Sofa, transforming into a bunk bed

For apartments, in which there is not much space, very relevant transformable furniture. In this case, it is important to rationally use every square meter. In large apartments and houses there is no such problem. However, in order to get additional seating, it is better to purchase a sofa, transforming into a bunk bed.

Special features

You will not have problems with the combination of transformable furniture. It is well suited for any interior. At the same time it is quite functional. This guarantees you not only beauty, but also convenience.

Folding and folding such furniture is very easy not only for an adult, but also for a teenager. This allows the use of such furniture in the nursery. This will be especially convenient if you have children of different sexes, and there is not much room in the apartment.

    On sale there is a large selection of sofas, transforming into a bunk bed.Of these, a very large number is designed specifically for children. However, there are models that are designed for adults.

    Highlight the design features of the sofa, which is transformed into a bunk bed:

    • does not take up much space;
    • can replace both a sofa and a sleeping bed;
    • in addition to all may have a table;
    • such a sofa can have lockers in which you can fold bedding.

    Types of sofas that transform into a bunk bed

    In the classic sense of the sofa, transforming into a bunk bed, has two separate beds. Namely: the bottom, which occurs as a result of lowering the back of the sofa, and the top, which is formed when the lower plane is rotated 180 degrees. For reliability, this design has special props. This type of sofa, transforming into a bunk bed, has the simplest mechanism that ensures safety and durability. However, a minus of such a sofa is that there is a need to install brackets for additional fixation to the wall.

    Another type, which is ideal for a very small apartment or a country house, is a corner sofa transforming into a bunk bed.This model not only saves space, even more than the classic version, but also looks quite interesting. It has built-in blockers that guarantee the safety of people having a rest, both from below and above. This type of furniture is suitable for both adults and children.

    Another view is a two-tier model of a composite type. It also folds out into a bunk bed. Its advantage is that, if necessary, such a sofa can be disassembled into two separate beds. This is suitable if, for example, a child is totally against sleeping under the upper bed.

    In addition to these types of stores, there are more interesting solutions sofas, transforming into a bed. The mechanism in such models is more complicated, but safety is higher. Warning of unplanned addition can be carried out by turning the stairs.

    How to choose a transformable sofa

    When buying a sofa, transforming into a bunk bed, it is very important to pay attention not only to durability, but also to its safety level, as well as to the weight that can withstand a place to sleep.

    It is desirable that such a structure be protected from unplannedaddition. This is especially important when the child uses the sofa. And for an adult this level of protection would be superfluous.

    Such furniture should have strong fastenings of the whole structure, including mattresses. Many models have fastenings to the wall. This, of course, is not always convenient, but is a good guarantee of security.

    On a bunk bed there is always a risk of falling from the upper floor, so the advantage for such a sofa would be the presence of fences that prevent the sleeping person from falling.

    It is necessary to take into account the material from which the sofa is made, transforming into a bunk bed. Durable sofas are made from materials such as oak, beech, hevea, metal profile. Furniture is not strong enough, sleeping places are made of MDF and chipboard. Only shelves or cabinets can be made of such material.

    Another important criterion when choosing such a sofa should be the simplicity of the mechanism for both disassembly and assembly. This is what will provide the convenience of using this furniture. Obviously, the easier it will be for you to cope with the mechanism of the sofa, the more pleasure you will get.On sale there are sofas that are laid out very simply.

    Please note that in modern models there is mainly a staircase with flat steps. Such a staircase is safer to climb, though not as convenient as a sloping staircase used in older models. You should pay attention to the fact that the stairs in these sofas are foldable, any defects and cracks are unacceptable on it.

    The upholstery should match the interior of your room and its purpose. Do not forget that for the sofa, which will often sit on, it is better to buy replacement covers, which will be easier to subject to chemical treatment. So, you can protect your furniture from aging too soon, stains and wiping. Thus, the furniture will serve you much longer.

    It is necessary to get a bed with calculation on height and weight of the prospective owner. Not every design can withstand a certain weight. Do not forget that if you plan to put a sofa in the children's room, then you should take a model that exceeds the height of the child. It is also important to pay attention to the height of the furniture. Too high location of the second bed may not be very convenient, and in the worst case, and traumatic.On the contrary, too low location of the same place can cause discomfort to the one who sleeps below.

    Advantages and disadvantages

    Before you buy a sofa, transforming into a bed, you need to get acquainted with its advantages and disadvantages. The advantages of this type of furniture is much greater than the disadvantages.

    The advantages include the following features:

    • Multifunctional. This sofa can be used not only as a sofa, but also to transform it into two separate beds. This is very convenient not only for those people who have children of different sexes, but also for those to whom guests have come, who need to be placed somewhere.
    • Saving space in the apartment. This plus follows from the previous one. You will no longer be required to place somewhere both the sofa and the sleeping places or to refuse the sofa in favor of the latter.
    • Efficiency. Buy a separate two single beds will cost you more than a sofa, transforming into a bunk bed.
    • Ergonomic. Additional cabinets and shelves allow rational use of all space. They are convenient for storing clothes or bedding.
    • The organization of zoning premises. With the help of such furniture you can efficiently use the entire area of ​​the room. In this case, it is possible to modify the interior.

    Despite the fact that there are quite a lot of advantages, some minuses of such furniture can also be highlighted:

    • It is possible to fall from the top place to sleep. However, this disadvantage can be solved by purchasing a model that is equipped with special bumpers.
    • A small child will not be able to disassemble the bed to sleep.
    • There is a complex control mechanism. This design is not so easy to disassemble even an adult, not to mention a teenager. When buying it is worth several times to disassemble and assemble the sofa right in the store.
    • Difficulty in repair. In case of breakage, there may be difficulties in the selection of spare parts. This is due to the fact that such furniture is available in limited quantities. As a result, it will be very difficult and even impossible to find the necessary part for sale. In order to minimize the risk of breakage, you should still buy high-quality models from proven manufacturers.
    • No complicated decorations. Such a sofa will not have too complex design, since the mechanism will be broken, because it is designed for the correctness of geometric shapes.

    The sofa transforming into a bunk bed differs from usual single beds in the big ergonomics and multifunctionality. Such furniture allows you to efficiently use the space in a small room and at the same time diversify the interior. The large variability of designs, materials, as well as a variety of colors and accessories helps to ensure that such furniture could fit in apartments with completely different design solutions.

    Approaching this purchase wisely, you can protect yourself from possible drawbacks. Transforming sofa should be bought from a trusted supplier who guarantees quality. Pay attention to the materials from which the product is made and how it is made. Already in the store, try to fold and unfold the sofa and appreciate the comfort with which you will lie on it.

    Of course, a small child will not be able to cope in order to make a bed, but for a teenager many models of such a sofa will not be difficult to disassemble. The main thing is to make sure that the mechanism of this model of the sofa is not so complicated.

    If you are going to buy such furniture, you need to understand that you can not save on quality. At the same time, a high price is not always a sign of appropriate quality. The final cost of a product is determined by many criteria, including the design of the structure itself. When the decision to purchase is made, it is necessary to decide exactly where the transforming sofa will stand in order to prevent errors in size and harmoniously fit the furniture into the room. The bunk bed with a sofa has mostly positive user reviews.

    Tips for choosing a sofa - in the video below.

    Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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