Advantages, disadvantages and methods of using electric garlands

The New Year is one of the most beloved and important holidays for every Russian. The integral attributes of the New Year's Eve are the Christmas tree, the television program “Blue Light”, a salad, and festive colorful electric lights.

Special features

It should be noted that the first electric garland was made in America by the hands of a telegrapher Ralph Morris. This happened in the 1870s. A little later, in 1895, this decoration was already used to give the New Year's atmosphere to the White House.

Today, without an electric garland, it is difficult to imagine the New Year and Christmas holidays. Of course, modern products are a little like the very first samples. However, it should be understood that the prototype of such a popular nowadays jewelry appeared quite a long time ago.Over the years, he only transformed and modified, without changing, nevertheless, its original essence and nature.

Advantages and disadvantages

Garlands are popular among a wide range of buyers. Someone veils the whole house with them, and someone uses it only to highlight the central heroine of the holiday - the New Year tree. And so it is useful to know both, what advantages and disadvantages this jewelry has.

A number of characteristics can be attributed to the positive features of the electric garland.

  • Democratic price. Electric lights are pretty affordable product. By purchasing this Christmas decoration, you can create a real festive mood for a very small amount.
  • The possibility of self-repair. If one or more lamps have burned out, you can replace them with your own hands at home.

    However, electric lights have not only advantages, but also disadvantages.

    • Fire risk. Like any other device that works on electricity, this decoration requires increased attention. Carefully monitor the condition of the wires and plugs to avoid fires and other emergencies at home.
    • Large consumption of electrical energy. Only a garland that glows can create a festive mood. Obviously, prolonged use of an electric device increases the consumption of kilowatts.

    How to use?

    There is a huge variety of design options for using garlands. The variety of forms, types and sizes of this holiday decoration amazes the minds of even the most sophisticated and demanding customers.

    • Thread. Such decorations can be found in almost every home. They are a straight long cord (the specific length of the string may vary over a rather wide range). These threads are suitable for decorating Christmas trees, windows, curtains or any other interior items of your home.
    • Grid. Usually they are made up of squares or rhombuses decorated with luminous lights. Such garlands decorate flat surfaces (walls, roofs of houses, etc.).
    • A curtain. One of the most popular types of garlands. Most often it is hanged on the inside of the window of the room, however, other ways of arranging the decoration can be suggested. For example, with the help of such a garland you can build a real festive background for a Christmas tree, placing it on the wall,or hang it like a real curtain, dividing the room. In general, you are limited only by your imagination.
    • Icicles. Such ornaments consist of a main (or base) wire, to which, in a well-established manner, small, short filaments are attached. Usually they are decorated with Christmas trees.
    • Fringe. This type is characterized by the presence of bundles of micro-bulbs (sometimes LEDs are used instead of light bulbs). They have a slight similarity with the curtains.
    • Rope Light They consist of a transparent flexible wire, inside of which there are light bulbs. With the help of such a garland you can lay out various inscriptions, patterns or ornaments.
    • Beltait It is a flexible light cord that is used to decorate parks, streets and courtyards of private houses.
      • Light clip - wire with bulbs that can be bent. It is used to decorate trees on the street.

      Despite the fact that the electric garland was originally produced and provided for use as a New Year's decoration, at the moment it is used at any time of the year. Thanks to the creative and creative approach,With the help of an ordinary electric garland, you can give a special character to your room, create a unique atmosphere and comfort. Your best assistant in this business is fantasy.

      For example, with the help of an electric garland and canvas, you can create a luminous picture, decorate the headboard of the bed with colorful lights or add originality to the room with the help of shining aquariums or other interior items.

      On how to use electric lights in the interior, you will learn from the following video.

      Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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