Types and features of Christmas garlands

 Types and features of Christmas garlands

Many people follow the annual tradition, decorating the Christmas tree. Fortunately, the modern consumer has everything they need for this - colored tinsel, shining rain, various Christmas decorations and, of course, spectacular garlands. The latest products are presented in the widest range - there are many types of similar jewelry. We will get to know them better and find out what their features are.


Nowadays, the assortment of Christmas tree lights amazes with its diversity. Not only classical lights glowing with different colors, but also more interesting options with various lighting effects are presented to customers. Choose the perfect option for every taste and budget.

Let us consider in detail which subspecies are divided into New Year's garlands.

  • With mini and microlamps. Similar varieties of garlands are familiar to many of us since childhood. They consist of a large number of small lights. As a rule, these products have an affordable price. With their help, you can create a very cozy and “warm” atmosphere in your home that you don’t want to leave. However, we must not forget that such illumination is quite energy-consuming, and does not serve as long as we would like. For this reason, these types of garlands today are almost not made.
  • LED. Today, these types of Christmas tree garlands are recognized as the most popular and common. They came to replace the traditional illumination with a lot of light bulbs. Of course, LED copies are more expensive than lamp ones, but they are ahead of them in many ways.

LED Christmas garlands are famous for their positive qualities.

These include:

  • quite long service life, especially in comparison with lamp options;
  • good strength characteristics;
  • unobtrusive brightness, which is not annoying, but even seems pleasant to many users;
  • LEDs in such devices are almost not heated, so you can safely talk about fire safety LED garlands;
  • LED options can boast of efficiency - they consume very little electricity;
  • such decorations are not afraid of dampness and moisture.

Currently in stores there are LED lamps of various modifications. So, the most common are instances in the form of a cord with several branches. Basically, they are characterized by their simple construction (there are also exceptions to this rule).

  • "A thread". There is also such a modification of Christmas-tree decorations as the garland “thread”. It is also very popular and has a simple structure. Runs the model "thread" in the form of a thin lace. It evenly spaced LEDs directed in different directions. Christmas trees are decorated with these products in different ways, but most often they are wrapped in a “green beauty” in a circle.
  • "Grid". This type of Christmas garland is often found inside different homes, but it is permissible to hang it on the trees outside.In most cases, these products are used for Christmas trees, which stand on urban areas. This bright and spectacular grid consists of sections, at the junctions of which the LEDs are located. If you use a garland of such a modification, you can do without hanging toys.
  • "Clip-light." These varieties are designed for use in outdoor conditions. They are distinguished by the presence of two-wire layout of the wires on which the diodes are located. Clip-Light adornment is characterized by frost resistance, resistance to moisture. In addition, they are not afraid of mechanical damage. These varieties operate at the expense of a special step-down transformer. As a rule, such products are sold in the form of coils, from which it is permissible to cut off a section of a garland of the desired length. And different segments, if desired, can be connected by a parallel method.
  • "Chinese New Year". Such types of holiday garlands can be lengthened, because the links are equipped with a socket for further connection of the necessary part. However, it is important to take into account the fact that this illumination should have the most reliable insulation.In addition, such products are not allowed to be connected in series in large quantities. This is due to the fact that an impressive load on the initial links will be maximum, which can trigger a short circuit or a fire. It is necessary to use Chinese New Year lights very carefully.
  • Duralight. This popular type of Christmas tree garlands is an LED cord that connects to a PVC tube. With this attractive design, not only New Year trees are often decorated, but also many other structures located on the street. "Duralight" is famous for its high strength, efficiency and ease of use.
  • "Chameleon". The name of such a garland speaks for itself. It contains light bulbs that differ in various light combinations.

Materials and forms of manufacture

Beautiful Christmas tree lights can have a variety of forms.

Back in the times of the USSR, products in the form of:

  • droplets with a star;
  • hex lamps;
  • “Golden flashlight” (such spectacular varieties produced Voronezh Electrotechnical Plant);
  • lantern with brass grille;
  • different figures;
  • models called “Snow Maiden” (they were made by Nalchikovskiy NPO “Telemechanika”);
  • colors;
  • crystals;
  • icicles;
  • snowflakes.

For many of us, these beautiful and cute Christmas decorations have been familiar since childhood. At one glance at them, many users are immersed in nostalgic memories, when such illumination occurred more often and was considered the most fashionable. Of course, such products are still present in homes today, however, a huge number of other relevant options having a variety of forms have appeared on the modern market.

For such types of Christmas tree garlands can be attributed copies, made in the form:

  • elastic ribbons, which are given any shape and bends (due to this structure, these products are hung on Christmas trees, and also they frame various bases);
  • balls;
  • asterisks;
  • icicles;
  • cones;
  • candles;
  • figures of Santa Claus and Snow Maiden;
  • hearts.

There are many other interesting options. Of course, fans of standard solutions can find simple copies with small round flashlights in plastic insulation. Finding the perfect garland of any shape is not difficult today.As for the materials of manufacture, high-quality plastic is usually used here, especially when it comes to LED models. Many users make garlands with their own hands.

For this, it is permissible to use:

  • bulky paper snowflakes;
  • Tissue paper;
  • thread brushes;
  • paper / cardboard balls and hearts;
  • yarn (“knitted” garlands are especially popular today);
  • egg cartons;
  • felt;
  • pasta.

Different masters turn to different materials. Fans of non-standard solutions decorate Christmas tree lights with real cones, small figures of New Year's themes and many other similar trifles. The result is a truly unique and spectacular decorations for the Christmas tree.


On the shelves of stores today you can find a huge variety of Christmas tree garlands, pleasing those around them with their light. The color of the lighting of such decorations is also different. Let us dwell on this issue.


Laconic, but no less festive, monochrome electric garlands look on the Christmas tree. Such products glow only in one primary color - it can be any.

Most often, people decorate spruce with illumination, equipped with lights of such colors as:

  • white;
  • green;
  • yellow:
  • blue:
  • blue;
  • pink / purple;
  • red.

All of these options look aesthetically pleasing and fashionable. Many users combine them with Christmas decorations from the same collection. The result is an unobtrusive and discreet, but stylish and solid ensemble.


If you want to decorate the Christmas tree with more interesting variants of illumination, then you should consider buying a model called “chameleon”. These multicolored electric lights change the color of the lighting at regular time intervals. At the same time, the intensity of the light from the bulbs remains the same - they do not go out and do not become even brighter. Many buyers choose these options, because they look very impressive and attract a lot of attention. With the help of such products you can beautifully decorate a Christmas tree, making it very elegant.

How to hang?

First of all, the selected electric garland should be connected to the network. It is important to check the correctness of its work. Absolutely all the lights in the product must be lit.When you make sure that the illumination is working properly, you should deploy it. So you will save enough free time to unpack a non-working product. But it is also important to make sure that the lights are enough to decorate the whole New Year tree. Often, you have to use 2-3 lights. Better buy these jewelry with a small margin.

Next, take a look at the Christmas tree that is in your home. Mentally divide it into 3 triangles. Previously, garlands wrapped around the trees. Of course, today many people continue to follow this tradition, but you can go a different way - hang the garland from top to bottom, while holding one side of it. Such a solution looks much more interesting if you use monochrome illumination.

It is worth taking the first cord of the garland in your hand. Fix the last light bulb on the highest point of the tree. Select the part of the tree to work with. Mentally draw a triangle. Distribute the garland in this area, making movements in the direction from right to left.

Next, start hanging a garland, moving back and forth. Play zigzags (their frequency depends on your preferences), starting from the top of the Christmas tree.Be sure to make sure that all sections are secured as securely as possible and do not move. Try to maintain equal intervals between the levels of lights so that the tree is highlighted harmoniously. Continue these steps until you reach the bottom of the spruce. When the garland is over, connect the next one to it and continue to decorate the tree. It is not recommended to connect more than three garlands, as it is not very safe. Repeat the above steps, but for the two remaining sides of the Christmas tree. Hanging garlands on the tree, connect them to the network. You do not need to do this before - it will not be very convenient to work with them, they can heat up.

Tips for choosing

To correct choose the appropriate illumination for the Christmas tree, you should:

  • calculate the required length of the selected garland based on the size of the holiday tree;
  • pay attention to the number of light bulbs in the product and the distance between them;
  • choose your favorite color scheme;
  • pay attention to the level of protection and safety of the model you like;
  • learn about the type of plug.

Pay due attention to the quality of execution and packaging of the selected product:

  • the garland should not be damaged;
  • wires must be intact - without thinning insulation and other defects;
  • look at their connection with light bulbs - it should be as reliable as possible;
  • branded packaging must also be safe and sound;
  • the presence of large dents and torn parts should push you away from the purchase.

It is advisable to purchase Christmas decorations that are powered by electricity in reliable stores that have a good reputation in your city.

Beautiful examples

Christmas garlands look equally good on both natural and artificial Christmas trees. In a harmonious combination with well-chosen Christmas decorations, the lights can create a cozy and hospitable atmosphere in the house. Yellow and white (monochrome) garlands look very beautiful and unobtrusive on green beauties, especially if they have a lot of bright lights. Such illumination will harmoniously complement the Christmas balls with a gold coating and a gold-plated luminous star on top of the Christmas tree. In order not to distract attention from the rich ensemble to the wires, it is worth using wireless garlands.

If you decide to purchase monochrome garlands with blue lights, then you should decorate the Christmas tree with large red bows, white flower buds, as well as scarlet, transparent and silver balls. It is advisable to apply such ensembles to lush trees of great height, otherwise unnecessarily bright colors risk "crush" the little Christmas tree.

Beautiful multi-colored lanterns adorn both home and street trees. Such popular illumination can be not only stationary, but also have several different modes. Particularly spectacularly similar decorations look in tandem with shiny / glossy and sprinkled balls. The latter can be painted in a variety of colors. For example, multi-color lights will be in harmony with rich red balls.

To learn how to decorate a Christmas tree with garlands, see the next video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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