How to make Christmas decorations on the bottle with your own hands?

 How to make Christmas decorations on the bottle with your own hands?

Ahead of everyone is waiting for a magical holiday, which is shrouded in a special atmosphere of joy, kindness, happiness. This day is waiting for all the inhabitants of our country, because this is the New Year. Create an unusual tale in the house and decorate the festive table on this day is a snap. It is only necessary to decorate the room, set the table. And, of course, to complement the decoration with unusual details that will add a special flair to the interior of the room in connection with this holiday. Decorated bottles on the festive table will look very original and unusual.

Ribbon decoration

New Year's and Christmas holidays are hard to imagine without drinks on the holiday table.Usually in the New Year it is customary to drink champagne, which is opened to the chime of the chimes. No fun and no strong drinks. There is a place and non-alcoholic products. You can set the table by placing on it the bottles decorated with your own hands. Such a decoration will immediately raise the New Year's mood, so you should be patient, find it in the house or purchase the available materials and start your work.

On New Year's Eve, the hostesses try to decorate the house in an unusual way, they find original recipes for preparing delicious dishes in advance. Preparing for the celebration, you can do a lot of crafts with their own hands. The decor of glass products on the table will look great. To make jewelry on the bottle, you can use different materials. Bottles of wine or champagne decorated with ribbons will look extraordinarily elegant and solemn. This can be either a simple decoration or a rather complex composition.

If there is very little time left, you can only take champagne, hang a satin ribbon on the neck and add the composition with fir cones, bunches of mountain ash, lace or beads.

A more complex design option is to decorate with satin ribbon of different colors and sizes. To do this, take two types of ribbons of different widths and contrasting colors and wrap the bottle in the middle with them. The bottom layer is decorated with a wide ribbon, and a narrow ribbon is laid on top of it. The composition will look more impressive if you choose ribbons of contrasting colors for decoration, for example, blue with silver or brown with pink.

Particular attention should be paid bottle caps. They are tied with satin ribbons, decorated with bows. The cover can be decorated with blue or satin ribbon, Christmas tinsel, rhinestones, beads, beads. But by itself it also looks spectacular, therefore, if there is very little time for registration, you should leave it for what it is. For those who are not afraid to experiment, you can complicate the task and wrap the bottle completely with satin ribbons. To wrap the glass container completely, you need a large piece of satin ribbon, about 2.5 cm wide. If you wish, you can take two different shades of braid, but this work is carried out with the basic foundations of such work.

Begin wrapping at the bottom of the neck. Thread the ribbon on the neck and fix it with a loop. So that the atlas does not slide over the surface, the tape is glued with glue. Then you should overlap the tape, fixing it every time below half a centimeter. Further work should be continued until the angle of inclination decreases as much as possible. At the bottom of the bottle decorate a wider ribbon or lace.

In addition to such methods, you can wrap jars or bottles with satin ribbons in a chaotic manner, or tie them in bows on a cover made of paper or fabric. The product will look quite stylish if you put a piece of velvet fabric or fur on the neck and link it with a beautiful multi-colored brooch.

Felt decor

The decorations for the New Year, made of felt, look very stylish and festive. Before you begin, you should take care of the necessary tools and accessories.

To make an original decoration of felt for the New Year and Christmas holidays, you need to take:

  • empty or full champagne bottle;
  • scissors;
  • PVA or Moment glue;
  • glue gun;
  • felt, cloth scraps, mat;
  • beads, tinsel and other decorative items;
  • red tape 2-2.5 cm wide;
  • slanting tape;
  • ruler.

For the holiday you can sew a case for bottles, with a very simple and convenient material for a removable cover is felt. This is a soft material, therefore, working with it, you do not need to work the edges, besides the felt holds the desired shape well. This material is very convenient for work, from it you can sew special covers, which will fit the container for alcoholic and soft drinks. A red caftan for Santa Claus or a white cozy suit for a snowman can be sewn from felt patches.

You can come up with many options to decorate the festive packaging. Felt hats and caps, dwarf faces or deer horns will look fun and playful. All these parts can be easily and quickly cut out according to the drawings and sewed, and then fastened on the bottle neck. Cute hats of red felt with white edging, as well as a scarf, combined in color, will adorn the container.

Figurines cut from felt that adorn the lower part of the bottle or jar will look festive, such mini-figures will decorate the neck of the bottle.For a festive decor, it is useful to decorate all kinds of tinsel, beads, pearls, and shells.

Knitted ornaments

The case for glass containers can be not only sewn, but also knitted. You can link both the case itself and the jewelry for the bottles. You can crochet or knit a case for a bottle. To do this, you need to make the necessary measurements, make a drawing and link the part. To make the bottle look more advantageous, it is better to take cotton or acrylic threads. The thread is better to choose green, red, white or blue, depending on what idea is embedded in the design. When choosing green threads, you can arrange the decor in the form of a Christmas tree, securing glitter on its surface. White background will be ideal for embroidery. Champagne, dressed in a white case with embroidered patterns, will only underline the Christmas theme.

Threads of red color should be chosen for registration of a cover-suit for Santa Claus.

If there is no opportunity or time to tie a bottle case, you can make it from an old warm sweater. To do this, cut off the sleeves from the sweater and measure the size of the glass container. Optionally, you can make a cover on the bottle to the middle of the product, or leave a few centimeters so that the sleeve length is greater than the length of the container.After measurements, the sleeve is cut to the selected length, the bottle is lowered inside and the cover is decorated as you see fit.

Cute amigurumi knitted figures are able to decorate details, making them an accent. A crocheted Christmas tree will decorate a champagne bottle and make a festive table more original. Any container can be used to decorate amigurumi, it can be a plastic bottle or expensive wine or champagne.

Rather simple, but at the same time a great decor can be burlap. For decoration, it is enough just to wrap a glass piece with a small piece of decorative burlap, fix it with cords, ribbons, and decorative thread. Decorate in this way can not only wine or champagne. This decor is suitable for decorating jars and other glass products. You can put candles in empty glass jars of different sizes, put stones or beads in it, wrap in tinsel.

Will look spectacular cans and bottles, decorated with stained glass paints. In addition, you can paint them with acrylic paints, or use a decorative spray.


Decoupage technique is very popular with many.

It can be used in the design of bottles for the New Year.

  • First of all, you should choose the container, the best thing for this is a bottle of champagne.
  • Using acrylic art primer, glass should be primed.
  • The decoupage napkin motif is chosen. For the New Year themed motifs are more suitable.
  • Next, dilute the PVA glue and water in a 1: 1 ratio, then apply the mixture on a decoupage napkin.
  • The product is left for a day before the hollow drying.

After the product is completely dry, you can tint it with acrylic paints, giving greater saturation. If desired, beads or beads can be glued on top, for this purpose they are applied on a facet lacquer. A little glitter also does not hurt. Further, the product should be set aside for another day, in order to cover it with colorless varnish using a spray can. You can decorate a bottle of champagne with confetti and sparkles.

For this you need to take:

  • champagne;
  • glitter or confetti;
  • aerosol adhesive;
  • additional accessories for decoration.

To make this option, you need to remove the label from the bottle and completely clean the surface of residual glue and other contaminants.A layer of glue is applied to the surface using an aerosol can. It does not put glue on the neck of the bottle. Sparkles or confetti are poured into a flat container and the sparkling drink is rolled into them. After that, you need to wait until the glue dries. After drying, the surface is inspected. In the presence of defects, the work is repeated again. Finishing the process, you should decorate the product with decorative details.

To complete the festive look, satin ribbons and bright tinsel are hung on the bottle neck for decoration. To originally decorate the resulting masterpiece, you can wrap sparkling wine with bright shiny beads.

How to make Christmas decorations on the bottle with your own hands, see the next video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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