A garland of flags: new ideas and “classics” familiar from childhood

Many believe that making a garland of flags is very simple, therefore, they are related to this activity without proper seriousness. And it is in vain, because with the help of this decoration you can arrange a room for any holiday - birthday, anniversary of the wedding and the New Year. All you need is an interesting idea, accessible materials, and quite a bit of effort.


A self-made garland of flags has many advantages that distinguish it favorably from all other options for a festive decor of the room. It is important that this is a universal decoration, which is suitable both for celebrating a children's birthday with your family and for a noisy banquet. A definite plus is the price.To create flags, paper, burlap or cotton fabric are commonly used. All this can be purchased at any store at a very affordable price.

It is noteworthy that with simple flags it is realistic to issue the biggest events. Without much effort and cost, you will decorate the hall even for a wedding of several hundred guests. If you have blanks of flags, then you can combine them into one garland in just a few minutes, and if there are no checkboxes in the right quantity, then you can always simply print them on the printer. Garlands of flags will become a lifesaver, if shortly before the festival you found out that you have too few balls or they burst - in this case you can replace the decor with flag ones, especially if you use paper.

Garlands can be hung not only on the walls, but also on cars, wedding train or trees. Even the most unpresentable room or cheap car is transformed before our eyes, and begins to look really stylish and atmospheric.


There are practically no drawbacks to the garlands of flags, the only negative is associated with the use of paper decorations - they can only be used in the interior.They can decorate trees, house territory or cars only in the warm season, and even then only in dry and sunny weather. Under the action of rain, the paper quickly soaks and loses its aesthetic appeal, and during a strong wind the paper holder can easily tear.

If you are determined to decorate the street at the place of celebration with such products, then you should give preference to fabric materials, and such that keep their shape well. Then you can hang the decoration even in winter in order to make the plot near your home truly fabulous and magical on the eve of the main winter celebration.

Types and material used

Garlands of flags are made from simple plain materials. Paper is used most often to create jewelry - usually cardboard or special colored paper for the printer is used. However, the usual color one would be suitable for creating a one-time decoration, preferably two-sided. Looks good laminated material. Paper is used to create square and triangular flags. In addition, from it you can create volumetric flowers and connect them into a beautiful garland.

Fabric is a material resistant to natural conditions. The similar decor can be used both in rooms, and on a site near the house. On the fabric you can always put your favorite pattern, and even the material is easily erased. Having created such an ornament, you will be able to hang it many more times in a variety of situations. Most often they take ordinary cotton or linen, but in recent years vintage style has come into vogue, which has slightly changed the tendencies of creating flag garlands - today more and more often they use a burlap ornament with lace elements.

The flag ribbon is very convenient, which is a thin band with ready-made blanks of arbitrary shape, most often triangular or rectangular, the edges can be figured or not. All you need to decorate a room is to cut the ribbon to size and hang it. On the fabric, you can add any decorative elements. It is very convenient and allows you to significantly save time and effort, but at the same time the cost of ready-made options is slightly higher than when creating a garland of flags with their own hands.

Of course, the garland can be made out of other materials, for example,Many use plastic or plastic bags of bright colors, however, it is paper and cardboard that are considered the most important in the manufacture of decorative compositions. As for the method of connecting the garland, there are several options. Sewing products, eyelet models, and with small holes are most often used.

Sew-downs are done using a sewing machine, in this case the blanks are sewn to the tape., with a great desire, you can fasten them tightly to each other so that the feeling of a solid line is formed. However, you can leave a small distance between the blanks - it all depends on your imagination. In a similar way, you can make several tens of meters of garlands in 15 minutes.

Very often use a kind of garland of flags with neat holes. In this case, on each workpiece there are 1-2 holes through which the base is held. At the same time they can be issued both on top and on opposite ends of the flag. To form a hole, you can use a simple hole punch; then it becomes quite easy to put together a garland.

The most durable option is considered to be the grommet on the grommet.They are mounted in the holes on the flags and are small plastic or metal bushings soon. Thanks to this device, the holes will not break, the garland will be suitable for repeated use. Blanks can have a variety of shapes, colors and sizes, although the most versatile is the A5.

Preparing everything you need to get started

To build a stylish and original garland for a festive decor of the room, first of all you need to prepare the flags themselves. If desired, they can be purchased at the store, but more often the flags are made independently of any available tools. If you like the second option, then first you should think up a template of flags, guided only by your imagination. Then everything is simple - if you make a decoration out of paper, then you will just have to print it out on a printer and then cut out the required number of blanks. If you don’t have a printer on hand, make one stencil, and cut all the other flags on it.

In the case when you need to arrange a fairly large room, and it takes several hundred flags, it is better to use special cutting machines.Such services are provided by any agency that specializes in outdoor advertising. To make a garland of fabric flags, you also need to prepare a pattern, it is for him then will be prepared pattern. And you will probably have to cut the blanks with your own hands, but you can attract your family members to this, they will be happy to devote time to this activity while watching your favorite TV show.

And, of course, you will need a braid, a fishing line or a rubber band, on which the flag will be fixed. As well as a needle with thread to connect the finished elements.

Another useful scheme is combinations of flags of different types and colors. - It is far from a secret that a product made in monochromatic colors will quickly become boring, but the multi-colored version will be very original, fresh and colorful.

Interesting ideas and their implementation

There are many ideas on how to create beautiful and unusual garlands. Consider a few of them.

Classic and original forms

It is extremely simple to make a classic garland with flags.

  • From colored paper cut blanks of the desired shape. They can be double-sided with a bend in the attachment point to the braid or one-sided, then in the upper part you will need to make 2 holes, preferably using a hole punch.
  • Flags are placed on the cooked cord. If you make them bilateral, then everyone needs to bend, throw on the braid and fasten with a stapler, glue or a needle and thread. One-sided models put on the cord as if they are stitched.

Keep in mind that one-sided options are preferable for wall decoration, but no one should see their reverse side. The color of the garland can be very different - someone uses contrasts, and someone prefers the effect of a smooth color transition. However, if you have only white paper at your disposal, then very original garlands can be made from it. To do this, you need to find and print images with your favorite fairy tale characters, and then paste them through the box.

Unusual garlands make them three-dimensional shapes - flowers, hearts, toys. They will please the hero of the occasion and will bring much joy to his guests.

Options for a children's holiday

If you are preparing to hold a children's party, then you will need jewelry that will quickly create a cheerful mood and a festive atmosphere. For this ideal garland of flags, it will look stylish, and time will have to spend quite a bit.The easiest option is a decoration made of paper flags. In this case, blanks can be decorated with images of fairy-tale characters, and you can build on them the inscription "happy birthday".

However, it will be much more interesting and more original if you make a garland of fabric cuts and decorate it with bright decorative buttons. You will need: material, paper, rubber, buttons and white glue. To begin with, paper should be cut out of several templates of various sizes, and you can take any paper, even newspapers and old magazines.

After that, it is necessary to cut the fabric according to the created patterns so that the pieces are a little smaller than the paper ones. From the scraps you need to prepare small squares, and when everything is ready, decompose all the blanks: on each paper - cloth, and on it - a square. It is advisable to choose contrasting colors. If you like the selected combination, you can safely combine blanks in one three-layer flag.

Then the main thing begins - the decoration of flags. To do this, they sew a button to the very center or stick sequins on it. So you can arrange all the flags or alternate "smart" elements.At the end of the work you need to sew flags to the ribbon, and the garland is completely ready.

For a family celebration

For a family celebration, any ideas of the garland will be suitable, however, since this is a holiday designed both for the younger and elders, girls and boys, then the garlands should be more versatile to match the tastes and wishes of all family members. Very harmoniously on such holidays flag decors with a decoration made of small paper flowers look.

To make them, it is necessary to cut a semicircle with outlines of petals from bilateral paper, and then to collect buds. To do this, the semicircle is rolled up with a cone; three blanks go to one flower. Then a thin spiral is made of green paper - they draw a circle and draw a “snail” inside it, and then cut it out according to the markings. It remains only to straighten and fix the flowers on a kind of thread, you can mount with ordinary glue.

As a surprise to the second half

To arrange a room for your loved one, they often make a garland of hearts. To do this, a large number of blanks of the same size are cut out of paper, then folded over 2 and stitched.The garland is ready; before use, the resulting petals should be bent slightly to make the decoration look more lively, airy and spectacular. By the same principle, make a garland of butterflies. Surely they will also like your second half.

New Year's models

The Christmas lights from the flags look very impressive. Of course, they can be made out of paper, but in fact the atmosphere of heat is conveyed by decorations created from such a simple material as burlap. And you can decorate it in different ways - toned with white gouache and using the decoupage technique to apply New Year's pattern, to make interesting decorations from lace, plastic fir branches and glass beads of contrasting color. And if you have free time, you can make images of felt from a reindeer or a New Year tree, and sew flags, alternating through one, two or three.

Be sure that in this case you are guaranteed a warm homely atmosphere, filled with the expectation of a fairy tale and a New Year miracle.

Beautiful examples

Interesting ideas garlands for children's and family celebrations.

Heart ornaments will look better for lovers.

But perhaps most of all space for fantasy give garlands of flags that make the New Year.

How to make a garland of flags with your own hands, see the next video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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