How to decorate your own bottle of champagne for the New Year?

On the eve of the New Year holidays everyone is engaged in buying the necessary ingredients for preparing their favorite holiday dishes. One of the integral components of the holiday is a bottle of champagne. Someone buys the drink of the usual brand, someone is experimenting, but not many are engaged in decorating the bottle bought.

But the unusually decorated champagne will instantly make the necessary mood and can be presented as an exclusive homemade gift.

Why do I need decor?

A bottle of champagne, even if it is very presentable and made of beautiful glass of a special shape, is still made according to certain standards, and on the New Year you always want to see something unusual.Here your fantasy and desire to decorate with your own hands a vessel with a sparkling drink will come to the rescue.

Recently, the New Year's design of bottles with alcoholic beverages is very much in demand. Decorated bottle can be made independently or ordered via the Internet. The quantity and high cost of materials used, coupled with the complexity of execution, can significantly change the price of a beautifully designed drink.

Necessary materials

In order to understand what materials will be needed in the process of bottle design, it is necessary to determine the method of decoration. This can be a simple design with tinsel, sparkles, serpentine and other New Year attributes. To fix them, no additional accessories are needed, just simply wrap the garlands around the bottle nicely or tie them with a bow. Champagne, decorated in this way, will look good on the table during a noisy festive feast and corporate party.

Another way to quickly decorate the bottle will require you to purchase special thermo-stickers (customized labels) with thematic drawings and wishes.

Original labels are removed from the vessel by dipping in heated water.

Very often, colors and decoupage technique are used for decoration. Both of these options are considered the most classic. For the execution of external "clothes" of champagne in these techniques will be required:

  • acrylic paints;
  • special contours;
  • tassel;
  • thematic drawings and stencils;
  • napkins;
  • PVA glue;
  • water based varnish;
  • additional decorations: beads, ribbons, wreaths.

If you decide that beautiful New Year wreaths will flaunt on your bottle, you should purchase the following materials to create them:

  • wire;
  • designer paper;
  • artificial or natural spruce branches;
  • dry flowers;
  • walnuts;
  • mandarins;
  • dried fruits;
  • satin ribbons;
  • cord;
  • lace fabric.

A wreath created from these materials will itself be a highlight in the design of sparkling wine. For greater solemnity, it is recommended to pre-wrap the bottle with foiled or any decorative paper (for example, corrugated) and put a wreath on top of it.

The final touch will be the decoration of the wreath with a transparent pendant or a satin bow.

If you like crafts, you can make special pockets for a drink.

To create them you will need:

  • neutral fabric (beige, creme brulee); It is recommended to choose natural materials like flax, cotton, felt, and in their absence, you can use any fabric that is at hand;
  • thick threads (decorative, interspersed with lurex);
  • needles or sewing machine;
  • pattern, made independently based on the parameters of the bottle;
  • decorative elements: buttons, beads, ribbons, stickers, lace, rhinestones, sequins.

Pockets can be not sewn, but knit or crochet in the form of a pullover, Snow Maiden dresses and Father Frost outfit. You can also add these outfits with knitted winter accessories: a hat and a scarf. Based on your skills and imagination, knitted products can be made in the form of a symbol of the year, a snowman and other characters.

To create knitted decor patterns you will need:

  • Knitting needles - № 1,2,3;
  • hooks - № 1,2;
  • acrylic yarn of different colors (green, red, white, brown);
  • knitting patterns.

As well as decorating a festive bottle of drink can be in other ways.

Let us give some interesting examples.

  • Decorative cord. As additional funds you will need: glue, lace elements, beads, buttons, decorative figures, fur.
  • Glitter. It will take glue. The decoration can cover the bottle entirely or be applied to stencils on certain areas of champagne.
  • Spray can. For a more festive decoration, you can apply paint with appliques and stencils.
  • Rice napkins. It is better if they are translucent and with thematic drawings.
  • Decorative pebbles. They must be placed in a fantasy order on a prepared basis - tapes, tinted glass, corrugated paper.
  • Newspapers. Original will look clippings in foreign languages, made beautiful fonts.
  • Rain. Suitable for additional decoration and create a truly New Year's mood.
  • Polymer clay figures. This material, like no other, provides an unlimited opportunity for creativity. You can make snowflakes from clay, snowman figurines, Santa Claus, owls, Christmas trees and many others. Such decor will make a bottle of champagne a real masterpiece.

Ribbon decoration

You can decorate champagne in an original way with the help of satin ribbons. This decor will look very stylish and elegant.

For registration you will need:

  • satin ribbon of two contrasting shades - 4 meters and 1.5 meters (width of not more than 2 cm);
  • brocade tape - 1.5 meters;
  • transparent glue.

With a ribbon it is necessary to wrap the neck of champagne so that an English letter V is obtained. The resulting figure should go a little on the bottom edge of the foil. Excess tape cut off. Under the letters, apply a little glue and firmly press the fabric. Several more layers are performed in the same way (optimally - 4). Each subsequent should go a little on the previous row.

From the daisy tape make 3 similar layers. Bottom champagne wrap brocade material so that the edges of the tape are connected. All secure with glue.

Adhering to the V-shaped principle, you need to wrap the bottle with satin ribbon in the opposite direction, that is, from the bottom up. Satin decor and brocade winding should not be connected, between them must be left a gap of 10 mm. In order to hide a piece of undecorated glass, it is necessary to take a satin ribbon, put a few drops of glue on it and bring it under the bottom edge of the last layer. Tighten the tape tightly and glue on the glass.On top of it, trim the brocade tape and fix it on the front of the bottle.

The basis for further decoration is ready. Then you can make a bottle with beads, lace snowflakes, bows, cones, crystals and other materials. If you find it difficult to independently invent a beautiful design for a bottle decorated with ribbons, there are many master classes on the Internet that will help you make your choice and show you step-by-step instructions for decorating a bottle.

In order to surprise your guests, you can arrange champagne with satin ribbons in the form of a beautiful ball gown.

To create a composition you will need:

  • pink ribbon (you can choose red or white color) - 11 m;
  • silver ribbon - 2 m;
  • organza for a bow (similar in color to the base tape);
  • needle;
  • threads;
  • glue;
  • scissors.

First, a V-shaped notch (2 layers) of silver-colored tape is glued. The ends should overlap. Then, in the same way, the tape of the primary color (pink) is glued. Having reached the middle of the vessel, it is necessary to continue wrapping the bottle with a pink ribbon, but not diagonally, but straight.

Continue the procedure to the bottom of the bottle.Organza to collect on a thread, arrange in the form of a skirt. Glue the resulting hem to the main dress. At the side, decorate the dress with a small silver bow. A bottle of champagne in the form of a dress can be additionally decorated with lace, decorative buttons, and white beads.

How to make candy?

A bottle of sparkling wine, decorated with sweets, will be an excellent alternative to the traditional gift. Sweets will allow you to turn an ordinary bottle into an exotic fruit, a beautiful Christmas tree or a forest cone.

To recreate the pineapple on the bottle requires:

  • candies in golden wrappers, preferably round shape - 50 pcs .;
  • twine or shiny cord;
  • colorless silicone material;
  • decorative paper (corrugated) - yellow and green.

Small squares of 7x7 are cut out of yellow paper according to the number of candies (50 pcs.). Each sweet unit is attached to the cut-out figure with silicone. The edges of the paper are folded up. With the help of the same silicone, the confectionery products are fixed on the bottle from bottom to neck in dense rows.

Candies in two adjacent rows should be arranged in a checkerboard pattern.

The number of rows depends on the configuration of the bottle and the dimensions of the candy.The last row should be located along the beginning of the neck.

Long colored strips-leaves are made from colored paper of green color. They need about 15 pieces. All leaves are glued together in a bun. Then a bundle of leaves clasps the neck of the bottle, fixing with silicone. The junction of leaves and candy is closed with several layers of decorative cord. The ends of the cord are firmly tied and hidden or formed in a bow.

You can make champagne in the form of a Christmas tree with sweets.

This will require a minimum set of materials:

  • foil;
  • wire;
  • garland;
  • bows;
  • Christmas tree decorations;
  • candies.

The bottle is wrapped several times with foil, then with wire. Garlands and toys are placed on top.

Last on the Christmas tree are hanging candy.

Beautiful examples

Beautiful and unusual on the New Year's table will look bottle, decorated "antique". The golden-brown background, ancient plaits will remind of secrets and magic, which are shrouded in all New Year's Eve days. To create this composition, you will need a cord, an aerosol can of golden paint and a heat-seal (not necessarily on the New Year theme, but also to express a connection with the legend,Undisclosed mystery, unexplored).

A champagne bottle decorated in gold looks stylish and courageous. A leather strap near the neck and beads-riveting evoke associations with the style of bikers, with risky adventures in the masculine spirit. Independently to recreate such a design will not be difficult. First, the bottle is decorated with rather large beads and a leather strap overlapped at the bottom of the bottle neck. The beads are located mainly in the lower part of the vessel and at the ends of the strap.

On the cork and in the upper part of the bottle it is appropriate to place only 10 small beads. After all the decorative elements are glued, a gold-colored paint from an aerosol can is sprayed onto the bottle. When the paint dries, 7–9 medium sized rhinestones stick to the surface of the bottle.

A bottle of champagne decorated with white lace with pink beads and rhinestones will look gentle and solemn. In the middle of the bottle is attached a ribbon bow of pale pink color with a shiny brooch in the middle.

Champagne in a fur coat looks unusual. This design reminds that it is cold outside.In order that the fur did not move down from the bottle, the neck is tied with leather cord with pompoms at the ends, in tune with the main product.

When it comes time to open the drink, it will be enough to pull the cord and the neck will be free.

      It looks very rich bottle, completely covered with rhinestones. For greater luxury on the front of the bottle, 6 “a la crystal” droplet stones and a large brooch are added. Such an incredible masterpiece can be originally presented: in a bucket decorated in the same way, filled with ice and glass beads.

      The New Year's Eve will be the decoration of champagne under the costume of Santa Claus, for which the bottle is covered with acrylic paints. After drying, the neck and bottom of the bottle are decorated with twine. In the middle of the bottle is placed a black felt belt-like belt with a shiny plaque. The belt can be replaced with decorative pearl buttons. At the top of the bottle to form a V-shaped cut of white shiny tinsel. At the bottom of the tinsel in a single layer on top of the twine.

      Another interesting and beautiful idea of ​​bottle design for the New Year is in the next video.

      Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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