Interior design in a classic style: choose a chandelier

Today, classic interiors are gaining momentum as much as modern ones. Interior design in a classic style requires a special approach, since it is very important to pay attention to all the details, including the correct lighting. Choosing a chandelier in a classic interior is not as easy as it may seem at first glance. The modern market offers many different models of chandeliers and lamps that fit perfectly into the classic interior, so many buyers will not have difficulty choosing. However, some details are still worth knowing.

Lighting features

The classic interior design of any room in the home suggests the presence of expensive and luxurious furniture and elegant finishes.In addition, classic-style apartments often include designer and exclusive furniture and accessories, textiles and decorations. To emphasize every detail of such an interior in a favorable light, it is very important to choose the right chandelier for it.

To date, the following styles are among the classic styles:

  • Greek;
  • Roman;
  • Gothic;
  • baroque;
  • rococo;
  • Empire;
  • modern

Each of these styles has features when choosing a ceiling light. For example, when searching for the necessary chandelier for the Gothic style, special attention should be paid to models made of dark metal, with the presence of forged and chrome-plated details and trimmed with crystal. While the Baroque style is characterized by even more pompous models with abundant presence of gilding, curls, various crystals and stones.

You can not find one universal chandelier, which is suitable for any classic style, because each of them is special and unusual in its own way.

To create the perfect lighting you need to choose the right chandelier model.You also need to consider where you hang it.An excellent option would be to create a lighting scheme for a particular room. Often, the chandelier serves as the main lighting, especially if it is large, which is why it is placed in the center of the room.

If you are going to purchase several medium-sized chandeliers, then make sure that the lighting has been placed successfully, otherwise you will have to choose additional lamps, lamps and floor lamps.

If we are talking about combined rooms where there is zoning, everything will be a little more difficult here, since it is desirable to choose a separate chandelier for each zone or one universal. However, it must be in harmony with each functional area, while the light should be enough for the whole room.

Speaking about the living room, which combines a kitchen, a sitting area and a dining room, it is best to give preference to one large chandelier. Ideally, it will be located in the center of the room or above the seating area.

The kitchen and dining area is best to highlight with additional and spot lighting.


Chandeliers, created for the classical style of the interior, can please with its huge variety of different designs and designs.

  • Ceiling chandeliers of this type can be made from a variety of materials, including glass, crystal and framing using different metals. The direction of the lights will depend on the model of the chandelier. For example, they can be directed up and down, and even sideways. The ceiling can have the most unusual forms. The most relevant options are in the form of candles, various colors, and sometimes geometric shapes of the correct form.
  • All classic chandeliers have a sturdy construction and frame. Often the base is made of metal in order to be as wear-resistant as possible and to withstand massive parts and decorations. Bronze options look very unusual.
  • The base and the chandelier itself can be decorated with gilding, unusual and artistic forging, or the smallest wrought iron parts, crystal, porcelain, glass and mosaic.
  • The most relevant colors in which chandeliers are made for classic styles are black, chrome, silver, gold, burgundy, chocolate, milk, white and many other shades.

Chandeliers of this type can certainly be the highlight of any interior.Since many of them are real works of art, on which professionals of their work have worked. Many designers choose expensive classical chandeliers to make a special emphasis on the room and draw special attention to them.


Among the wide range of chandeliers classic options can be suspended and ceiling.

Suspended Chandelier models always look very impressive. Any hanging chandelier is a special design that is suspended from the ceiling by a special chain. Such chandeliers perfectly maintain various kinds of decorative details. However, suspended models are ideal only for those rooms where there are high ceilings. For example, for living rooms and halls, where the reception of guests.

The higher the ceiling in the room and the larger it is in size, the more massive and luxurious the chandelier should be.

Today, many experts recommend for very large houses and apartments not to waste time on fasteners of huge designs of chandeliers, because they can easily be replaced by several less huge hanging models in the same style.Nevertheless, it all depends on the desires and capabilities of the household.

For living rooms of apartments and houses in which low ceilings and small rooms, it is best to purchase ceiling chandelier models. Such options can be no worse than outboard ones.

Today, many domestic and foreign manufacturers offer a lot of different ceiling chandeliers that will perfectly fit into any classic interior. In addition, they are designed for rooms with any parameters. The most luxurious models are created in Italy and France, as well as in other European countries, where they especially appreciate the beauty of classic interiors.

Ceiling chandeliers have flat designs, so that they do not emphasize low ceilings, and even visually make the ceiling higher.

How to choose?

In order to properly choose one or another chandelier in the room, it is very important to consider some points:

  • Select the desired model should be in view of all dimensions of the room. It is advisable to do all the measurements and choose the right model with a specialist.
  • Artificial lighting should be thought out to the smallest detail, it should not be dazzling and should not be too dim.Ideal to find a middle ground.
  • Since many shops and boutiques offer designer versions of chandeliers, make sure that your chosen model in the future is in harmony with the whole interior, and not contradict it in details.
  • It is preferable to purchase designs directly in stores, and not on the Internet. It is very important to independently verify the strength and reliability of the structure that you want to place on the ceiling. It is not recommended to buy chandeliers made of cheap materials, since such designs are not only not durable, but they can also not hold all the parts on them.
  • Pay special attention to the colors of the product. All shades of the chandelier should be combined favorably with the overall palette of the interior. All colors should be perfectly matched. Avoid chandeliers with excessively bright shades that will attract unwanted attention.
  • Choosing this or that model, do not forget to take into account all safety criteria. Very often incandescent bulbs are installed in the structure, which can damage the ceiling and lead to its further fire.

If you are not sure that you can choose the very model of the chandelier yourself, the best thing is to use the services of professionals.

Interesting options in the interior

  • To fully complement the classic interior and make it complete, pay attention to the ready-made kits, which include a chandelier and wall sconces. Such products will perfectly complement the luxurious decoration of any room in a classic style.
  • White chandeliers with an abundance of crystal - this is a real classic of the genre. They will help to create the effect of airiness and delicate elegance in the living room, decorated in bright colors.
  • Bright lights of unusual designs of chandeliers will be able to highlight the beauty of the classic modern style. A model with decorative candles will highlight all the grace of a suspended ceiling with decorative details.

How to choose the right chandelier, see the next video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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