How to make Christmas decorations out of felt?

Many people before the New Year holidays do their own various decorations for the Christmas tree and home. They can be created from a variety of materials. Today we will talk about how to make decorative toys out of felt.

Fabric description

Felt is a super-dense and durable fabric. It is obtained by felting hares, goats, rabbits. Often used for this waste fur.

Sometimes felt is made together with chemical soft fibers. This fabric can be both smooth, and nap.

It ideally holds a form, therefore toys and various ornaments for the house are often made of it.

Christmas toys made of felt

In the manufacture of Christmas decorations you You will need some necessary elements:

  • felt of various colors;
  • scissors;
  • glue;
  • beads;
  • decorative beads;
  • pencil;
  • stencils;
  • special filler or cotton;
  • needles;
  • threads;
  • decorative ribbons and buttons.

Many people make beautiful soft figurines to decorate holiday trees in their home.


So, you can make a small decorative Christmas tree. Especially this toy will appeal to young children.

To make such a Christmas decoration, you need to cut out of the dark green felt two small triangular pieces. Decorate them with bright buttons and shiny multi-colored sequins.

These elements are sewn to the fabric using bright contrasting threads (red, blue, blue, yellow). At the same time, fill the future Christmas-tree toy with a special filler. At the end, sew the trunk of pre-cut brown felt.

At the top of such a Christmas tree, you can fix a button in the form of a star.


Some make to decorate their Christmas tree for the New Year small soft bells. To make this product, you must take the felt in different colors. It is better to use green, blue, yellow and red. Elements of such colors will look most beautiful and elegant at a festivetree


Fabulous colorful houses will also look great on your holiday tree. To make them, you need to cut several triangles out of fabric, they will serve as a roof for future decoration.

Then cut out small pieces of square or rectangular form of felt of the same colors. All elements are carefully sewn together and filled with cotton wool.

Decorate such houses can be anything. Most often for this purpose they take beautiful and bright buttons, multi-colored satin ribbons, brilliant beads.

For such an element of decor, you can cut a small door. It should also be decorated. The resulting products are hung on the Christmas tree.


Animal figures can be placed on the tree. To do this, choose what kind of animal you want to make. In this case, it is better to use templates. To make them, you need to draw the selected image on the cardboard.

Instead of patterns, patterns can be used. Carefully cut the lines from the cardboard drawings. Transfer them to fabric. For this, the blanks are pressed tightly against the felt and outlined with a bright pen or pencil. Then it all cut out.

All fabric parts are sewn together manually or with a sewing machine. At the same time they are filled with cotton. Thus, they create not only animals, but also little Santa Claus, Snow Maiden or a snowman.

Often, designers make teddy bears of brown or white color. To do this, draw a picture in the form of them on paper and transfer everything to the felt. You can use ready-made patterns that are easy to take from the Internet.

Often the fabric is not sewn, because the felt is already a rather dense and durable material that perfectly keeps its shape.

Eyes and nose for such a decoration should be carefully cut out of black fabric and glued so that the glue is not visible.


Some make of felt simple toys in the form of hearts. Their production does not take too much time and effort, but at the same time such decorative items can fit perfectly almost everywhere.

Hearts can be easily cut out of felt with the help of self-made cardboard patterns. After all, the drawing is quite simple, for it does not need to look for a pattern. The color of the fabric can be taken any.

The fabric in the shape of hearts is stitched and filled with cotton wool.On the surface of a new toy, you can manually embroider a large snowflake or decorate with small buttons of a more contrasting color.

Often on the Christmas tree hang a lot of ornaments, different in shape, but made in the same color scheme.

So, on a holiday tree you can place small snowflakes sewn from felt, hearts and fir-trees of the same color.

Favorably on the spruce will look objects in red and white, blue and white, white and green. You can dilute all this with small elements of silver or golden color.

When decorating a Christmas tree, do not overdo it with green toys. After all, they can simply merge against the general background, and the design will be ugly and boring even with a large number of decorative objects.


On the Christmas tree, you can hang figurines in the form of small angels. But for such an ornament, you will need to cut wings, torso and head out of felt separately according to the patterns. Moreover, the last two elements are best filled with cotton and sew.

Wings are recommended to be simply cut out of fabric and glued to the rest of the decoration in this form. The nose and eyes can be neatly drawn by hand with a black pencil or felt-tip pen.Such elements can be embroidered with black thin threads.

Angels can be decorated with rhinestones or ribbons. Some people separately cut hair and hats for them.

By the wings should be separately glued small sequins, buttons or shiny pearls.


From felt, you can make products under the Christmas balls. To do this, cut out two sections of the fabric from the fabric. They are connected with threads, filling with cotton or special filler for toys.

Then on the resulting blanks make any pattern. For this use shiny ribbons, rhinestones. It is permissible to simply embroider a pattern with a needle. Some decorate the product with different colors of beads.


Many designers make beautiful garlands of felt.

They boast some positive qualities:

  • garlands of such material are much easier to make;
  • the edges of the garland do not need to sweep over;
  • felt perfectly keeps its shape;
  • felt is much stronger than other fabrics.

To make such an item of decor, you need to cut out of felt smooth circles of different sizes and colors. Through the resulting pieces of fabric thread thin thread.You can also sew loops to them, in which a beautiful thread is threaded.

Such a garland is decorated not only with a Christmas tree, but also with window and door openings.

Garland can be made in the form of numbers. For example, cut from the felt of different colors the number of the New Year. The fabric is sewn with a machine or by hand. Do not forget to leave some space to fill the decoration with cotton wool or a special filler. In the end, through the garland received they pierce a beautiful thread.

You can make such a decoration in the form of Christmas trees. They are cut out of felt with the help of cardboard or paper templates, and then pierced with a bright thin thread.

In this case, Christmas trees should be decorated with sequins or small buttons to make the garland more interesting and elegant. Instead of Christmas trees, you can use hearts or stars.

Many make snowflakes, but remember that they are much harder to cut. For them it is better to immediately find a pattern.

Decorations for the holiday table

During the New Year holidays, many designers recommend decorating holiday tables. To do this, you can put in the middle of the table a Christmas tree made of green felt.

Some even decorate napkins.Attached to them are small figures of Christmas trees, snowmen, snowflakes or stars. Such small items can then be used as nice gifts.

You can make beautiful felt napkins in the form of Santa Claus, a Christmas tree or a snowman. To do this, cut out of the fabric on the patterns of the future products. Stitch together do not need anything, since it is not soft toys.

All elements are glued together. At the end, the received napkins can be decorated with multi-colored beads, sequins or buttons.

Decorating the house

If you have small children, then a good idea would be to hang small felt gloves around the house. They are filled with sweets for children. Most often for their manufacture take white or red fabric, but you can use other colors.

Mittens gently draw on paper. The resulting templates are transferred to the felt with a pencil. The fabric is sewn, filling it with cotton wool.

To make the decoration even more beautiful, you can make embroidery in the form of small snowflakes or stars on it. Such items made with golden threads will look especially elegant.

You can also decorate the beginning of these gloves with beautiful lining.Checkered fabric is perfect for this. It is permissible to add a bright satin ribbon.

Before the holiday, window sills are often decorated. They put a variety of New Year's figures. So, you can make from felt artificial Santa Claus, a snowman or just a beautiful doll. This should be done according to the patterns.

Often on the windowsills make the whole composition. It uses natural material (cones, branches, bark). In order to make the decoration more fabulous and beautiful, candles are used for decoration.

At the door of your house you can hang a small wreath of Christmas felt toys. To do this, first make a ring. To make it, two strips of the same size are cut, they are interconnected with the help of threads and needles.

Such a ring will serve as the basis of the design. On it are attached small New Year's toys from the same felt. You can attach small hearts, snowmen, snowflakes or stars. Do it with glue. Also, these elements can simply be sewn to the ring.

For this New Year's decoration, many other figures and toys are also taken. You can arrange it with ordinary felt balls.At the end, they attach a little rhinestone to the construction or tie a beautiful ribbon in the form of a large bow on top. Do not overdo it with the number of items. After all, otherwise the element will be too ridiculous and ugly.

Master class on New Year's felt toys in the next video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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