this element.


Ideal for those who want to create a separate office. Balcony will allow privacy, work in peace and tranquility. You should choose a small model where the computer, stationery will fit. A convenient shelf above the table will allow you to remove books, diaries and notebooks, and the built-in nightstand is suitable for hiding things that are not used every day.


Multifunctional model, equipped with drawers, built-in cabinet. It can be used for food, work and placement of decorative elements. One of the varieties is a table-book, folding if necessary. It is transformed when a lot of guests sit down at a meal, the rest of the time the model is compactly located in the corner.


When planning to turn the loggia into the dining room, you should give preference to the elongated and not too wide dining table. In this case, it is placed in the central part of the room so that the chairs are located at the edges. The best solution would be a light table, which can be easily moved and free up space.


Table, combined with a mirror and shelves for storing small items. Primarily used in bedrooms. Having such a model on the balcony, it turns out to create a continuation of the living space. There the woman of fashion can correct a make up.


A miniature model that fits even in the narrowest loggia. The table is used to store books, newspapers, decorative elements. It will look advantageous next to the chair and turn the balcony into a rest room and a miniature reading room.


Non-standard solution for those who decided to combine a kitchen and a balcony.This table has an elongated shape and a small width, because it takes up little space. Above the piece of furniture can be located shelves or shelters for the storage of alcohol, glasses, shakers.


It looks like a folding table in its design, but it is attached in another way. The model is mounted on the parapet of the balcony with metal profiles and hooks. The option will be more effective to look on the open terraces. Such a table, as well as folding, can be made independently.


The advantage of the table is that it takes up less space and is not inferior in terms of the total area to other models. The piece of furniture is used for work, meals, there you can arrange flowers or store books.


Tables on the balcony are made from different raw materials. Plastic furniture is easily transported, weighs little. However, its external characteristics do not always satisfy the design ideas of the balcony owner, since the model is more suitable for picnics or villas. Tables with metal support are durable, they are not afraid of external mechanical effects. However, they are characterized by bulkiness, weigh a lot.

Wooden tables are made of different materials:


Made from wood shavings. It is an eco-friendly material that is resistant to mold and fungi. It is easy to handle and install on the wall. Affordable price. The material holds fittings and fasteners, has an increased level of strength.


One of the most common options. It has a low price, characterized by reliability, durability, ease of operation. The material is available in a large number of colors and shades. It weighs little, which simplifies the process of transportation and installation.


It is made of solid wood species, in particular, from oak and pine. Resistant to impact and impact. The nobility of natural wood will give the interior a natural, majesty, restrained beauty.

The size

Choosing a balcony table, its size is given paramount importance. There is not enough space on the loggias, so the furniture should be as functional as possible. The size of the table corresponds to the area of ​​the room. It should not occupy the entire width of the loggia, so as not to block the passage. It is also taken into account that chairs, shelves and, possibly, a bedside table or a shelving unit are placed on the edges of the furniture.

When choosing the size of furniture take into account the following criteria:

  • Area loggia or balcony;
  • The purpose of the table (rest, work, meal);
  • The number of tenants.

A small table is an option for small families. It will become a workplace for one person or suitable for a romantic dinner for two. In the case when it is planned to receive guests, you can give preference to a folding table, which increases several times if necessary to seat more people.

How to make a folding table with your own hands?

Balcony furniture can be made independently. This does not require special skills or abilities, and for the work you will need a minimum set of tools. The greatest strength and durability characterized by wood furniture. The folding table created by yourself is distinguished by several advantages:

  • The ability to make an individual design, set specific dimensions;
  • Confidence in the strength and quality of the product, since the whole process is controlled independently;
  • The table is modernized at any time, available materials are used for its repair.

Before starting work, a place is chosen for placing the table.. It may require electricity. As an option - attention should be paid to how natural light will fall and whether it will not interfere with work (the computer screen can gleam). Further calculations are carried out dimensions.

To create the table you will need the following materials: board, antifungal impregnation, screws and dowels, polished sandpaper, fastener loops. If you plan to cover the furniture with something, additionally acquire varnish or paint. Of the tools will be enough electric jigsaw or saw, perforator, drill.

After preparation, proceed directly to the manufacture of the folding table:

  • Draw on the board the cover of the future table. It is better to use a ruler and a compass for this, so that the shape is even.
  • Cut countertop. One more piece is required; its length is equal to the base of the lid, and its width is 9-11 cm.
  • To create a support, two rectangles are cut out (length is 2-3 cm less than the width of the tabletop, width is 18-22 cm). One of them should be cut in two diagonally. To work you need only one of the rectangles.
  • The surface of the table top and the edges of the parts are processed using a file or sandpaper. At this stage it is possible to coat elements with varnish or paint.
  • The edges of the table top are attached to the first rectangle with hinges and screws.
  • To assemble the support, it is necessary to put a triangle in the center, 2-3 mm below the upper edge. The design is fixed with two loops; it should be well formed. If the tabletop is very large, two pillars are needed for its installation.
  • On the wall is marked the level at which the lid will be located. The support is attached with screws. That the table hung exactly, at measurement of distances apply level.

At the final stage, other furnishings are picked up to the resulting table, and decorations and books are placed on it. To model buy chairs or make them yourself. In the latter case, you can make all the furniture of one material, maintaining a stylistic uniformity.

Beautiful ideas

When it is planned to turn a loggia or a balcony into a dining room, the table is placed in the central part of the room in order to free the passage and leave space for chairs. The piece of furniture has a round, oval, rectangular or square shape. There are also non-standard tables for fans of conceptual design. On the large elongated loggia fit dining table for several people.

Fans of modern interiors can choose a non-standard table: make it from a drawer, cube, pedestal, painted in a bright color or decorated with variegated materials. In this case, it will be advantageous to look contrast furniture with geometric accents, abstract patterns.

The workshop table is characterized by maximum practicality, and its external characteristics recede into the background. Office for tools, sliding shelves for small items, high strength - the distinctive features of such furniture. The workshop does not require the purchase of an expensive table, it can be made from improvised means: old boards, boxes, pallets.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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