How to decorate a gift for the New Year?

 How to decorate a gift for the New Year?

With the onset of the New Year holidays, the city is immediately transformed. Decorated with festoons store windows invitingly attract, reminding that it is time to prepare gifts for the New Year and Christmas for your friends, loved ones, colleagues. Giving presents, like receiving, is very nice. And if this gift is packed in the original packaging, it will be remembered even more. How nice to open the beautiful and unusual packaging, waiting for what a surprise expects inside. It is necessary to include your imagination in the design of a gift, or follow our advice to clothe it in the original festive wrapper. Delight and joy of such a surprise will be provided!

Holiday is coming

Ahead of everyone are waiting for unforgettable winter days, which are shrouded in magic. All prepare gifts in advance for friends and, of course, they dream to get a treasured package or box as a gift. In order for the gift to be “in place,” you should know in advance what a person would like to receive, but it is advisable not to ask directly. It is much more pleasant to get a gift that was really needed, but so that it was unexpected.

Choosing a gift is not easy, but when a gift is already selected, it should be beautifully packaged. Of course, you can buy a regular package with Christmas paraphernalia, sign postcards, or pack a gift in beautiful paper. But it is unlikely that such packaging will be remembered by anyone. If it is non-standard, it will immediately attract attention and highlight this gift among other gifts.

Gifts for children

The New Year is a holiday shrouded in mystery, at which time most of the desires are fulfilled. Especially this holiday children are happy. For the child, you can come up with an unusual jewelry made with your own hands. Nothing will please the baby like a new toy, and if it is beautifully wrapped, it will be an additional surprise for the child.The morning will come a little, the parents will immediately hear the children's steps - this baby is looking for his gift near the Christmas tree.

If there are several children in a family, it is worth packing presents in bright boxes or packages., and for each package, write an explanation of who the gift is intended for. You can make it very unusual and original, for example, attach a photograph of its future owner to the package. It is also advisable to attach explanatory tags to the box or other packaging.

Will delight the kids and a small quest with a search for a gift. To do this, you can draw arrows on the leaves, indicating where to look for a gift and arrange them around the house. In the notes, you can write special tasks, for example, read a poem about the New Year or sing a New Year song. After all the notes are found, the child finds a cherished gift. He gets the first impression on how the gift was packed. Children's gifts should be packaged in colorful paper and decorated with New Year attributes.

Making a New Year's gift is exciting. One has only to spend quite a bit of time choosing a gift and its packaging to ensure a festive atmosphere and make the eyes of your friends shine with happiness.

When packing gifts, you can ask for help from children.They will be happy to help in the design and packaging of a surprise for dad, mom, grandmother or grandfather. Children can draw pictures for the New Year, cut out snowflakes or make appliques. Such work will be interesting both for children and adults.

You can create snow patterns or draw falling snow using a simple pencil with a rubber band on the tip. To do this, the bottom of a pencil with an eraser is dipped in white paint, and then a drawing is applied to the paper. A white snowflake, snowman, or falling snow, drawn in this way, will decorate even the simplest packaging from ordinary craft paper.

You can make a decoration of colored paper and cut out volumetric shapes in the form of cones or snowflakes. You can complete the decor of the box by wrapping it with a thick bright thread, ribbon or lace. A beautiful bow is tied to the packaging, any materials are used as a bow, you can even take a piece of an old shirt or dress. In addition, the packaging itself can be not only paper, but also fabric. You can decorate such a gift with additional details. It may be small Christmas toys, dried flowers, acorns.Cinnamon sticks will look very organic, as well as cones, fir branches.

It is only necessary to connect the fantasy, and after a couple of minutes the festive packaging set is ready. Handles of satin ribbons and bright red bows will be an excellent addition to the set.

Holiday Gifts

Even a small gift, for example, a box of chocolates or a chocolate bar, should be elegantly packaged. You can decorate the chocolate with Christmas tinsel, a mini-card with wishes or wrap it with serpentine. Such a sweet gift will be remembered, especially if you choose refined and expensive chocolate for a gift, and not just a regular tile.

Small gifts can be packed in plain letter paper. With the help of narrow scotch tape on the package, you can attach a spruce or pine branch, rowan branch, or any other branch with an unusual decor.

You can make a New Year's surprise using knitted mini-boots with wishes. You can tie one or more boots and put funny or unusual notes of congratulations inside. The bright box in which the gift is packed is wrapped with woolen thread, on which mini-boots are hung with clips or small clothespins.

A beautifully wrapped gift is usually liked before it is unpacked.

A great idea would be to wrap a gift in a canvas bag. A gift for friends is placed in such a bag, tied with a string, decorated with New Year's tinsel and placed under a Christmas tree.

To pack a New Year's gift, you can take as usual postage paper, as well as a gift option. The surprise is very original, wrapped in paper on which notes are drawn, or geographic coordinates. Such packaging will be appropriate for musicians or travelers.

Original packaging ideas

It is worth considering more ideas for gift wrapping for the New Year. Just a few minutes spent on cutting out the details and as a result, the funny hedgehogs are ready for the holiday. Such a surprise will delight the little ones. But you can please your colleagues or clients with presents that are decorated in a stylish and unusual way. Such attention to friends or customers will be appreciated. If you give a gift to a man to the director, you can pack it in a gold-colored box and hang tinsel, cones, serpentine on it. This gift will not be overlooked, and will be assessed properly.Sweet tooth will be nice to get a gift in the package, which will fit your favorite sweets or other pleasant things.

From improvised means you can build an interesting wrapper for a small present. To do this, just take the white paper, wrap the gift, paint it. On paper, you can draw a snowman, and a hat for him to make from the usual old sock bright colors. On the neck you need to tie a small shred, and the cheerful snowman is ready. It is difficult to imagine the New Year and Christmas holidays without champagne. A bottle of sparkling wine will be a good present. A bottle can be presented in a specially designed gift bag for it or you can do the packaging yourself. Pack expensive wine or a bottle of champagne can be in soft paper that will emphasize the contours of the bottle.

A good option for packing glass containers will be knitted things.

To make a bottle case:

  • you should take a knitted sweater that is no longer useful and cut off the sleeves;
  • further, it is necessary to measure the length of the bottle, transfer its dimensions to the sleeve, mark and add another 7-8 cm;
  • then on a mark cut off a sleeve from two parties;
  • the lower, wider part is sewn up, put inside the bottle;
  • From above, they are tied with decorative threads or a cord.

After that, it will remain to decorate the festive packaging. For knitwear embroidery will be the ideal option. Decorative cord can be decorated with sequins. Soft pompons of different colors are also perfect for decoration. Bottles packed in white and blue fabric covers will look original. Beautiful ribbon and decoration with Christmas attributes will complement the original gift.


In order to not catch the holiday, it is better to prepare in advance and choose gifts for relatives and friends. Do not wait until the holidays to push shopping for a gift. It is better to take care of this in advance, buy a gift and pack it. You can do it even in the store, but more joy will give a surprise, which is lovingly packed with your own hands.

In the store you can buy ribbons and accessories for decoration, as well as paper of different colors. For gifts that will give a woman, it is better to choose products of delicate shades. Packing in pink and lilac shades will look great.Men should choose wrapping paper, ribbons or boxes in dark colors, and also pay attention to silver and gold shades. Happy New Year to you!

How to pack a gift for the New Year with your own hands, see the next video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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