Choosing a children's vykatnaya sofa

Children's room is a secluded place for a child in which he can safely play, practice and relax. In order to provide the baby with more free space, many parents purchase a roll-out sofa.

This is beneficial not only in terms of the functionality of such a bed, but also in terms of price.

Types of mechanisms

Roll-out sofa works through a special mechanism, which consists of rollers attached to the inside of the seat. When you pull the strap rollers make the frame to move to increase the area of ​​the sofa. Thus you can get a spacious sleeping place without the use of large physical force.

The withdrawable system can have three varieties: standard, cap-vykatnuyu and "accordion".

Under the standard system, the frame extends forward and is folded in the center of the product.

Cap-vykatnaya option is a system in which the seat is pushed down, and in the resulting void put an extra pillow. And in order to expand the sofa accordion, you only need to pull the frame for a special strap.

Regardless of the folding system, each type allows you to get an even and spacious sleeping place. But the width of the surface varies depending on the model of the sofa.

For a child's room, they often purchase a product with a standard system, since even a small child can handle it. For the rest of the mechanisms, some effort is required.

Additional selection criteria

Having defined the rolling out mechanism, you need to pay attention to the filler. The comfortable and safe arrangement of the child depends on it.

For filling sofas most often use the following materials:

  • Sintepon - differs in ease, flexibility and durability. It has good thermal insulation properties, non-toxic and not prone to deformation. The only drawback of the material is the inability to pass air, which is the cause of sweating the child.
  • Polyurethane foam - has the ability to retain the original shape even after several years of regular use. It has a low thermal conductivity and water resistance, and also has a good sound insulation. The disadvantages of the material include instability to the effects of sunlight and easy flammability, in which it begins to release toxins.
  • Periotek - known for its elasticity and durability. It does not cause allergic reactions and is not a source of reproduction of microorganisms. This material has good air exchange and high comfort, but is not resistant to moisture.
  • Holofiber - the eco-friendly and hygienic material possessing durability, ease and durability. It can not be deformed, resistant to pathogens and not whimsical to care.
  • Latex - possesses orthopedic properties, which allows it to repeat the contours of the body. This filler allows you to distribute the total load, which has a good effect on the physical health of the child. These qualities contribute to the high cost of latex, and therefore a sofa with this filler will be expensive.

For the children's room, fillers without springs are mainly chosen to eliminate the possibility of a child being injured.

Choosing roll-out children's bed, you need to pay attention to the upholstery. The sofa can be upholstered with any fabric, whether it is velvet, velor or eco-leather. Leather products are beautiful, but completely unstable to mechanical damage. In addition, they are very expensive. The sofa with teflon coating is waterproof and easy to maintain, which is the main reason for purchasing it in the nursery.

The quality of the upholstery directly affects the cost of furnitureand therefore if parents have no means for expensive purchase, it is necessary to be guided by the opportunities. The main thing is that the sofa has a high-quality and simple mechanism and consists of a safe filling. If necessary, parents can purchase a special case that will reliably protect the product from various damages. The advantage of such a purchase is that it is easy to remove and wash the cover.

Design and equipment

When choosing children's furniture, parents first of all care about the safety and convenience of the baby.But for the child the main thing in the products is the appearance. It is important for him that everything in the bedroom matches his fantasies. For this reason, the purchase of a sofa bed should occur with the participation of a little dreamer.

Children's furniture should have bright patterns and unique design. Children are most often interested in sofas of unusual shapes with bright patterns. For them, manufacturers produce many different models, such as "Fille", "Bear", "Alice".

Children's sofa "Phil" is interesting for its original design. It combines a disproportionate round and rectangular side back, which makes the product unique. If desired, the backrest can be expanded to the side, which will allow you to get a large sleeper. Conveniently, this model has a large storage box under the seat.

In addition to the main selection criteria, it is important to take into account the complete set of furniture. Children's room does not always have enough space to accommodate several storage systems.

Therefore, in furniture stores you can find models of roll-out sofas with additional storage spaces. These can be drawers under the mattress or built-in boxes in the armrests.

Some designs are made together with a side wall with small shelves. There are models that have a mini wall at the back of the bed.

Children's sofas are almost always equipped with protective that the baby feels not only comfortable, but also safe. If the child has a strong mobility in a dream, then the parents first need to pay attention to the presence of the side of the product.

Tips for choosing children's sofas in the next video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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