How to make a gazebo in Japanese style?

Gazebos in the Japanese style are becoming increasingly visible in the vast Russian lands. They can be seen not only in parks, squares, but also in suburban areas. The advantage of this design is that it can be built in just a few hours, by investing a minimum of money and your own strength, since you do not need to call for this wizard. Especially since she looks really decent.

If you are going to build a Japanese-style pergola at the dacha, it means that you didn’t lose it, because it can only change the land for the better. She shows with her appearance not only calmness, but also pacification. The Japanese gazebo will help you to relax properly after a hard day’s work, as this will be a great place for rest and relaxation.

The article will discuss all the intricacies of building a gazebo, beautiful and proper decorations.

    Features of Japanese arbors

    First, we will look at how good the Japanese gazebos are, how to build them, and also talk about their design.

    • It is best to orientate the building to the cardinal points. It is desirable to build a wall on the south side, which will help you to shelter from the wind in bad weather. The entrance needs to be done from the west. And only after that you can be sure that the coolness during the good sunny and hot weather inside will remain really long. Thanks to this reception you will be able to watch the sunset every day with pleasure.
    • In fact, the style does not come first. The Japanese approach this business more often this way: first, they choose the right terrain, and only after that and everything else. After all, this is the way to build a really similar arbor with a Japanese one. It is best to build such a house initially on some hill, natural or cement, so that it can be viewed from all sides. All this will look beautiful if you plant various flowers, shrubs or dwarf trees around, which greatly emphasizes the beauty not only outside, but also inside.If you want to make exact copies, like the Japanese, you can see examples if there is such an opportunity.
    • It will be very good if there is a stream, a reservoir next to your arbor. Thus, your contemplation of a sort of picture will help you relax better. After a good long rest in such a unique gazebo, you will be able to feel what real Japanese feel - calm and equanimity. And this is actually the case.
    • Such arbors of ordinary differ in their multi-tiered roof, they are often called pagoda. The Japanese believe that the building itself is not worthy of such attention that it cannot be said about the roof. They say that the gazebo itself should be minimalistic and simple. But here you need to really pay a lot of attention to the roof, because what you can do better than it, the gazebo as a whole will be more effective.
    • Such arbors, as a rule, are erected on stilts. This makes them more weightless and better viewed. If you want to emphasize its unique style, you can try to do this thanks to the curved bridge, to which you attach the curved steps. It looks really dignified and beautiful.
    • If we are talking about the decor, it is best not to use the "screaming" tone. It is preferable to use a monochromatic palette that will not cut the eye.

    You must remember that in no case should you overload your gazebo, as the pagoda can simply sink, or even worse - fail. The building should not bring a lot of difficulties.

    Arbor construction

    Such structures are built from a variety of materials, usually from bamboo, cane or oiled rice paper. However, today it is virtually impossible for our climate, since it is too harsh for such a building. Therefore, projects were created that use more durable materials, such as stone and wood, together or separately.

    A little tip: If you decide to build a Japanese-style pergola, you can immediately discard the plastic or synthetic options aside, since the structure must “breathe”.

    Experts strongly recommend using only environmentally friendly materials, such as wood.

    How to make a Japanese gazebo?

    In order to find out the answer to this question, you first need to decide on the style of garden construction.

    Strict, but at the same time and restrained option are decorative arbors, which are made in the classical style. After all, it is on such buildings that you have to work the least, since they have a square or triangular shape, which is distinguished by clear lines or, undoubtedly, with sustained proportions.

    Tip: this design is a real find for those people who do not want to waste time in choosing a design, because it will always be relevant.

    However, if you want a little bit of “exotic”, the best option is in the oriental style. They also have only two options - Japanese and Chinese. They surprise people not only with the quirkiness of their forms, but also with their beautiful curves that mimic the traditional pagoda.

    Besides the fact that you pay a lot of attention to the inside of the gazebo, arranging everything inside is perfect, in your opinion, you will have to work further on the appearance, as it plays a really important role.

    Such houses often look beautiful when inside there is a hearth for cooking. Undoubtedly, this is a difficult option, but is the best.For such a case, there are two choices - a brazier or a barbecue stove. What to choose depends on you. This construction is not only convenient in terms of beauty, but also that when cooking on the fire there will be a pleasant smell, increasing the appetite.

    However, nothing can decorate this house as green spaces, for example, flowers or shrubs.

    Tip: use evergreens, because they can give a good view of the gazebo in both summer and winter. It is best suited for this spruce or thuja. But you should also look at dwarf trees and shrubs.

    At the moment, at the peak of popularity is the Japanese style, namely: stone gardens that are arranged in a geometric order. This design tends to imitate natural landscapes, which looks quite beautiful in any season.

    You can also decorate your house with plants that bloom more favorably, which can grow not only at the level of the entrance, but also stretch along the whole perimeter of the building. They can be decorated in beautiful designer beds, you can make them yourself or buy them in a garden shop. In addition, there is a good option - climbing plants. They can descend on the arbor grate, create a unique look and smell.This option is beneficial not only because it will look good, the living wall also protects the gazebo from the burning sun.

    Undoubtedly, the summer cottage, whatever its size, can be not only a good place to relax, but also a real paradise for the realization of designer fantasies. After all, you can decorate it with anything from bridges, ending with paved stones. On such sites, wrought-iron elements look best, for example, lanterns or benches. And if you build some kind of artificial reservoir or a fountain, it will be much better and more effective.

    However, you should not get carried away with too wide range of decor when building the eastern pagoda. It can not be too much.

    Rather, it will distract you and your loved ones.

    If you build from wood, then it should be light colors, such as beige or white. However, there are buildings of black and brown colors, which proves the variety of buildings. However, in this case it is only up to you. Colors can also be combined, for example, white and black, brown and beige. They look as harmonious and attractive as monophonic.

    At the very beginning of construction you need to process your arbor with an antiseptic, which can be bought without difficulty in the nearest store. It will serve to avoid rotting and infection with fungus wood. After this procedure, you need to go to the level above - varnish everything, then use the stain. This is done for the refined look of the product, because the natural shade will always be appreciated by the people, and the popularity will grow every year.

    If you decide to paint the Japanese pagoda, you should first pay attention to the surrounding colors of the landscape. This is done so that the shades are combined and have a harmonious look. The best paint for such works is acrylic, and it is accepted to apply it with a spray, in which case the tones will be uniform.

    It is customary in the East to paint walls, floor and roof in different colors. However, in no way should they be strongly contrasted. Remember: combinations of colors in one pagoda allow only three shades.

    Thanks to this knowledge, your gazebo will not look too colorful, which the Japanese really do not like.


    If the conversation turned to the interior of the pagoda, then it should be done as in the previous paragraph, that is, choose the most simple tone.There can not be a lot of paraphernalia, for example: soft pillows or favorite lamps.

    Decorating your favorite Japanese-style gazebo is like this:

    • the most common wooden or stone furniture, which only give a little charm;
    • it is best to put a small table, then to hold tea ceremonies on it;
    • of course, the appropriate dishes;
    • if you really are going to make a hundred per cent Japanese arbor, then it’s best to place under the dome various Japanese lanterns that you can make from rice paper;
    • as for the insulation of floors - they need to warm mats that are traditional;
    • windows or open walls are best curtain shutters, but it is worth remembering that they should be light and at the same time have the appropriate width with the size of the opening.

    It is worth recalling that the colors in the Japanese gazebos should not be variegated, this also applies to the color of objects. Everything should be not only simple, but also the most functional.

    Remember that your building, which you are going to build or have already built on your site, gives you an excellent opportunity to spend your valuable time not only with health benefits, but also enjoy your leisure time.Your design can be both open and closed, it already depends on your personal choice. First, think about how much time you will spend in this house and how often. If it is rare, then it is better to do it closed.

    For additional decoration arbors in the Japanese style are often used such lighting devices as Japanese lanterns. You do not need to get involved too much, it will be enough to use up to six flashlights on one object.

    It is desirable to hang the walls of the construction with rice paper.

    As we remember, the design can be in a very different style, but you need to make sure that your Japanese gazebo and lighting harmoniously fit into the surrounding landscape. If you have a desire to isolate it from the surrounding other gazebos, it is worthwhile to work hard on decorations of green plants, such as flowers, shrubs. And you can also give a little charm to the decor items that you can make even with your own hands.

    You will learn more about how to design a Japanese-style pergola in the following video.

    Beautiful examples of Japanese style gazebos

    The design can be open type.Sometimes the Japanese style uses minimalism, no need to overload the gazebo with unnecessary details of the decor.

    The Japanese-style arbor looks very stylish in the middle of a small pond. This solution can be made even on a small summer cottage.

    The walls in the modern Japanese-style pergola can be made of glass. At the same time, there should be a minimum number of decorative details.

    Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

    Entrance hall

    Living room