Christmas decorations from beads do it yourself

 Christmas decorations from beads do it yourself

New Year is around the corner. Everyone wants to experience the feeling of celebration and fairy tales from childhood. Much can be given for those moments when you take out toys for the Christmas tree, you consider them and with love you decorate a tree smelling of holiday and happiness.

Christmas toys are sold in stores in huge quantities for every taste and color. But the special comfort and originality of the decor of the tree will give homemade and unique decorations.


Craftswomen make Christmas decorations from paper, wire, thread, beads, knit snowflakes and various figures. Preparing for the New Year and then home decor creates a feeling of comfort, warmth, joy and celebration.Such decorations can be made by yourself at the New Year's party, they will be remembered by the guests for a long time.

Making candles with various aromas is very popular now. For the winter, for example, the smell of sandalwood, juniper, hop, citrus aromas. A made and decorated candle will magically fill the house with the aroma of enveloping warmth, comfort and celebration. These candles are perfect for New Year's decor.

Bead decor

But now I would like to pay special attention to bead toys. They are not so difficult to make, they come in different levels of complexity. It is possible to make both one-, two-color, and multi-color ornaments. They are flat, voluminous. If desired, you can make both an independent decoration and bead any thing: a candle, a toy, a felt brooch. It will take about 10-15 minutes to make the simplest toy for decoration, without requiring any complicated tools and techniques. For more experienced needlewomen there are more complex schemes, following which it turns out elegant decoration.

To start making the simplest jewelry, you will need dense thin wire, beads of several colors, possibly old beads. So, the simplest, perhaps, will be making a Christmas tree.


This model is likely to be the easiest and fastest to manufacture and it will turn out even for those who saw beads only in the store. And you can make it in just 10 minutes. Christmas tree will be volumetric in the form of a spiral. For its manufacture will require a thin dense wire, beads, cardboard. Green, if you want just a green Christmas tree, color - for a bright decor. So let's get started.

  • From cardboard you need to make a cone, glue it.
  • Wrap the wire tightly on the cardboard, make about 7-10 turns.
  • Cut the wire from below and from above, leaving a margin of 1.5-2 cm.
  • From below make a loop, remove the tree from the cone and carefully stretch it.
  • We put beads on top. You can alternate colors for sharper lines or make a bright multi-colored.
  • When the entire wire is filled, twist the end from the top and make a small loop. There, the beads will not fall off and you can hang the ornament on the tree for the top of the loop.

Such decorations can hang around not only the tree, but the whole house, including the kitchen, hallway, windows. It took quite a bit of time and effort, and the beautiful decoration is ready. Such easy-to-make, but pleasing to the eye ornaments will inspire the creation of other wonderful crafts.


This decoration is also very simple and quick to make.For the manufacture of such balls will need a thin soft wire, colored beads, beads, sequins and inflatable balls. You can make as of one color, two-color, and a real New Year's multi-colored ball.

  • Inflate the ball to the desired size of the toy.
  • Strung on a wire beads, beads and sequins.
  • Make a loop at the top of the ball, twisting the wire.
  • Holding the end of the wire at the top, start wrapping the ball, pushing 2-3 beads every 3-4 cm.
  • Tangle the ball so several times. Important: do not pull the wire too tight, because the ball may burst during the manufacture of the toy. When the result is satisfactory, cut down the wire and make a loop.
  • Pierce the ball and carefully remove it from the made toy.

It took about 10 minutes to make it, and it can decorate the house and the Christmas tree for many years. You can make a garland of balls, because above and below we made loops. And you can decorate them with a Christmas tree, with a garland such balls will look great and shine. And they will serve you more than one year.

Bead without wire

For the manufacture of such delicate and wonderful toys, we need glass beads for crystal or any other with mother-of-pearl shine. And also you need a glue gun, a thin ribbon, tennis balls or special small plastic blanks.

  • If we use special blanks, then we skip this point. If we take a plastic tennis ball, then it needs to be slightly sanded with fine emery paper or nail file.
  • Apply a glue gun around the ball with a glue gun and glue the tape as if we were tying a ball. At the place where the ribbon came together we tie a knot and taller, centimeters after 10, a knot and a bow on top. For him, and we will hang our ball.
  • Now you can glue and beads with beads. We apply glue with a pistol over the central part of the ball and immediately glue the beads. Next, go to each side of the center until we wrap the ball in a circle.

Openwork beaded jewelry

For such a wonderful decoration, you will need a blank or, again, a tennis ball, lace or pieces of curtains, sequins and beads. And, of course, the thread in the color of the fabric, needle and glue gun.

  • Glue the ball with a cloth, give dry. Do not pour glue on it, otherwise it will not be possible to sew anything to our blank.
  • Now, in fact, we will sew our jewelry.We thread the needle through the fabric so that it comes out, put the sequin out of the ball and put a bead on top, pull the needle out.
  • Again, we stretch the needle into the same sequin and pull it out in the place where we want to see the next sequin.

Decorated in this way, the ball will look very gently and carefully both on the Christmas tree and on the window or furniture.

In order for the jewelry to look harmonious, it is better to make several pieces of the same type and place them in one place. Make zones with different decorations in different places. It will look and cozy, and very stylish. You can make different compositions by color, by type of jewelry. They should not be very much. Everything should be in moderation.

In general, the house of the needlewoman always gives warmth, comfort, I want to come back again and again. New Year in such a house promises to be warm, magical, fabulous. In such a house it is just the right way to make the most seemingly impossible desires. Everything in it will be fabulous and easily doable.

In the next video you will find a master class on making a Christmas ball made of beads.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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