Types of garlands of balls and master classes in their manufacture

 Types of garlands of balls and master classes in their manufacture

A garland of balloons is a fancy decoration that is addressed for a variety of reasons. There are many interesting combinations of such decor. They can vary not only in their form, but also in colors. Today we will find out what kinds of balls garlands exist and how you can make them yourself.

Special features

Today there is a mass of decorative additions used to create a festive and welcoming atmosphere. One of the most popular and spectacular products are garlands.In their manufacture used balls, which are characterized by a different size design. Such solutions look very interesting and attract a lot of attention. As a rule, decorations of such a shape seamlessly fit into many interior ensembles. Moreover, they can be used for a variety of reasons.


Beautiful garlands of balls are different. Often at various events you can find the standard options in the form of an arch, but this is not the only way to perform such decorations. Let's get to know them better.

From balloons

The most common are simple (but no less attractive) arch-shaped specimens. Constructions in the form of a large heart are considered the second most popular. In such decorations, both single-colored and multi-colored balls can be present. In both cases, you get original and attractive jewelry that never goes unheeded. Garlands of balls can have the most different structure.

The main advantages of this decor are:

  • reasonable price - buy a similar decoration or make it your own pocket for everyone, because the garlands of balloons are inexpensive;
  • the possibility of using at major events - a garland made up of balloons can be used to decorate not only a modest celebration, but also a large-scale celebration with many guests;
  • production speed - a beautiful bunch of balloons can be made in just a few minutes, so there will not be a lot of free time to decorate a festive room;
  • long service life - despite the fact that balloons are not the most durable products, the decor of them can stand for several days without any loss (of course, to achieve such a result, you need to adhere to the technology of making garlands);
  • versatility - with such decorations not only decorate various rooms, but also cars (most often, such decorations are used to decorate cars from a wedding procession).


Flat varieties of decorations are made in the same way as simple round or square garlands. Four balls combined with each other and tied with fishing line or ribbon. When composing this decorative composition it is very important to responsibly approach calibration.used balls. To make a flat garland, you first need to build a semblance of a four-petalled flower. Next to the central part of the ball is attached, which has a more modest size, it will perform the function of the middle. Such designs are very popular because they look interesting, but are made simply. It takes very little time.


Street garlands are made up of denser balls. For ordinary garlands apply options simpler. As a rule, street constructions easily tolerate low temperatures (frost-resistant), but the exhausting heat has a negative effect on them. High-quality street lights can last for a week (or more), if during this time there was good weather without strong winds.

Street edging of balls is often used when opening new establishments or holding various kinds of events. As a rule, for this choose lighter balls. However, such a decision, despite its attractiveness, cannot be called practical. Ideal weather conditions do not always occur, so the longevity of such decorations can be significantly reduced.

LED light

Insanely popular today LED garlands spherical shape.Such decorations are most often used during the New Year holidays. They are hung not only on Christmas trees (street and home), but also on various urban objects. With the help of properly selected garlands, you can give the situation a truly festive and elegant look. Glowing decorations with diodes have many positive qualities:

  • low power consumption;
  • diode decorations do not heat up;
  • have a pleasant, but quite bright light;
  • serve for a very long time;
  • not afraid of external influences from precipitation;
  • they are not afraid of temperature drops (of course, if they are made of high-quality materials);
  • presented a wide range.

However, we must bear in mind that these products are quite expensive, but their performance and long service life justify the high price.

Thai lanterns

Thai lanterns are a real trend, they are wildly popular. Flashlights are cotton and rattan. These details often complement and complete the interiors of different styles. Consider the characteristic features of the thread options.

  • Such decorations can only be kept in dry and enclosed spaces.
  • Such models are luminous and operate on 220V mains.
  • Fabric products can be operated at temperatures from 0 to +45 degrees.
  • Such garlands are prohibited to include while they are packed. In addition, they can not be covered even with very light and transparent fabrics / bedspreads.
  • It is not recommended to store these fashionable round garlands in places where they will remain unattended or children / animals can get to them.

The spectacular design boasts round rattan garlands. According to the designers, such decorations cast a very beautiful shadow. Rattan options are available in a variety of colors. Often these decorations, like woven ones, are the result of manual labor.


Very beautiful and original garlands are made of colored paper or cardboard. Such decorations can be easily made by hand. To cope with such work is not difficult, it is even a child. If everything is done neatly and correctly, the result will surely please you. The beautiful paper garlands in the shape of a ball are addressed in a variety of cases.They are hanged on different bases during parties, name days and other similar events. Often paper compositions combine several different colors at once. The result is positive and eye-catching scenery.

Selection of materials

It is quite possible to make spherical garlands with your own hands. Most often, people make their own paper decorations, as well as make interesting compositions of balloons. So, for the manufacture of garlands of balloons in most cases require such materials.

  • The balloons themselves. First decide on their colors - decide whether the design will be monochromatic or consist of several colors. It is also extremely important to consider the diameter of the balls. If you plan to build a decoration that will be on the street, then it is advisable to choose products whose diameter is about 12 inches. For home solutions there will be enough balls with a diameter of 5 and 9 inches.
  • Also need a pump. To form a beautiful and full-fledged composition, a lot of balloons come in handy. To inflate them most often use special pumps of compact dimensions.As a rule, they are sold in special shops where various goods for holidays are offered.
  • Fishing line The basis of the "air" composition should be fishing line. Just on it and the design will begin to keep. It should be transparent and dense, but at the same time flexible enough.

If you are planning to make inexpensive, but beautiful garlands in the form of balls of paper, then you will need other components.

  • Color paper. Balls for a garland will be made of it. You can use not 1 or 2, but many colors.
  • Hole puncher.
  • Thread and sewing machine.

If you decided to make with your own hands fashion balls today from threads, then you should purchase the following materials:

  • rubber balls;
  • PVA glue;
  • threads;
  • starch.

For the manufacture of thread balls, you can use almost any type of thread. For example, it can be acrylic or cotton options. It is not recommended only to apply to woolen threads. Ideal perfect synthetics. The size of the balloons depends largely on where you plan to install the future decor. For example, if you decide to supplement them with a chandelier in the house, then you should buy bigger options.It is advisable to choose products with a special ring on the end. It will be convenient for him to hang the resulting product.

As for the PVA glue, then it is necessary to take into account the fact that it is necessary to buy it only in a special hardware store. The package must necessarily indicate that it can be used to work with wooden surfaces. It is not necessary to buy a sticky composition in an ordinary stationery store, because there it is diluted from the very beginning with water.


If you are going to make a beautiful design of balloons, then You will need to do the following preparatory work:

  • prepare the calibrator - with its help you will determine the size of the already inflated balls;
  • inflate balls using a pump or invite someone to help you;
  • put inflated balls on clean surfaces;
  • Be sure to decide what length the future construction will have (based on this parameter, you will need to choose a suitable fishing line or clothesline).

If you are making decorations from paper, then in the first stages you will need to cut the required number of balls,using a hole punch (instead of a hole punch, you can take a small glass or a small glass, put it on paper and circle a pencil). Prepared circles must be cut with scissors. Before proceeding to the manufacture of thread balls, you need not only to stock up on all the necessary materials, but also to properly prepare the glue for future work.

For this you will need:

  • dilute 3 tablespoons of starch with water;
  • the resulting mixture should be thoroughly mixed, and then added to a half-liter jar of white glue;
  • after that, the adhesive will become quite liquid, so it will be much easier to put on the thread, and the starch will make the product stronger.

You will also need to inflate balloons. This can be done both independently and with the help of a pump. After that, they will need to lubricate the technical oil. This process is necessary so that the adhesive composition does not begin to adhere to the ball, but collects in areas where there are no threads.

How to do it yourself?

Upon completion of the preparatory work should proceed to the direct manufacture of spherical decorations. To get started, let's take a look at the step by step instructions for making one of the most attractive garlands of balloons.

  • First inflate 2 balloons, but do not need to do this to the limit.Inflate the product, slightly bleed air out of them. This will need to be done in order to reduce the level of tension in the walls, otherwise they will simply burst. No need to tie up the tails of the balls with thread. Just press them with your fingers.
  • Next, you need to check the diameter of the balls. Basically, for this purpose, use a special template, which is a board with a hole in the center. If the inflated ball enters there too easily, it must also be inflated. If, on the contrary, it does not pass, then it will be necessary to lower it slightly.
  • Making sure that the balls are the same size, they will need to be crossed with each other, twisted twice and tied in a knot.
  • The next detail that needs to be prepared is the four. You need to take a couple of twos, put them crosswise, and then twist. So, the base part will be ready.

Then you can proceed to the assembly of the scenery. If you plan to make it two-color, then to prepare the four you need to take 2 pairs of balls of different colors and twist them so that the details of one shade are located opposite each other, and the colors alternate. Assembly is carried out as follows.

  • Thoroughly stretch the line between 2 static objects (for example, it can be a chair, a table, a closet). Leave free ends on both sides of approximately 1-1.5 m, so that later there will be no difficulties with fastenings.
  • Take the four and attach it to the fishing line. 2 balls should be held, and the other 2 should be twisted around the fishing line so that all elements are securely fixed, and the order of colors does not change.
  • Now take another four. Repeat the same steps. Be sure to ensure that the colors are arranged and alternated correctly. It is desirable that they are located in a staggered manner.

When all the balls will be strung, you need to check whether they are tight enough to move towards each other and whether all the colors are in the places reserved for them. Secure loose ends. As for the self-production of round-shaped paper garlands, there is also nothing complicated here. Preparing the required number of cut circles, you will need:

  • to lay out the cut blanks according to the planned color combination;
  • now start stitching round stacks using a sewing machine;
  • after stitching one item, go to the next, without breaking the thread;
  • In conclusion, it is necessary to bend each circle in half.

And now we will consider a master class on making fashionable thread garlands. It is better to wind the threads on the prepared balls with an assistant. Unfortunately, those are not always and have to do everything on their own. In this case, an effective, but not the most pleasant is the method of self-adhesive on the threads with your fingers. Starting thread turn on the ball should be tied in a knot, and then it is necessary to continue to gently wind the thread on a round basis. You can dip the thread in glue in small portions, and then wind it on the ball. In this case, the materials may simply get confused, so it is better to simply coat them with your hands while laying on the ball. Of course, it takes a lot of time and patience, but the threads will not be confused.

A wrapped balloon will need to be hung just for a couple of days to dry. Then it will need to gently blow off. After that a ball of threads will be ready. Of course, there are still a lot of interesting manufacturing techniques of garlands of balls.Among them are both very simple and quite complex. The above are the most understandable master classes with which, if desired, everyone will be able to cope.

Interesting examples

Properly made garlands of balls can not only beautify the existing interior, but also add a festive touch to it. Consider a few attractive ensembles, in which these original decorations are present.

At the entrance to the newly opened establishments in most cases, set of garlands of balloons, exhibited in the form of high and rounded arches. Such jewelry attracts more attention if made from colorful balloons. For example, it can be harmonious combinations of white and blue, turquoise and silver, white and orange, golden and red, and many other colors.

Garlands of balloons made especially for children's parties look especially tender and lovely. As a rule, for such events, materials of calm and “sweet” colors such as violet, pink, white, turquoise or pale yellow are used. Such designs can be made in the form of arches, complemented with large colors of contrasting colors (from balls), or shiny balls in the form of asterisks - variants weight.In this case, the decorations in the style of "Rainbow", combining all the colors of the rainbow spectrum.

Balloons make very interesting and beautiful (asymmetrical or curved) scenery. Often they are placed in special photo zones and photo studios. These designs most often combine 2, 3 and more colors. Beautiful colorful arches are sometimes built for children's parties, complementing the various thematic props. For example, a product made from various-sized balls of pink, white, mint, blue, scarlet and yellow colors will be in harmony with the figures of beautiful pink flamingos.

The balls make very interesting floor decorations. For example, it can be tall flowers with green balls at the bottom and pink (petals) at the top. It is better to supplement the center of improvised buds with small red balls.

Fashionable rattan garlands with backlighting in the shape of a heart will be the perfect complement to the romantic and mysterious interior. A white-blue (or three-color white-blue-purple) rattan garland on a dense white rope will be a wonderful decoration of a bright room in subtle tones.

How to make a garland of balls with your own hands, see the next video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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