Wooden toys for the Christmas tree: types, design and secrets of manufacturing

Wooden toys are a very relevant accessory on Christmas trees. Natural materials now occupy a leading position. But for many, such toys have another, special value. Indeed, in the 60-80 years. the last century in each house wooden Christmas decorations were so common that they were not considered something unusual. Now it is an original and unique thing. The modern consumer "pall" glass and plastic toys of various shapes and sizes with an unlimited shelf life and the impossibility of recycling. And with the advent of the “eco” trend in people's lives, everything changed quite dramatically.

Material Features

For people, the tree is intuitively associated with something cozy and warm - many have had such an impression from childhood, trips to the grandmother to the village and unity with nature.And in the modern world of computers and gadgets you want to surround yourself with something natural. The tree is the personification of nature and purity. Wooden toys are safe and durable with proper processing. They can play even the smallest child. And the parents do not have to worry about the crumb again. This toy is hard to break, bite off some detail. And with any effect, it will not lose its shape and is not toxic. And in case of unsuitability, wood as a material can be easily disposed of without harm to the environment.

In stores for needlework you can buy any decorations for decoration. A variety of shapes, sizes, colors and content - all this develops a flight of fancy in the pre-New Year bustle. But more memorable and exciting is the creation of toys with their own hands. As a gift to friends, family, friends or for yourself. Such toys can be made both by yourself and with your family. To do this, there are many materials, you can create jewelry from natural components and combined with artificial.


The snowflake is one of the brightest "representatives" of winter. For many, the New Year is associated with snow.Consider the creation of snowflakes from different, but at the same time available materials. The first option is the decoration of the twigs of a tree or a Christmas tree. For this you will need small twigs of a tree. It is best to have the same thickness for easier work.

Pre-branches need to be processed - remove the extra bark and a little sandpaper to give smoothness. But do not overdo it, you need to leave a rough surface for the entourage. If necessary, you can adjust all the twigs to the same size. This will help scissors or pruner.

To fasten all the parts you need superglue or glue gun. As well as pre-prepared square of felt or cardboard for the base. So, proceed to the assembly of snowflakes. The number of branches must be even. For example, eight sticks - four large and four small. The more sticks, the larger the size of the toy, and vice versa. Snowflakes can be given any shape.

Sprigs must be spread out on a smooth flat surface in the following sequence: in one heap large branches, in the other small ones. On the prepared base (felt or cardboard) about 1 in 1 cm in size, put large branches on the glue in the form of a “+” sign. Small branches stick in the gaps between large branches.

For decoration, you can also glue the fir branches to give volume to the snowflake. You can decorate the product with different ropes, bows, buttons or assembled cones. It is worth remembering about the balance, too large elements will drag the snowflake down and unbalance it.

The uniqueness of such a toy lies in the fact that it can be done by both a child and an adult. Age does not matter here. Here is the main desire. It should be taken into account that if a child makes a snowflake, then the branches must first be processed by adults: cut, remove the bark and polish.

Toy from wood cuts

New Year is a period of magic, gifts, fabulous atmosphere. This is an endless expanse of ideas for creativity. How much can you cook to create comfort, which is worth one Christmas tree. The moment when the whole family dresses up the Christmas tree is unforgettable. Indeed, with each Christmas tree a whole fascinating story can be connected. The toy can be brought from another country, donated by an old friend or parents. And maybe this toy was made for you by the closest person.

One of these crafts can be a toy made from wood cuts.This toy can be hung not only on the tree, but also on the wall. You can make a whole composition of these "pictures". After all, you can draw anything on the saws - from simple greetings to names, houses and sleds. These wooden cuts can be purchased in special shops for creativity or ordered online. And you can make your own saw cut by sawing an old fallen tree.

Options to put a pattern on the finished product set. You can use a special outline, you can draw a picture yourself or find it on the Internet. All you need is just your imagination and acrylic paints. Symbol of the year, different animals, birds, wishes. All this can be painted or burned on the saw.

Next, a drill will come in handy to drill a small hole where the string will be pulled. The last step is to cover the resulting picture with varnish, so the product will last longer.

The varnish will not let moisture through, the tree will not rot. If the drawing was painted, they will not lose their brightness and will not crack with time.

Wooden Christmas house

Small neat house, wooden walls, an open window, a roof covered with snow. All this brings back the atmosphere of a fairy tale, returns to a carefree childhood.The idea of ​​such a toy came to us from Western Europe, where it originated in the Middle Ages. It was of great value, as it mostly represented the house of the owners. Such a craft was made of precious wood, the patterns were often made of metal, enamel or glaze, and could also be painted by the craftsmen themselves.

There is one belief, whence came the "fashion" on toy houses. She came from the old legend of the Brothers Grimm about brother and sister Hansel and Gretel. In this tale was mentioned gingerbread house. Thanks to the tale, it became popular to bake gingerbread houses for Christmas or to make them yourself.

You can create any kind of house. In 3D format or flat, volumetric or hollow. To create a toy, you can use plywood, wood cuts, small boards and bars, even ice cream sticks. The stores sell ready-made kits for collecting houses. All you need to do - is to collect them and decorate at will.

Consider how to make such a toy yourself. To create a wooden house, you must first find the favorite house on the Internet or find a template and print it on A4 paper.Then, on plywood with a width of no more than 4 mm (otherwise the house will be too heavy), transfer the pattern found and cut it along the contour. On average, you should get about seven parts: two parts of the roof, four parts of the wall of the house and one detail of the base.

With the help of a hot pistol we connect all the parts together, gently pushing them. Excess protruding glue can be further cut with scissors. If you use rods for glue gun with glitter, you can create an imitation of snow or frost. After glue has stiffened, it is possible to start a decor. The resulting product can be painted with acrylic paints. With the help of plastics, you can turn the blank into a gingerbread gingerbread house.

The final touch will be the rope on which you will hang the house. It can be attached initially, when the house is just being collected (fasten it to the roof) or with a small drill to drill a small hole, insert a pin and tie a string to it. In order for the house to serve longer, it is necessary to cover the product with a special varnish for wood. This will help the toy not to let in excess moisture, the product will not change its shape, the details will not come loose from each other.This hack will last much longer.

Wooden house can be part of the whole composition. Or become a pair for any other Christmas toys. For example, to the New Year's sleigh, which is also made of plywood or wood. The house can be improved and add a garland to it. Here everything will depend on fantasy. The diode from the garland can be threaded into the house itself, and the control panel left outside. To create an atmosphere, you can turn on the light in the house, creating comfort.

Christmas toys - an essential attribute of fairy tales and magic. This entourage will be able to give any room coziness and warmth, to create the necessary Christmas mood. Creating toys can unite the whole family at the table, where everyone will take part in the manufacture of a crafts.

To learn how to make a Christmas tree toy, see the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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