Christmas decorations from cones: features and secrets of manufacturing

 Christmas decorations from cones: features and secrets of manufacturing

Cones are a natural material from which very beautiful New Year decorations are obtained. Such products can be made independently, without making great efforts. Decorations of cones can be supplemented by a variety of bases, from shelves to door panels. Today we will take a closer look at what kind of ornaments from cones are and how they can be made with your own hands.

Selection of materials

Decorations made from cones have long been popular. Their relevance is still not faded, because they have a very interesting and attractive appearance. Cones make charming New Year's wreaths, little owls and dogs, and many other attractive figures.In the manufacture of spectacular decor, you can use not only whole cones, but also their individual scales.

From the latter, original flower compositions of various shades are obtained.

Pine cones are most often made using such PVA glue, multi-colored ribbons, tape, old newspapers, wire, nylon thread, paints of different colors. Often in the manufacture of such decor used old soft toys of small sizes. Of course, the list of required materials primarily depends on the specific crafts, the manufacture of which you plan to do.

How to do?

Pine cones are usually made closer to the New Year. It was at this time that such decor is particularly relevant. With the help of pine cones, you can complement the decor both inside and outside the house. They are installed in various places. It is quite possible to make these spectacular decorations with your own hands. Consider a few step-by-step instructions for making such decorations.


From the cones make beautiful Christmas garlands. Such decorations can transform any situation, making them more comfortable and,of course, festive. They hang this decor on a variety of grounds - it looks harmonious everywhere.

If you decide to independently make such an interesting New Year's thing, then you should stock up on components such as:

  • cones themselves (the amount of these natural materials depends on how long the garland you plan to make);
  • rope or twine (instead of these parts, it is permissible to use a narrow ribbon);
  • acrylic paints for gold or silver (instead of paints, it is permissible to buy glitter and ordinary PVA glue);
  • hooks (you can buy them in handicraft stores);
  • tassel;
  • pliers;
  • brush.

    First you need to clean the workpiece. Remove all dirt and dust from them. To carry out such procedures is very convenient with a small brush. Cones can also be washed under a small stream of water. After that, natural materials should dry out.

    Using high-quality acrylic paints and a brush, tint the ends of the cones with a silver or gold mixture. It is very important to give each painted part to dry completely. You can also use another method - apply PVA glue on the tips of the cones, and then pour glitter abundantly over the laid adhesive layer. When the glue dries, the extra shiny particles will need to be swept away.

    All harvested natural materials are made in the same way.

    Now take the hooks. They can be bought both in shops for needlework, and in many building retail outlets. Insert them into the top of the cones using pliers. After that, take the twine, cut a piece of the desired length and thread it into each hole. Be sure to make knots on the hooks so that the cones are held on the basis of the most reliable and stable, they should not dangle on the string. It is desirable to withstand at least 15 cm between the individual elements.

    The upper part of the cones is also admissible to decorate with cute bows of ribbons. The result will be a very beautiful Christmas decoration. As you can see, its production is very simple, and takes a minimum of free time.


    The cones make spectacular New Year's wreaths. Such decor is usually hung on the door panels or walls. It is also possible to make Christmas wreaths from natural materials with your own hands. This process will take quite a bit of free time.

    To make a beautiful decoration you need the following components:

    • pine cones (any size);
    • colored wire;
    • thick wire for the manufacture of frame framework;
    • clippers;
    • pliers.

    And now we will consider step by step how such decorative objects are made:

    • you first need to weave the skeleton for the future wreath using thick wire;
    • then the bumps should be attached to the resulting frame using colored wire;
    • filling the frame must begin with the inner ring;
    • then you can go to the outer ring;
    • fix the natural materials between the frame rings;
    • it is permissible to decorate a manufactured part further, based on its own preferences, referring to paints, tinsel and other similar elements.

    Decorate such a wreath can be a variety of details. From beautiful shiny ribbons of different colors to candy, large red bows and brilliant sprinkles. In addition, these decorations are made from old iron hangers or newspaper frames.

    The gnomes

    Not only various wreaths and festoons are made of cones, but also various figures. From such natural materials very nice owls turn out. Often the bumps are used in the manufacture of the symbol of the coming year.There are one more interesting figures, the creation of which is resorted to by many masters.

    Making little dwarfs from the cones is easy.

    To carry out such creative works need to stock up on the following components:

    • a large pine cone;
    • multi-colored felt;
    • silicone glue;
    • eyes (preferably plastic);
    • terry wire;
    • peppercorns;
    • thread and needle;
    • white sheet of A4 office paper;
    • cotton balls;
    • scissors.

    First you need to build the head of the future gnome. If you have in stock a foam ball or a large bead made of wood, you can use these parts. Usually they are glued or stuck on the upper part of the cone, which will play the role of the base of the figure, that is, its body.

    If you do not have the mentioned components, then you can refer to this production version:

    • wet A4 paper with water;
    • then it is necessary to squeeze and roll a small, but dense ball;
    • while the resulting part is still wet, it will need to be planted on top of the natural material;
    • then you need to leave the ball on the pinecone until it is completely dry, and while the future gnome’s head is fully dried, you need to prepare elements that will play the role of clothes for the figurines of felt;
    • for the manufacture of the cap, you must first make the correct pattern, then impose the pattern on the felt, cut all its outlines, and then cut the part;
    • the next stage is processing along the edges with a stitch of a looped type;
    • On the upper part of the resulting cap, sew or glue a small decorative ball of cotton wool.

    Then you can proceed to the manufacture of handles gnome. Make them from a special terry wire. To do this, it is necessary to secure this element between the scales of natural material. The ends of the wire must be twisted, and the handles will be ready. Next, we make gloves. To do this, draw patterns, and master 4 identical parts on the felt material. Each element must be cut. Then they are stitched together. When the little mittens are ready, they can be put on the looming figure.

    Socks for the gnome also need to be made from felt fabric. They are glued to the bottom of the bumps. After that, there will be quite a bit, and the gnome will be ready. You need to put a cap on it, using silicone glue.

    Now make out the face of the decorative figures. It is necessary to glue the eyes and nose of pepper, as well as draw a gnome mouth.

    In order not to make the Christmas gnome seem too pale, his cheeks may be additionally browned with the help of dry blush or pink shades.

    It is necessary to supplement the figure with a miniature scarf. It should also be made of felt 20 cm long and 2.5-3 cm wide. On the tips of the scarf, cut the fringe. The result will be a very cute little gnome. You can make several such figures and put them in one New Year's composition.

    New Year's compositions

    The cones make very beautiful holiday compositions, which are often used not only to decorate the home, but also to decorate gifts.

    Consider some interesting combinations using natural materials.

    • On a flat basis, such as a shelf or window sill, you can decompose the cones and add LED garlands to them. Such a tandem will look bright and attractive if it is supplemented with artificial snow and tinsel. In such a decoration can be present as usual, and cones, decorated with sparkles.
    • Cones look very attractive if they are arranged in the same composition with mandarins, needles and other similar accessories of the New Year's theme.
    • Often, to decorate a table or an interior as a whole, beautiful dishes are taken (this can be both a glass and a wicker vessel), and then many different cones are placed into it. You can add to this simple composition a few small twigs (not necessarily just conifers).
    • Interesting and small compositions are obtained if the edges of the feathers of the cones are covered with snow-white paint with inconspicuous sparkles, and the remaining surfaces of the natural material are painted with green paint. The result is a kind of mini-Christmas tree. It will become more original if you put it in a small earthen pot and add a big golden star on top.
    • From the cones, you can make a peculiar frame of high elegant white candles, inserted into elegant transparent candlesticks that look like neat vases. Such decorations will be a great addition to the festive table.

    The options for making beautiful compositions with cones are great.

    It all depends on the taste and preferences of the owners who want to decorate their home.


    Few people know, but the cones make very original and spectacular New Year stars.Such decorations attract a lot of attention because they look nontrivial.

    To make such a decoration with your own hands, the following components will be useful:

    • different sized bumps;
    • metal skewers or sturdy wire;
    • colored ribbons.

      Original stars are made of cones as follows.

      • From the wire is made several skewers. They will need to be connected, making a bend in the central part in order to get a kind of five-pointed base.
      • Now you should start stringing the cones, forming a beautiful design out of them. She must love you!
      • One of the bars will need to bend and tie with a ribbon, for which the star can be hung on the door, near the wall or next to the fireplace. Often, these decor items are set at the top of the trees.

      Beautiful examples in the interior

      Wreaths of cones look very beautiful and harmonious, if they are supplemented with sprigs of coniferous trees. In such tandems, you can include decorative berries of red, as well as cover with white patches of paint that simulates frost or fallen snow. Christmas wreaths look amazing if you equip them in the center with a hanging closed flashlight with openwork details.

      From the magnificent ensemble of colored light cones, branches and Christmas balls can get a spectacular candlestick. On a similar background a white dense candle will look harmoniously. To fix bulk materials is permissible by using transparent glassware at the bottom. The result will be an original Christmas decoration that attracts a lot of attention.

      On the windowsill in the house you can put a very unusual basket made with your own hands from cones. This decoration should be completely made of natural materials, and the handle of the basket is no exception. This decor will look appropriate in both winter and summer season.

      For example, in the New Year holidays it can be supplemented with a sprinkling of artificial snow, and in the summer to decorate with small flowers.

        From the cones you can make an unobtrusive garland on the basis of a dense red thread. Natural materials themselves for such a base can be painted white at the edges. Such a decoration will be especially organically fit into the situation, sustained in bright and white tones. They will delight with their beauty, but they will not get out of the general ensemble.

        For information on how to make Christmas toys out of cones with your own hands, see the following video.

        Information provided for reference purposes.For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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