Christmas decorations: materials, design and original ideas

For a whole year, every adult person spins like a squirrel in a wheel, solves many serious problems and strives to achieve its goals. And only once a year, all important matters smoothly recede into the background, memories of happy days from childhood appear in our thoughts and a great desire arises to fall into a fairy tale. The New Year is a holiday not only for children, but also for adults, who sometimes want to turn back time and enjoy the anticipation of the arrival of Santa Claus again.


The feeling of a festive mood first appears with the arrival of snowy weather. And every day it grows more and more. About a week before the holiday, many families begin to decorate their homes.

When making a festive design of the room, special attention is paid to New Year decorations, with which, by the way, controversial issues often arise. To date, the stores offer a huge selection of decor for the New Year's interior, but often these or other options do not fit the chosen style of the holiday at all.

For this reason, you should connect your own imagination and make jewelry with your own hands from ordinary household accessories and textiles.

Modern man tries to follow the trends of fashion trends and not lose sight of the important details. Just to the new-fashioned ideas of Christmas decorations are products made of foamiran. This plastic material allows you to inlay many details of life. It produces unusual brooches, bracelets. In the performance of the New Year's interior, foamiran will play a very important role. He can turn an ordinary candle into a volume element with an individual stand.

On the New Year you can come up with a huge number of unusual supports for the symbols of the holiday, the basis for which is the bottom of plastic bottles.

The finished decor is suitable for decorating a table, window sills or a fireplace.

For the manufacture of jewelry any material suitable for domestic use, even children's clay. A very common decor option is snowflakes. They can be made of cloth, paper. Those who want to make a kind of snowfall can purchase shapes of snowflakes from foam and, if they have an instrument and enough time, make them independently, connecting several snowflakes to a thin thread and attaching it to the ceiling. Such an idea might be an ideal option for suspended ceilings.

For a noisy holiday with a huge number of guests, the tree can become a hindrance, so the shape of the holiday tree is best depicted on the wall. This will require a long LED festoon and tinsel.

Many decorations of the New Year's Eve, especially the symbols of the New Year, are made of polymer clay. On the tables often appear knitted decorative napkins. The chairs are covered with soft blankets and fastened to the back of the back with ribbons.

Jewelry for figures and toys can be made of plywood. This material is durable and safe, so even little children can not get hurt about it. Above the table very often they began to practice hanging “flying” ornaments from branches. It is important that for the manufacture of this beauty is enough to find a few dry branches, connect them together with a rope and set over the table, taking into account the height of the ceilings. Once the construction is fixed, you can begin to complement small parts, beads, ribbons, foil and much more.

To create a fabulous room lighting, light ribbons, garlands of various kinds, candles, sparkles, lanterns and other light devices are used.

The main thing is that all invented decorations do not clutter each other and look colorful in a festive interior.

Design and colors

Before you start preparing to decorate the New Year's interior, each person pays close attention to the eastern calendar. It tells in detail about the coming of the New Year, the New Year symbols and the color features of each year.

It is important that all shades offered by the Eastern calendar are combined with home comfort and comfort. When choosing design solutions for decorating rooms, it is necessary to build on several aspects. The most important of them is the way of celebration: whether it will be just a family celebration or guests will come, how many guests should come, and, of course, the total area of ​​the apartment or house intended for the celebration.

With a small space is best to use a minimum of jewelry. The Christmas tree can be installed in small sizes or make its base on the wall of tinsel elements and garlands. The color solution in this case should not put pressure on the mind; dark and saturated tones will only aggravate and spoil the very idea of ​​celebration.

But in a large space you can translate into reality any, even the most daring ideas. The classic is a big Christmas tree in the center of the living room, a table decorated with all sorts of decorative elements. The decor can be ceilings with snowfall and many handmade toys that adorn the surface of the fireplace.

Regarding color shades, in this situation, you can take as a basis and bright colors, for example, red, gold, white, beige.


In preparing the interior for the celebration of the New Year uses many styles and decorations inherent in them.The Provence style has become widespread, allowing you to move a piece of France into your own apartment.

An important feature of Provence style is a large number of lights. It can be electrically garlands, lamps with LEDs, candles. By the way, the French give the living fire a greater preference than artificial lighting.

An important piece of advice for those who want to bring a French flavor to their home is to start preparing yourself. If the creator does not have a New Year's mood, then the interior will not work bright and special.

Provence style requires decorating the house step by step. To begin work are carried out with the entrance group. The door, steps and railings are decorated exclusively with living material, that is, the wreath should be made of natural branches of spruce with the addition of toys. The same goes for the rest of the input elements. The inside of the door is also subject to decoration with festive decorations, but with minimal requirements.

On the bedside tables, shelves, window sills and the fireplace are installed clay figurines, as well as New Year's figures made of stone and wood.

The color palette of the holiday in the style of Provence requires careful selection. To achieve color, bright and saturated tones are used.

Another important feature of this style is a large number of jewelry, many of which are made by hand. For the manufacture of decor fit any household items, even those that are collected for recycling.

Fans of fairy tales and magic will appreciate the interior of the house, made in the Scandinavian style. It is important simplicity of the decor used, the restraint of the color palette and ornaments made from natural materials.

As for the design in the Scandinavian style, much attention is paid to the snow-white shades. They are present in every detail of the New Year's interior, especially it can be seen on the Christmas tree, this is a kind of visualization of the snow cover.

The Scandinavian style, despite the predominance of white color, should be combined with any shades, but in the minimum amount. Dilution of light colors should be done with the help of New Year's decor, in which there are green, red and yellow shades.

To create a Scandinavian decor, the presence of decorative elements with ornaments and patterns that look great on textiles, such as pillows or blankets, is very important. Special attention is paid to deer - for the Scandinavian style, this print is considered one of the main symbols of the New Year, especially hand-embroidered.

An integral part of Scandinavian design is candlelight. This fire brings warmth and comfort to the upcoming celebration.

In addition, for the Scandinavian style inherent things with a winter theme. These can be sleighs, mittens or skis.

Rustic style is very popular in country houses, but it can also be used to decorate apartments. The main thing - do not overdo it. Rustic requires the use of natural materials. Jewelry should not be complicated in execution. Twigs and even logs will look very impressive. As additional elements suitable cones, twine and burlap.

Rustic room decoration should start from the entrance. The door is hung with sprigs of pine trees, the basis for which is collected burlap, and is complemented by small bows.At the entrance you can put felt boots.

In the room on the wall, you can hang a kind of window. It can be made of dry twigs, connected in a frame. Additional elements of the decoration of this decor will be cones, beads, small snowflakes and much more.

In the interior of a rustic garlands can be present, made with your own hands. Their basis may be sacking or string. Just a glowing element with a cloth looks extremely unpleasant, so it is important to complement the garland with floral decorations.

It should be noted that the style of rustic involves the use of large rooms. Its scope in a small space will not be distinguished by its beauty and refinement.

Table setting

After the end of the festive interior preparation, great attention should be paid to the table. He will become the main part of the festive evening, which means that his serving should be performed at the highest level. In the design of the table should be a desire to surprise and please the household and guests.

The beauty of the New Year's table should begin with the arrangement of candles and handmade figures. Napkins with a Christmas theme are prepared for each person, on which you can write a holiday greeting or simply wish for happiness.

For the main family and invited guests it is necessary to install cutlery in advance, but in reserve you need to prepare several sets. The same goes for wine glasses and seating.

Dishes on the New Year's table should emphasize the festive atmosphere, for this you should choose in advance interesting options for culinary masterpieces and consider their design.

Recently, the tradition of installing a homemade Christmas tree in the center of the table, which is complemented by candles, ribbons, beads, cones and other decorative elements, has become extremely popular.

The design of the tablecloth should correspond to the chosen style of the apartment or house, otherwise the table - as an important part of the holiday, will simply be lost among the celebration.

How to decorate windows and doors?

With the onset of New Year's Eve, everyone wants to see snowfall outside the window, but unfortunately, the weather does not seek to adapt to human needs. But do not hurry to get upset.It is enough to decorate the windows of your house with homemade snowflakes of different sizes. They can be made from paper, foil and even fabric. Each snowflake can be covered with glitter or beaded.

In addition to snowflakes, you can use a lot of interesting ideas, such as ribbons with toys. On the windowsill, small compositions of candles will look important.

With the same enthusiasm you should approach the choice of decorations for doors. The most common type of decoration is a wreath. It must be weighed on the front door in order to brightly and brightly welcome guests. Recently, New Year's wreaths began to be replaced by horseshoes. They are also made of Christmas tree branches with toys and symbolize the well-being in the house.

For interior doors, you can use the most ordinary rain, and enclose the openings themselves with spruce branches.

Yard and street decoration

The festive atmosphere should be not only within the walls of the house, but also beyond. A fashionable trend has become to decorate the courtyards and streets.

For street lighting, it is necessary to select special garlands that are not afraid of temperature drops and a humid environment. They can decorate the entrance to the entrance, adjacent to the courtyard area, as long as it looks harmonious.

Several kerosene lamps can be hung on the trees. Their decor can consist of colored pebbles, beads, buttons, and a glass candle on a stand is placed on top.

In fact, you can even decorate garbage in your own yard. For example, the old window frame is mounted on the wall of the house, decorated with paws of spruce and bows. Cones and toys are placed between the doors. With the right combination of composition, an extraordinary window of desire is obtained, where you can throw pieces of paper with cherished dreams. During the battle, the chimes are traditionally burned.

Beautiful examples

In order to fill the New Year's interior with unusual and original decorations, it is enough to show imagination and choose the necessary material.

To create such a composition will require a minimum of material and time, but what an unusual and magical result will be!

In this case, the decorations are made in red and white colors. The whole "wardrobe" is hanging on a branch, which is fastened with twine. Anyone who wants to be able to outweigh or wear a fur coat on your own.This decoration option is ideal for window decoration.

Creating jewelry with your own hands, it is necessary to understand the purpose for which they are intended. Some handmade masterpieces are required to be worn on the head, and some on the neck. But in any case, each such element is filled with New Year's mood.

Quite often, to celebrate the New Year with a large number of guests, a show program is invented, where handmade decorations are an integral part of the celebration.

Master class on New Year's decor - in the next video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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