Retro garland: how to make and install?

New Year causes a variety of associations. But Christmas trees and characteristic dishes, well-known characters and stories do not exhaust the whole holiday atmosphere. To decorate the room for New Year and other celebrations, many people try to use garlands.

Special features

These products are readily supplied by modern industry. But the external effect does not always satisfy the needs of consumers. In some cases, the use of retro garlands, which can be made even with your own hands, brings very good results. Before such work is very important to prepare properly, select the appropriate design ideas. Find suitable designs options, photos are quite easy.

We need to think about a few nuances:

  • Will it fit the product in the situation;
  • whether it will be possible to embody the idea, using the available components;
  • how much is it.

Popular option

Garlands of Edison light bulbs allow you to create an unusually interesting composition. They fit well even in very modern interiors, they look much more original than many of the newest designs. Appearance is more like incandescent bulbs (yes, the ones that were used a long time ago). Depending on the design of designers, lamps can be equipped with lampshades or not equipped with them.

Regardless of whether there is a lampshade or not, the external attractiveness is not weakened. Tungsten filament has a large size, and it is associated with increased aesthetic characteristics. Importantly, the lamps do not contain toxic mercury and in this regard, better energy-saving structures. Consumers are pleased with the fact that the color spectrum of the radiation completely coincides with the spectrum of the sun's rays.

There are several weaknesses:

  • high cost;
  • short duration of operation;
  • significant current consumption;
  • strong heating of the outer shell of the flask (risk of burns and fire).

How to: step by step instructions

Street lights based on retro lamps can decorate both the house and the garden. All work is easy to do with your own hands.

The basic details for the masters will be:

  • cartridges;
  • wiring;
  • light bulbs;
  • plug;
  • Dimmer.

All these elements are present in any created configuration, whatever technical and design decisions may be taken. And the rest of the scope for human fantasy is almost unlimited. From the outset, you should consider how far the lamps will be placed from each other. It is important to remember that after all the work is completed, they will be a little closer together. It is recommended to set the illumination points to 650-700 mm, although depending on the design concept and the specific task, the distance may vary.

Further, preparing a garland for home or for the street, the wire is folded in half, and its edges are wrapped with insulating tape. Blue or black, it doesn’t really matter, except for aesthetic reasons. Then take the forceps and bite through the cover of the cover, seeking to expose the conductive wires. If there are no special forceps, you can use a knife to break the insulation.When this work is completed, it is the turn of installation of cartridges.


With the help of a normal nail twist loops where removed the insulating layer. Do not forget, of course, that at this moment the structure should be de-energized. A pair of conductors is inserted into the stern of the cartridge. The screw is fixed only after the elements are connected to the electrical contacts. In this case, be sure to keep the nut even a little out.

Edison bulb selection

These designs can vary significantly among themselves. Their installation in lamps instead of usual light sources is allowed. But in this case it is necessary to check how they are combined technically and aesthetically. Another consideration: compliance with the style of the room or the facade of the house. If the design is designed in the classical spirit, a good way to emphasize this is to choose products, complemented by decorating cords.

For outdoor and wet areas, Edison open lamps are not suitable. They may look pretty graceful, but you should not forget about security considerations. Next, you need to focus on the overall illumination of a particular place,so that it is not excessively dark and does not create a blinding effect. As with other products, the selection by manufacturer is of great importance. Not all companies supply the same quality products - you need to pay attention to the reviews and the duration of your presence in the market.

Additional recommendations

Experienced craftsmen advise using:

  • PV series wires with many conductors;
  • homemade boxes for decorating dimmers;
  • carbolite cartridges;
  • matt spherical bulbs 25-40 watts.

Work may require soldering irons and accessories for them, markers, electric drills. It is better to take the wire with a certain margin, the reserve should be left for the power of the dimmer. The marker is used to mark on the folded wire twice the desired boundaries and joints. All the places where the contacts are attached, it is necessary to fix firmly, but without excessive load. Lamps are connected in parallel to the fault that one does not disrupt the work of the remaining part of the garland.

Unusual option

Instead of power from the network sometimes you need to make a garland on batteries. In this case, even a sudden outage will not become surprise. Lithium-based batteries are commonly used. The recommended voltage is 3 V (no longer necessary). The diode mounts are attached to batteries using epoxy glue.

Such designs can be applied to the veranda or hung on the arch, as well as on other decorative elements in the garden. Usually, the anode is fixed to the positive pole, and the cathode, respectively, to the negative part of the battery. After the glue has set, it is necessary to strengthen the joint by wrapping it with tape. It is recommended to use from 10 to 20 bulbs in such a garland. If they are smaller, there will be no aesthetic effect. If more - the complexity of the work will grow unnecessarily.

Finally, it is worth mentioning the basic rules of safety when using homemade garlands:

  • you should not put them where water splashes will occur at least periodically;
  • it is necessary to clearly understand the difference between home and street decorative elements both in the design and in the hanging;
  • it is impossible to mount garlands in the aisles and in places where water may spill on them, snow may fall;
  • installation of such structures close to the ground or very low,because there it is easy to cling to them or break;
  • each garland must be connected to a strictly separate outlet;
  • Before connecting, check the condition of the sockets, decorative lamps and insulation.

To learn how to quickly make a retro-garland, see the next video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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