Paper Garlands: Interesting Ideas and DIY Tips

 Paper Garlands: Interesting Ideas and DIY Tips

It is difficult for a creative person to stand aside, denying himself the pleasure of doing something beautiful to decorate a home. One of the decorative elements can rightly be called a garland. Depending on its subject matter, it is able to bring a fresh look to the interior, adding to the atmosphere a sense of celebration. The most common material for making garlands is paper. It is worth considering what can be done from it so that with a minimum of effort, the product will be spectacular.

Necessary materials

In order to make a paper garland with their own hands, Depending on the model, you may need the following materials:

  • color paper;
  • colored and coated cardboard;
  • foil cardboard;
  • crepe paper;
  • paper napkins;
  • glossy magazines;
  • kraft paper;
  • old newspapers;
  • musical notebooks;
  • PVA glue;
  • thin cotton thread;
  • clothesline;
  • tape;
  • soft wire;
  • scissors;
  • awl or hole punch (if you need to puncture holes);
  • stapler;
  • decor for scrapbooking;
  • stationery knife.

    The paper used to make a garland can be one- and two-sided. Beautifully looks in such handicrafts scrapbooking paper, often with a colorful pattern, which is not the case for a simple color variety. In addition, often paper garlands supplement beads, felt balls or cotton balls, decorated with foil over. Someone likes to decorate the blank figured cuts. For example, sometimes holes are made in the elements using medium-sized and large-sized shaped punches.

    By the way, such devices help save time on cutting elements. For example, you can purchase a finished punch unit, which makes it easier to make even circles than spend time on it.

    Types and tips for making

    The paper garland is remarkable in that it can carry different emotional colors and is suitable for different seasons. This decor can decorate not only holidays: it is good for decorating a room and raising the mood. This means of self-expression, which allows you to show the maximum creative imagination. All models can be divided into 2 categories: adhesive and attached. Some types are collected on a sewing machine, because the lines do not deform the paper - it is faster and more reliable. However, this technique is suitable only when there is a machine itself. It is possible to sew products manually, but the result does not always meet the expectations, as a rule, they are inferior in appearance to their counterparts made on a sewing machine.

    In addition, paper garlands are ribbon (a single ribbon of decorative elements) and filament (the base with the decor on separate threads). Each type is unique in its own way, may have a different length and degree of complexity. Yarn look beautiful, but they are confused, which requires special care in their manufacture and operation. Options tape type more than others need high-quality glue, since it depends on their durability and resistance to the gap between the elements.Depending on the type of product, it may need assembly schemes or beautiful themed templates, which allows you to create crafts that will look stylish, beautiful and professional. To make a product taking into account the available interior composition, the master usually pays attention to the color and texture of the details of the furniture, relating them to the available material, takes into account the time of year. It is worth considering a few simple, but at the same time original solutions.

    Geometric Festoon

    Such garlands are created from elements of several geometric shapes (usually from circles). With the seeming simplicity of the templates, the appearance of the finished products is special.

    Make a geometric garland of circles is easy, you should stick to the following algorithm:

    • in the Word program, create templates or download ready-made from the Internet;
    • they are cut out, and then the elements on colored paper are cut out and cut out on them;
    • blanks are glued or sewn to the thread;
    • if desired, glued fragments are glued on the second side, closing the thread;
    • Further, the thread blanks are fixed to the base, as which you can use a clothesline, as well as a ribbon.

      It is possible to make elements on such a basis in different ways, using elements of different size for decoration and diluting them with other figures, for example, Christmas trees, snowmen, asterisks, pumpkins, hearts. If simple flat options do not like, you can improve the craft. In this case, each element will consist of 3-4 identical parts. They are folded in half to indicate the place of gluing and glued, having the thread inside. Then the fragments straighten, why they become voluminous and resemble flashlights.

      Stretch Garland

      Such a garland can be made on the basis of medium-sized circles. Having folded them 3 times in half, they are notched alternately either on one side or on the other, they do not reach an edge of about 0.7–10 mm. Having done this with each round billet, they are straightened and glued together exactly in the center, which is not incised.

      To make the mounts more durable when the garland will be stretched, you can not glue them together, but connect them with a stapler.


      This technology can make many paper products. Their principle resembles the method of attaching circles to a thread.However, this method is simpler and faster, because it does not require the presence of glue. If you have a special figured punch for creating butterflies, you will be able to make such a garland very quickly. When there is no such device, paper templates can be dispensed with, which is cut out of multi-colored paper or coated cardboard in the required quantity. Then, about 0.3–0.4 m is wasted on a sewing machine, after which paper butterflies are stitched at regular intervals. If you want to make the elements more voluminous, instead of one blank, you can use several, adding them together exactly and laying a line in the middle.


      This product is easy to make: fold the sheet in half and cut out the desired shape. To make the garland look more interesting, different patterns can be used for crafts, for example, rectangles with a triangular cutout, triangles. After they are cut, you need to take care of decorating the flags. This may be an application, sticking contrast paper with thematic figures. They look beautiful on similar decorations of the letter, moreover, it is a great way to indicate that a garland belongs to a certain holiday.To prevent the flags from shifting along the base (rope), their fold should be spread with glue. For a more colorful design, you can use a variety of decor (clippings from postcards, fragments of lace, wooden buttons and much more). The decoupage flags collected on the rope with the help of a puncher look gorgeous.

      With tassels

      Tassels are made of thin crepe or crepe paper.

      This garland looks original, while making it quite simple as follows:

      • paper, folded in several layers, cut off the desired length;
      • its sides are incised in the fringe, leaving the central part intact;
      • in the middle, the workpiece is twisted, then, leaving the part on the loop, joined by hot melt;
      • the junction of the element is covered with a piece of paper to match;
      • so do all the elements, after which they are put on the main rope at the expense of the loops;
      • that elements did not slide on a basis, they are attached to it on glue.

      If it seems to someone that such a garland is simple, you can add it with another decor.

      With hearts

      For this decoration you will need strips of colored paper or two-sided cardboard.To make them look more interesting, it is worth picking up beautiful and thick paper. You can complement the hearts, for example, round flat elements, details with a wavy edge or even folded into a harmonica paper, fastened in a circle. This can change the mood and bring something special to the interior.

      For example, the volumetric hearts connected among themselves, consisting of smaller hearts beautifully look.

      Making such a decor is simple: in addition to cardboard, you need a stapler and any accessories that are on hand. Cut strips of the same width, but of different lengths. For one heart, you will need 2 strips of a larger, 2 - medium and 2 - smaller sizes, as well as one for the tail (the size depends on the master's desire, since this will be fixed to the base). The strips (without tail) are connected to the bottom, aligning the length, and connected with a stapler. Then take the upper ends and wrap inside, insert the strip-tail and fasten all the strips with a stapler. By this principle, create all the elements and attach them to the base.

      New Year's

      For this decor, you can use different techniques, using patterns for winter and New Year themes.So that the garland fits well into the existing style and corresponds to the theme of the holiday, you can make it in its colors, which include a combination of red, white and green. In this case, it is allowed to add other tones, it is better if the main ones dominate. As for the species, the garland for the New Year can have elements such as Christmas trees, snowmen, as well as snowflakes, which can be not only flat, but also voluminous. The volume can be created by the previously described technology by gluing or stitching the same blanks with their subsequent expansion. The Christmas trees from green, white, silver paper, folded harmonica look beautiful, the combinations of stars and balls are original, as well as the options for thread snowflakes of two contrasting colors. New Year's socks, mittens and boots create a sense of celebration.


      A simple chain today will surprise no one. In general, this category includes products that constitute a chain of interconnected elements, each of which is its link. For example, from the same stripes that are commonly used for the classic chain, you can create hearts.To do this, take 2 strips of the same size, combine them at the top and fasten with a stapler. Further, the upper ends unfold, which results in two rounded sides of the heart, then the lower ends are combined, but before fastening them with a stapler, two more bands are added to the sides (beginning or top of the next heart). This is the principle of making the whole garland. At the expense of the clips, it will hold well, but it is not recommended to pull it too much, because it can affect the shape of the hearts. You can create a chain and the method of connecting different elements with a stapler, hole punch, bows made of thin satin ribbon.


      The garland of flowers can be not only simple flat, but also volumetric electric. Volumetric products can be made using ordinary LED garland and baking cupcakes. In this case, the main material will be thin corrugated paper of different shades. The paper of the desired size is applied to the form and push through the corrugated edge. Then it is removed, carefully folded like a snowflake, making sure that the corrugated edges are located at the same level relative to the center.

      After folding the edge of the workpiece is cut, giving it a rounded shape. The more times the item is folded in this case, the more petals the future flower will have. You can make a flower out of multicolored corrugated paper, which will give it a volume and make it more interesting. All that remains to be done with the paper blanks is to fix them on the garland itself.

      Rainbow Ribbons

      This decor is performed mainly from corrugated paper. Products made of corrugated paper are remarkable for their lightness, besides, this material is elastic and well stretched. You will need three different-colored paper of the same width. They are put together in different ways. The bottom two can be combined with approaching one on the other by about 1.5 cm.

      After the top you need to put a third and stitch it all together on a sewing machine. To the product was not flat, it is slightly collected. Since the paper can tear, you need to collect it on the “wide step” line. You can also make another “ribbon” by cutting the roll of corrugated paper into narrow strips, then cutting them into the fringe along the edges. The technology of sewing is the same: several strips (for a larger volume) are stitched on a typewriter, then they are picked up.


      Just a few years ago, the center of attention of the decor was garlands with a variety of three-dimensional ballerinas, bundles of which were beautiful snowflakes. Today you will not surprise anyone with angels, but you can go a different way. For example, to decorate a room with paper birdies-applications, connecting them with each other with light wooden beads. It looks good on the walls and the ceiling and such decor as a garland of multi-colored paper bulbs, fish, hares, deer, as well as origami figures.

      The figure can be made not only flat, you can create the effect of a stitched product by stitching elements on a paper base.

      Reindeer can be simply cut out of thick cardboard, punch a few holes in the horns and pass them through to a narrow ribbon. If you combine such figures, changing the color or diluting them with the same snowflakes or ribbon bows, this will create a festive spirit in the room. Someone prefers garlands, whose characters are elves, dancing princesses, gingerbread men, giraffes, piglets, elephants. Cut them, of course, longer, but if, in addition to them, the garland will be diluted with another decor, you can reduce the time to manufacture.


      Flashlights can be made of corrugated paper, due to which they will look especially elegant. They take two rectangular blanks, one of them is folded with a straw and fixed in the middle with a stapler. The second one is folded in half, incised at regular intervals (0.7 cm). After that, one edge is wrapped around the top of the tube and fixed, with the other it is also received, attaching it to the bottom. Next, it remains to make holes for the loop and hang a flashlight on the basis of the garland.

      If you want something else, you can use colored paper, folding it with an accordion with a distance of 0.5 cm, making oblique corners in the center.

      Next, the workpiece straighten, forming two sides, join into a ring and give the shape of a circle. It is important to ensure that the holes at the edges are quite small, otherwise they will not be able to hold onto the garland. After all the elements are completed, they are attached to the garland at the locations of the diodes. No other type of light source can be used for paper decoration, since only LED bulbs do not heat up and, therefore, will not burn paper.

      Application in the interior

      To decorate the room, you can choose a different type of paper garland.

      It is worth considering the most successful examples.

      • Such decor on the wall can be an ornament of a romantic photo zone.
      • This is an original and extremely gentle decoration for any room.
      • Decoration can be stylish, even if it is made from ordinary newspapers.
      • A garland of thread hearts can bring a sense of romance to a home.
      • Leaves and vegetation themes give a feeling of freshness and immerse in the atmosphere of summer.
      • Confetti mugs look simple, but at the same time stylish, filling the space with a festive atmosphere.
      • Bulk balloons, flowers made of corrugated paper can decorate any celebration, be it a children's birthday or a wedding.
      • The garland of colorful cards looks unusual and beautiful.
      • The original solution for decorating the dacha allows you to feel the day special everywhere.
      • Even written notebooks can be a special decoration if the soul requires creativity.

      How to make a paper garland, see the following video.

      Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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