Blue garland: how to choose and where to hang?

Decorating with garlands rooms in the house or street objects by the New Year have long been considered a good tradition. The choice of these luminous jewelry on the market is huge. You can purchase a garland of any configuration, size and color. Along with multi-colored, monochrome Christmas-tree decorations are very popular.

A special place is occupied by blue LED lights.

Criterias of choice

To decide on the choice of such an appliance, Consider the following:

  • the place where it is planned to install a garland - on the street or indoors;
  • the principle of the device;
  • wire color and lamp shape;
  • sizes.

Garlands differ in the type of wires. They come from rubber, silicone and polyvinyl chloride. For the street fit products with rubber and silicone wires.They are resistant to moisture and frost, working at sub-zero temperatures with a mark of fifty degrees. Indoors it is enough to use the device in which there is a PVC wire. The colors of the wires are also different. They can be, for example, green, black or transparent.

On sale you can find garlands in the form of a cord, a curtain (fringe), nets, icicles, flexible light tubes (duralight).

The length of the product depends on the purpose for which it is used. If for the Christmas tree, the garland should be three times higher than the tree. (Speech on the cord). To decorate a wall or a window inside a house, there is enough product (horizontally) 1.5-2 meters long. These are usually fringed garlands. Street model may well be a length of 20 or 30 meters. It all depends on the size of the building where it is going to be placed.

The shape of the lamp-electrogypes can be very different. These are balls, stars, snowflakes, bells.

Different types of holiday appliances have blinking options ranging from 3 to 20.

How to choose

In addition to the purpose of the product and artistic intention, in accordance with which the choice is made, the purchase must take into account the issues of quality and safety.You need to buy such things not in the market, but in a specialized store where you can provide all the certificates and guarantees for such products. Do not be shy to require the relevant documents from the seller and carefully read them.

One of the most important conditions of choice is the presence or absence of a fire certificate for the goods. If there is no such document, no matter how beautiful the garland is, it is better to abandon its acquisition.

To understand the intended garland for the house or for use on the street, you need to focus on IP marking. If the digital designation on this indicator is less than 23, then this product is intended for use in the room, and if above this figure, then the garland can be placed on the street.

When buying it is better to focus on instances with a power not higher than 65 watts. Otherwise, the garland may overheat.

It is better to give preference to the LED model, since it can serve longer than products with incandescent lamps. Moreover, in contrast to old products with ordinary light bulbs, in the case of the burning of one luminous element in the LED garland, all other objects continue to work.

So, giving preference to one or another Christmas-tree decoration, it should be noted that the length of the cord from the first light bulb to the plug should be at least one and a half meters. It will be a shame if the cord of the purchased garland cannot reach the outlet.

Where to hang?

The blue garland with its cold light can be used in various versions. With its help, create a unique atmosphere in the interior, highlighting a particular zone. The Christmas tree in the house is decorated in a special style, but most often such decoration is found on street objects.

This product will give a grand shine to the shop window, entrance door of the establishment. The facade of a private country house, decorated with a blue curtain, will acquire festive mystery. The blue garland will create a fantastic atmosphere in the winter sleeping garden. It will be harmoniously combined with overflows of white snow, if it is strengthened on the gazebo or decorate trees with it.

Modern blue garlands open a huge scope for creativity. It is enough to fully use all the technical capabilities that they provide.

How to make LED garland with your own hands, see the next video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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