Coniferous garlands in the New Year's interior

Decorating an apartment or house for the New Year is one of the main attributes of the holiday. After all, the New Year mood is created not only by the table with a large variety of dishes, champagne and gifts, but also the general atmosphere that is created in any home and in each family is individual.

The Christmas tree is an obligatory element of the festive design, but coniferous garlands in the New Year's interior also play a big role.

Variants of coniferous garlands

You can make original compositions from spruce or pine branches, but coniferous garlands look much more advantageous. They can decorate both the apartment inside and the house outside. And most importantly, the smell of pine needles will fill the house and give a feeling of a winter holiday. No artificial garlands compare to these.Fir garland often includes one or two elements as a supplement. It can be tangerines, sweets in beautiful wrappers, balls, cones, ribbons.

  • In the interior of an apartment or house such decoration will look harmonious on the walls, staircase railings, fireplace, curtains. Intuition and the general vision of the whole picture of the decoration will tell you exactly where to fix the Christmas lights. Garlands can be with a variety of lights. For the street design of the house you need to choose with moisture-proof light bulbs. Such garlands will look very good at the entrance and above the windows of the house. They can decorate the arbor, where, perhaps, will be part of the holiday.
  • In an apartment candles can become one of the elements of such a garland. But in this case it is necessary to provide all measures of fire safety. Indeed, at some point the candles will be lit. Such a garland can only be placed horizontally, and the candles should be very securely fastened and placed in small reliable candlesticks. The garland will look very beautiful, but you need to control it constantly, so that the holiday is not spoiled.But if there are small children in the house, it is better to refuse such beauty, especially since there are many other options.
  • The very first step is the bond between the branches. Make it a snap with wire. When the branches are securely fixed, you can choose any decor. Not only spruce branches are used, but also fir, pine, cedar, juniper, thuja. Making out coniferous garlands, you need to consider what other decorative elements will be present and what is more important to emphasize. By the branches you can pick up bright ribbons to match the decorations on the main Christmas tree. Ribbons are simply wrapped around the branches or tied in bows. There may be ready-made bows.
  • Harmoniously look on the branches and glass balls well-designed color range. But in this case, it should be remembered that the balls should also be securely fastened, especially if the garland will be placed in limbo.
  • In coniferous garlands may be present bells, tinsel, cones any Christmas decorationsmatched with taste. If you have creative skills, you can make jewelry from rhinestones and beads with your own hands. Then the garlands will be truly exclusive.

Simple manufacturing method

For beginners, it will be easy to make a spruce structure using cones. And this is the most low-cost option. During Christmas-tree markets, it is easy to find branches at a low price, and cones in abundance lie under coniferous trees in parks or suburbs.

There are several simpler options and more complicated options. The easiest that even children can cope with is to attach the bumps to each other with colored wire, or you can string them on a ribbon, then the bumps themselves can be covered with any paint and give them a bright look. For this purpose, suitable paint in cans.

If you are not sure that you can successfully and beautifully fasten the branches, there is an option to buy an artificial coniferous garland and decorate it with any decorative elements. It bends well, which allows you to place it in any convenient place and create a New Year composition.

If the garland is complicated, it is better to draw a rough sketch on paper first so that there is no oversupply of jewelry placed in a chaotic manner. One should immediately decide how long the garland will be and at what distance from each other to place cones and other decorative elements.

You need to prepare scissors, gold and silver foil, glue, wire, pliers, paint. All this can be useful in creating a New Year's design.

The first step is to prepare the bumps, clean them from debris. Coated with paint or glitter cones are very convenient to dry in the cells from under the eggs. Hooks, which will keep the cones, you need to paint the color of the cones. You can choose another way to decorate the cones: cover them with glue and glue small pieces of foil from above. Foil well sprinkled cones, they will lie in random order.

Cones can not decorate, but simply leave them in their natural form, but varnish. And complement their other bright elements - bows and balls.

First you need to place the bumps on the garland, leaving enough space between them for other elements. It will be enough to add bows. Red and gold are considered the most successful for the New Year. But this means that you need to confine these colors. You can choose silver and blue, turquoise and yellow, many options. Just do not need to use more than two.

Bows can be very different configurations and sizes.You can make small traditional bows of satin ribbon or organza. And there is an option to use those ribbons that are used in the design of bouquets. If you fasten a bow in the form of a figure eight, it will keep its shape well. To make it more magnificent, you can make several such eights, combining different colors.

On the fir garland of cones and such bows it will be quite enough to decorate any room or entrance to the house. Coniferous garland in an apartment can not only decorate windows or doors, it can also be a central decoration of the table. In such a smell-like composition there is a plus.

You can decorate such a garland with fruits and candies by placing candles in the composition. This will give a special solemnity to the holiday and the comfort of the living room at the same time.

Examples of decorating with coniferous garlands.

  • A very simple and stylish garland can decorate the fireplace, table and any other horizontal plane. Violet, golden and green balls are perfectly combined with each other. Candles in beautiful and reliable candlesticks are a good accent in this composition. The overall appearance is completed with a wreath decorated in the same colors.
  • Here is a wonderful way to decorate the arch.To do this, you can use fir branches and lights, and then choose the decor element that is preferable - balls, ribbons or shiny fabric that will look harmoniously against the background of green needles.
  • If it is difficult to build a garland with your own hands and there is no time for it, you can solve it in an even simpler way: to strengthen the light garland and arrange it with fir branches, affixed between the lights. Make it easy and does not take much time.
  • The garland paired with a wreath, which is decorated with soft blue and turquoise balls in combination with golden lights, looks very elegant and festive.
  • Garland for decorating the railing is also easy to invent. It is only necessary to connect the branches together and in several places attach them to the railing with ribbons, tying them in the form of bows. You can choose any color, you can match the interior.
  • A brighter and more colorful garland may turn out, but also stylish if you use more decorative elements. But in this embodiment, all the colors are well combined with each other, boots are also interesting elements here.

How to decorate a coniferous garland, see the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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