How to make a wedding garland with your own hands?

Garlands on a wedding are the integral attribute of a solemn event. They will be appropriate as a decoration of the cafe hall, a place for photography, the bride's room.

Special features

The tendency to design weddings has more than one decade. Today, the Internet presents a huge number of master classes, through which you can make a wedding garland with your own hands. Materials for decoration, you can choose any in accordance with the venue of the wedding: indoor, terrace, nature. The length and shape of the garland can also be absolutely anything: long, short, embossed or flat.

If it is assumed that the garlands will decorate the open space, then they should be made not of paper, but of moisture-proof film.Otherwise, a sudden rain can spoil all the beauty.

Details of which garlands consist, should correspond with hall parameters. The larger the cafe, the more details you can make. Conversely, in small rooms, decorations should look compact and neat. The color of the decoration should match the overall color of the solemn event. Bright colors or pastels can be used. Perhaps the dominance of two adjacent shades: white and lilac, white and pink.

As a basis for pendant decoration, you can choose:

  • colored and crepe paper;
  • cardboard;
  • newspapers;
  • foil;
  • the cloth;
  • felt;
  • polyethylene;
  • Balloons;
  • Christmas lights;
  • cardboard cups;
  • vinyl records.

It is possible to fasten decorative ornaments with the help of satin ribbons, twine, woolen threads, braids, lace, fishing line.

Paper decorations

From colored paper, you can make flat decorations like flags or bulky ones - in the form of flowers, balls, pompons. For fastening elements using thread or transparent glue.

In the form of flags

For creating This decoration will require:

  • scissors;
  • multicolored paper;
  • Double-sided tape;
  • strong thread.

From paper cut rectangles of size 10x20. Cut a long piece of thread. Fasten the rectangles, folding it in half and gluing together with tape on the inside. After that, on each figure, make a V-shaped notch to make a flag. Garland is ready. Using this method, you can make a garland of letters and words.

You must first prepare the letters: print on a color printer or draw it yourself. Then glue on the rectangles. The further process is repeated as described above.

From hearts

For the manufacture of this decoration it is necessary to take colored paper of two colors, which are well combined with each other. You will also need: scissors, rounded object contour, durable thread. To make a sketch of the heart on paper by drawing a contour. The resulting figure folded harmonica. Then turn opposite edges to the center. Similarly, make the rest of the hearts. Their number is determined by your desire. There is an easier way to make hearts - just cut them out of paper and fasten it on a band. In the center of the decoration you need to make two big hearts with the last name of the newlyweds.

To create such an ornament you will need:

  • stapler;
  • paper strips of different lengths - from 5 to 20 centimeters;
  • thin twine.

One strip folded in half. Put the string inside. On each side of the central band, attach two elements 20 centimeters long. The edges of the parts must match. Then put another two strips of 15 centimeters in length and 10 centimeters.

At the top and bottom of the stack of strips fasten stapler. It turned out a heart-suspension.

Ball Decor

Inflatable products should be quite dense, so that by the middle of the celebration, some of them would not deflate and burst. To speed up the process of inflation, you can use the pump. All balls must be the same size. The use of two similar shades, for example, dark blue and blue, is welcomed.

Balls of the same color must be connected in pairs. It is recommended to fasten them with a fishing line. Link two pairs of colorful balloons so that the colors alternate. The rest of the balls inflate and fasten in the same way. Each component to bind to the base. The length of the garland is adjustable as desired.

Flower Garlands

Such decorations can be made from fresh and artificial flowers.

Materials that will be needed:

  • flowers (any, but chrysanthemums, asters, daisies and gerberas will look brighter and more harmonious);
  • thread or thin lace ribbon;
  • needle;
  • scissors.

The stem is cut at the base of the bud. Using a needle, the flowers are strung on a string in a pre-designed sequence. If you plan to place the ornament vertically, each bud from the next must be separated by a large bead or bundle. If you follow this rule, all the flowers will remain in their places and will not constitute a bunch of things.

In addition, the decoration is better to make in advance and send the bed overnight in the refrigerator. Then the next day, visually the flower decoration will be as if the plants had just been cut in a greenhouse.

You can make a floral ornament from a fabric.

Necessary materials:

  • fabric pink and light green;
  • pink felt;
  • scissors;
  • durable twine;
  • hot melt glue

Small circles are cut out of the felt. From pink fabric - drop-shaped petals of various sizes, from green - leaves. Cut the string for the garland base.Cut another piece of material and cut it into small pieces, each of which tie on a long slice. Leaves will be fastened on short string segments. To do this, wrap the base of the leaflet around the thread and fix it with glue. This procedure is repeated with all sheets.

To make a flower, you need to place the fabric petals on the felt circle from the edges to the center. Larger parts are located along the edges; the closer to the flower core, the petals should be smaller. Fasten the entire structure with hot melt. Finished floral elements are attached to the garland in any order.

Retro Style Jewelry

Garland made in this style allows you to create a very romantic atmosphere at a festive occasion. At the heart of the decoration - standard incandescent bulbs. Especially original will look such garlands at a wedding in eco-style or loft style. They will be well lit room or garden and give the whole celebration a special highlight.

Materials needed to create retro jewelry:

  • wire installation PV1 1x0.75 - 40 meters;
  • dimmer switch - at 600W;
  • drill;
  • fork;
  • carbolite cartridges E-14;
  • flat and cross-head screwdriver;
  • nails - 2 pcs .;
  • matt incandescent bulbs 25W E14 - 15 pieces;
  • electric knife with a short blade;
  • pliers; pliers;
  • fork;
  • soldering iron, soldering acid and tin;
  • hot pistol with silicone tubes;
  • felt-tip pen;
  • patch.

It is necessary to determine what the distance will be between adjacent lamps. To this figure it is necessary to add another 15 centimeters, since after all the manipulations of mounting the cartridges and twisting the wires, the initial length will be reduced. Optimally, if between the lamps will be 65-70 centimeters.

Fold the wires in half and fix with adhesive tape. Divide the wire (felt-tip pen) into 80 centimeters and add another two centimeters to the connection. Wire sheath cut with pliers. In the same place on a segment of two centimeters with a knife to remove the insulation.

A similar procedure is repeated along the length of the wire every 80 centimeters.

    Need to insert cartridges. To do this, in the place of the exposed wire, make a loop (it will help the nail) and attach the wire to the chuck. Connect to the pins. Remove the screw and leave the nut.It is necessary that the loop is in the middle of the contact and the nut. Align guide screw with nail. Place the screw and tighten. Do the same with the second wire, but on the other hand. All other cartridges are mounted in the same way.

    The advantage of the parallel installation method is that if one lamp burns out, the others will shine. Each piece of wire between the cartridges to tighten and twist. Using a hot gun on the wire is applied silicone, which will protect the product from moisture. Then, at the base of each cartridge, the wire is tied with a special knot. This procedure will give a garland of reliability and a prettier look. It remains to install the dimmer and plug. Gorgeous garland for the festive ceremony is ready.

    How to make a retrogroup, see the next video.

    Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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