Balcony exterior finish

Balcony room becomes more attractive and more complete, if you choose high-quality and beautiful materials for interior decoration. But we must not forget about the appearance of the balcony. Today in the shops you can find many different materials for exterior cladding.

Plating advantages

For decoration of the outer part of the balcony block, a variety of materials are manufactured, from wood panels to metal sheets. You can choose a reliable and durable option for every taste and budget. Fortunately, modern manufacturers offer consumers a chic range of building materials of all colors and shades. This allows apartment owners to arrange their home in a stylish and harmonious way.

The main advantages of high-quality exterior finish are its protective properties.. It protects the base of the balcony from the negative effects and adverse environmental conditions. Properly chosen and properly installed facing materials can significantly extend the life of the room.

Many design options can be set independently. It is not necessary to hire workers and spend extra money, since you will be able to do the installation yourself. If you still doubt your strength or are afraid to deal with such work, then you should contact the experts.

It should be noted an attractive appearance, which acquires a sheathed balcony. After all the work on the exterior finish it will look very neat and beautiful.

Quality materials have thermal insulation characteristics. Of course, they cannot play the role of real heaters, but they will help to maintain a comfortable climate in the balcony room, especially if there is a warm glazing in it.

With the help of reliable and wear-resistant finishing materials, you can protect the balcony from the damaging effects of dampness and moisture.

How to finish?

To date, there are a large number of different materials intended for exterior decoration of balcony blocks. Each copy has its own distinctive characteristics, advantages and disadvantages.

Plastic panels

Most often on the streets of cities you can meet the balconies, decorated with plastic panels. Otherwise they are also called plastic or vinyl lining. Such materials are durable and wear resistant. Plastic is used for both exterior and interior decoration.

Another significant advantage of the plastic design of the balcony is its affordable price. This economical option is the best in terms of price and quality.

Plastic panels look very neat. They refresh the balcony unit, and it looks much more attractive.

Installation of such facing materials is very simple and easy. For covering the balcony, you can not hire experts, and do it yourself.


Another common material is siding. They trim not only at home, but also balcony rooms.It is also suitable for interior and exterior cladding.

Siding can be metal, wood (from wood-polymer composite) or vinyl. The greatest demand is the last option. Such material is not subject to corrosion. It does not deform over time and does not lose its attractive appearance.

It is worth noting that siding is very difficult to stain, so it does not require special and frequent care. It is also environmentally friendly and completely safe. Siding is fireproof and presented in a variety of colors.

For the installation of such material is still worth possessing some skills and knowledge.

No less promising material is metal siding. It has an affordable price and beautiful appearance.

Metal siding is very durable. Its top layer is not paint, but a special polymer coating that does not need to be constantly updated or repainted. He is not afraid of temperature extremes.


Many apartment owners turn to exterior decking. This material is a thin corrugated sheets of steel.They can have a variety of sizes and colors.

Often, people are skeptical about this design option because of its subtlety and lightness. And very vain. In fact, the professional sheet is reliable and very durable. Such characteristics are provided by the relief surface, which gives the sheets increased rigidity.

Mineral and silicone plaster

Less often, apartment owners turn to finishing with mineral and silicone plaster. Such solutions not only look very beautiful, but also have sound-proofing properties.

High-quality plaster vapor-permeable. It does not absorb large amounts of water, so a favorable microclimate will always remain on the balcony. Not afraid of such finishing materials and mechanical damage. Also, he will not require special care from the owners.

Wooden wall paneling

Wood-based materials are less practical. For example, ordinary wall paneling looks attractive on a balcony block, but does not tolerate damp or moisture.

From time to time it will have to be treated with special impregnations that add life to the wall paneling, so it is recommended to choose plastic panels.

Frameless glazing

Not so long ago, very spectacular frameless glazing came into fashion.. Windows in such structures are located from the floor to the ceiling (according to special Finnish technology). In such systems there is a very strong tempered glass. It is characterized by durability and stunning appearance.

If you still decide to turn to these windows, then you should consider two very important points:

  • Such a “glass wall” in its energy-saving properties is inferior to traditional kits made up of frame glazing, various insulators and exterior cladding.
  • Frameless glazing today is quite expensive.

Safety regulations

It is not a secret for anyone that all the work on the exterior cladding of balcony blocks is carried out at a height, therefore it is necessary to have special equipment in your arsenal.

It includes climbing equipment and special tools that allow working in hard-to-reach areas. If you decide to hire specialists for the installation of exterior cladding, then you should contact the workers who have all of the above equipment and experience.

If you decide to do all the work with your own hands, then you need to follow the basic safety regulations, especially if the balcony is on a high floor. You need to be very careful and careful when using the platform or a high stepladder. It is recommended to have an assistant who can hedge you and help you with other issues of exterior decoration.

According to safety, the entire installation area must be protected. This can be done with a red, yellow or striped ribbon, as well as twine.

Required tools

Before facing the balcony block it is necessary to solve the problem with insulation. After its installation, you can go directly to the casing. To do this, you must have the following tools:

  • Drill, hammer drill, grinder, metal profiles and screwdriver;
  • Corners and moldings;
  • Stock up with screws and dowels. You can also purchase a special construction stapler with staples for wood;
  • You will definitely need a ruler and level;
  • Do not do in the process of work and without foam;
  • You can stock up on wooden beams and metal frames.

DIY cladding

Sheathe balcony block can be your own. Consider the installation process on the example of profiled sheets:

  • First you need to dismantle the old trim. After that, it is necessary to install the crate on metal structures (corner posts, located along the perimeter);
  • Then you need to drill two holes with a diameter of about 4 mm in each rack. Between them it is necessary to leave no more than 1 mm;
  • Drill holes recommended from the inside of the balcony, not getting out;
  • It is not at all difficult to do. To do this, you can attach the crate to the screws. Do not forget about this when you go shopping for the necessary fasteners;
  • As a result, you should have a double belt, made up of planks located along the perimeter;
  • Wood must be treated with special waterproof impregnation;
  • Only after these actions can you proceed to the installation of finished sheets of corrugated sheet of the correct size;
  • Sheets must be fastened with screws with special seals. In the corners, the structure should be decorated with corner profiles;
  • Parts must be customized using special scissors for cutting metal;
  • If there are scratches on the sheets, you can easily hide them. To do this, refer to the special waterproof paint.

More clearly the process of facing the outer facade of the balcony you can see in the following video:

You can also install siding panels by yourself. Consider the phased installation of such materials:

  • First you need to familiarize yourself with the technical condition of the balcony unit. Necessary to carry out restoration work, if necessary;
  • Siding can not be mounted until you install a special frame on which the panels will be mounted. Most often it is composed of boards and boards. If funds allow, it is possible to install a more reliable metal frame;
  • Do not forget about the installation of high-quality insulation on the balcony;
  • After all the preparatory work, you can begin to install siding. In the corners you need to fix the corners. They will be installed side ends of the panels;
  • At the bottom of the balcony block you need to attach the starting level with screws. It is on this detail that the panels will be mounted;
  • Next, in the grooves on the bar you need to insert the first siding sheet.The panel is fixed with screws on the front side;
  • Do not tighten fasteners all the way. It is necessary to leave about 1-2 mm of free space. It is necessary to follow this rule in order that in case of exposure to high temperatures the siding is not deformed due to fastening caps;
  • Similarly, it is necessary to continue installation from the bottom to the top.

In the video below you can see the whole process of covering the balcony with siding panels:

If you correctly and correctly install all the panels, then there will be no need for additional sealing. Experts recommend blowing sealant all the slots and grooves before directly installing the panels. This is necessary to ensure a high level of protection against moisture, damp, drafts and low temperatures.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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